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Charisma: vol 1 notes
Satoru Ishihara

Pg 197

@ You've read this far, and whether you've sweat blood or not over it, hello. I'm Ishihara, and unfortunately I've buried myself deep in my grave. In December of 1992, "Charisma" was published as a doujinshi. "Ahh... should I make it... Should I not make it?" When I thought it over, I was really torn on whether to create it, but... in the end it sort of tumbled out.

<-- By the way, the color inserts were the covers for that doujinshi.

@ However, the material that I read in order to write this was just pitiful. Even though I knew how it would be, when I was writing I just couldn't do it. My slovenliness just flattened me. Thank you everyone for associating with someone as lazy as me! You helped me turn this into a book. And the one who really made it happen is Biblos-- Thank you!

@ I'm rattling on, but if this story resonated in your heart even a little or made some impression, I'm happy. Please send something to me at Biblos. It really encourages me, and I think I'd like to redo the parts that don't seem to flow well to me.

And finally, to those people who are waiting for doujinshi-- I'm sorry.


Pg 198

@ Customs when I can't write any more @

Bursting Family

Panel 1


*da* *running*

Ishihara: I can't write that manuscript anymoreeeeeeee!

<-- When Ishihara is in the middle of drawing a manuscript, from time to time she comes flying out of her room.

Panel 2

Ishi: I draw and I draw, but it doesn't end! (It's so long!) If I keep this up I'll go crazy!


*goro goro* *roll roll*

Ishi: Someone say something!

*goro goro* *roll roll*

<-- Sometimes she makes a lot of noise while rolling around someone else's room.

Panel 3

Mother: It's not like you're going to ask me to draw it for you. *Ha!*

Panel 4

Ishi: Dangit, I'll draw! I'll draw til I go insane!

*da* *running*

Mother: Ohohohohoho!

In this way, "Charisma" was completed without mishap.

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