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Vol 3, Pt 1

Satoru Ishihara

Pg 4

Archer is pointing his gun steadily at Kouki.

Kouki: Archer.

Archer: Stay still.

: Don't move...

Pg 5

*za* *swoosh*

Archer dives forward and yanks Kouki towards him, just as a third figure steps out of the shadows with gun drawn. The long-haired man fires.

Pg 6

*bishi* *crack*

Archer fires back, but misses.

Kouki: Archer!

Archer: Stay down! I missed!


Two more men are shooting at them. Kouki pulls out his gun and returns fire.

*don don don* *bang bang bang*

Radio: So!! Work'n on TV!

*giin* *squeal*

Radio: Work'n harder harder harder!

Pg 7

*don don* *thump bang*

Archer: I'll cover you! Run for the car!

Kouki: I've got it, you go!

*ba* *surge forward*

The long-haired man takes off running, and Archer follows him.

Kouki: ARCHER!

Pg 8

*don don* *thud thud*

Bullets kick up under his feet as he runs.

Kouki: Stop! Don't go to far!

*bi bi* *whiz shoop*

Bullets whiz by, nicking Kouki on his face and arm.

: Shit! I'm hit.

*paki* *crunch*

Pg 9

The long-haired man and Archer play cat and mouse in the abandoned garage.

*don don* *bang bang*

*giin* *squeal*

*don* *bang*

*pan* *crack*

*kii kii kii* *creak creak creak*

Pg 10

*za* *crackle*

Radio: Bronx Team?

Long-haired Guy: We're busy now! Call you after.

Radio: Withdraw.

Guy: What?

Radio: That's just a decoy. Brooklyn Team has returned.

: You hear me? Hey!

Pg 11

Archer has managed to sneak up on the man, and has his gun resting on his temple.

Archer: Answer them "understood", then cut the line, Junky.

Guy: You've already made 6 shots, boy-o. You don't have any ammo left in your magazine, do you?

Archer: I wonder.

: Shall we test it

: on your head...?

Archer smiles and the man finally starts to look scared.

Pg 12

Meanwhile, Kouki has taken care of the other men, who are down and wounded. Kouki has a mic taped to his chest, and he's talking into it.

Guy#2: Don't shoot...

Kouki: This is Kouki. The trouble's been taken care of.

: Four wounded. These two are from Columbia.

Guy#2: Please... Call an ambulance......

Kouki is going through the men's wallets looking at their ID.

Kouki: I'll check identities from my end. Please get an ambulance here in a bit.

: I'm not hurt, but I'm worried about Archer.

He says as he clutches his bleeding arm.

: I'll keep working on things as I said. I'll leave the scene cleanup to you...

Pg 13

*jari* *crunch*

*ba* *whip around*

Kouki whips around when he hears someone walking on broken glass, and has his gun out. The long-haired man appears, his hands in the air. Archer is behind him with his gun drawn.

Guy: Don't shoot, Cowboy.

*jari jari* *crunch crunch*

: Hey, hey, what's this? Two kids playing boy scouts?

Archer: Shut up and walk.

Pg 14

Kouki: Archer.

Archer: They're a raid from Cali Cartel. I heard their buddies contacting them to scram.

Guy: That's right, Princess. And now we know that you were just a decoy from the beginning.

: Spent all this time making someone else's job easier. How stupid.

Archer: The truck's probably empty.

*BAN* *bang*

They throw open the doors. It is indeed empty.

Pg 15

Guy: Looks empty to me. Someone made a fool out of you boys.

Archer: I wouldn't say that. It's perfect for bringing you back with us.

Guy: Fuckin' ass!

They shove him into the back of the truck and slam the doors shut. Then Kouki grabs a fistful of Archer's shirt and shoves him up against the truck.

*gashan* *clang*

*ga* *slam*

Pg 16

Kouki: Don't EVER go running out like that in the middle of a firefight again!

: Got it?

*ga* *pull*

Archer wrenches himself out of Kouki's grip.

Archer: I'm not gonna take orders from a cop.

Pg 17

Back at the coffee market, Archer punches Dagwood so hard he goes flying to the floor.

*gatsu* *whoomp*

Coffee-Guy: Dagwood!

*gataan* *clatter*

Guy: *Pheeew* Friends breakin' up.

Dagwood: You made it back alive, you must be very lucky, kids.

: But you haven't learned to take a beating. I gave you 500 dollars.

: That means I'm the one who chooses what kind of job it is.

: I paid out money for your lives. You should say "thanks".

*gata* *clatter*

Kouki holds Archer back from another go.

Kouki: Archer!

*kii* *squeak*

Scarred-Man: You're very spirited, but you shouldn't have interfered, Dagwood.

Pg 18

A new man has appeared. He's middle-aged and his face is covered in tiny scars. He's wearing a nice suit and perches comfortably on the desk. He looks like trouble.

Scarred-Man: You resemble me when I was young. Really.

Dagwood: Mr. Jigger, why are you here?

Jigger: The load on the Brooklyn Bridge disappeared too. I came to investigate the cause.

: It seems that part of the problem was your miscasting, Dagwood.

Dagwood: No, but, this-

Pg 19

: This was their first job.

Jigger: The truck is unharmed.

: And they have a souvenir.

The long-haired guy is dragged in.

Guy: Damn it!

Jigger: Good job. Your names?

Archer: Archer.

Kouki: Ken.

Jigger reaches into his suit and starts to pull out a gun. Archer and Ken react instantly.

*za* *move*

Pg 20

Jigger: Good responses.

He's got the gun pointed at Dagwood's head.

Dagwood: M-Mr. Jigger! Please don't forget

: everything I've done for you up to now.

Jigger: Wipe off your dirty face, Dagwood.

: Of course you'll be held accountable.

*gachi* *click*

He cocks the gun.

: Someday.

He turns to the boys.

: Archer, Ken.

: Well, either of you will do.

: Eat this.

Pg 21

Archer: Are you crazy, you fuckin' perv?

Kouki: Archer.

Jigger: The easterner is much more cooperative.

Archer: Cut it out! The safety's off.

Jigger: Count the time, Dagwood.

Kouki: Keep quiet, Archer.

He kneels down and opens his mouth.

Pg 22

Jigger puts the gun in, in a blatantly erotic manner. Ishihara is punishing us. She is cruel.

Jigger: I'm really a rather fickle person.

: Always have been.

Dagwood: 5 seconds.

Archer: You'd better not move, even if you get a twitch.

Kouki is sweating, but stoic. Archer is NOT pleased with Jigger.

Archer: I've changed my mind. But what can I do?

: I think I'll blow your head off too.

Dagwood: 15 seconds

Pg 23

Jigger: It'll just add one more dead body. Don't try to manipulate me.

: It doesn't hurt. To go like that.

: And

Guy: Crazy.

Dagwood: 30 seconds.

Jigger: I don't trust a man who'll get down on his knees so easily.

He grabs the barrel of his gun and leans forward. Kouki tenses.

Pg 24

But Jigger simply pulls it out.

Jigger: How long?

He kisses the gun barrel.

Dagwood: F-fifty-five seconds.

Jigger: I'll take these two. Come around to my place tomorrow.

: Ask Dagwood where to go.

Kouki has collapsed from his knees until he's sitting on the floor. He looks like he's in shock.

Jigger: Dagwood! Bring that punk to my car!

: You've got a good strength too.

Jigger pats Archer on the shoulder.

Jigger: You're the only one who called my bluff from the beginning. Quick to run and pull a gun.

Pg 25

: See you all in the next world.

*kii* *squeak*

The door closes after him.

*kii kii kii* *squeak squeak squeak*

Archer: Ken.

Ken: M-my knees have gone to jelly...

Blood is dripping from his sleeve. Archer reaches down and helps him to his feet.

Archer: Come to my place.

: We'll take care of the wound on your arm.

Pg 26

Archer: I'm back.

Back at the apartment, Murphy throws himself into his brother's arms.

: Murphy, did you listen to Aida?

: Thank you, Aida. Lukka should be downstairs.

Aida: I'm glad you're OK, Gatito.

She stares at Kouki as she leaves. Murphy is also giving him a cold stare.

Pg 27

Later, Archer is cleaning Kouki's arm with rubbing alcohol.

Archer: I don't know why you did it...

: But don't do something like that again.

Kouki: "I don't take orders from cops."

*jiro* *stare*

Archer gives him a Look.

Kouki: Sorry. I know.

: your face is cut too, Archer.

He reaches up and touches one of the cuts.

Pg 28

Kouki has plastered Archer's forehead and cheek with band-aids.

Archer: *You're really bad at bandaging.*

Kouki: ...My grandfather is Japanese, and...

: He immigrated to Canada. He was one of the first to resettle.

: He endured low wages and hard labor.

: But when the Second World War started, the Japanese community had their money confiscated and were moved to war camps.

Pg 29

: After the war, the Canadian government apologized and paid reparations, but

: of course grandpa was disillusioned. Next he crossed the border into the US.

: In order to become a US citizen

: my father volunteered for the Vietnam War. But of those who fought in Vietnam,

: not one of them was welcomed back when they returned home.

: "Neither able to return to Japan, nor really American,"

: My grandfather and father always said.

Pg 30

In the darkening room, Kouki has fallen back onto the bed and is laying with his arms crossed behind his head. Archer is sitting beside him.

Kouki: I've never been to Japan, or Tokyo. I was born in America, I was raised in America, my nationality is American.

: But I'm not an American...

: It's strange, isn't it? It's easier to think of myself as Japanese.

Archer: Is that why you became a cop?

Kouki: That's right. I'm going to do my job right, no matter what it is, because I intend to get a commendation for service to my country.

Pg 31

Archer: Is it that important to you?

: To be acknowledged as an American?

Kouki: Yes, it is.

: I'm like a waving plant.

Archer: A waving plant?

Kouki: I'm just drifting, like a waving plant.

: My roots are growing, but they can't find the earth....

: An anchor for my heart.

Pg 32

: As if I've already died.

Suddenly, Archer remembers himself when he was very young, crying for his mother.

Little-Archer: Mommy, where are you?

Echo: --Like a waving plant--

Past-Ed: Remember, papa is doing this for you--

Ed is crying and lifting up a hot clothes iron.

Echo: An anchor for my heart.

Pg 33

: As if I've already died.

Archer turns and leans over, twisted around and hugging Kouki. He buries his face in the sheets above Kouki's shoulder.

Kouki: --...Archer...

: Archer.

: It's not something for you to cry over.

: Archer.

Pg 34

?: I don't know why...

: But I just want to stay like this.......

Murphy is watching them through the door, which is open a crack.

Pg 35

Old Man: Sora, come here. Come!

The next morning, by the Hudson River and Brooklyn Bridge. An older man is walking his dog.

Old Man: What's wrong? You hungry?

*uuuuu* *growl*

: Is something there?

: Hmmm?

Pg 36

: Oh, a body?

There is a body with one bullet-hole in the forehead, washed up on the bank.

Pg 37

Police Radio: The victim is a white man. Over 25. Head wound.

: Four offences on his record for carrying drugs...

Pg 38

Meanwhile, Jigger is busy on the phone in his office.

Jigger: 3000. Transfer it to Union Bank.

: Right.

: And the rest we're talking about.

: Put it in the Swiss.

: Right. Launder it.

: Did you find the truck? --...I see, two dead?

: No, that's already finished. Anything else, talk to the boss.

: Don't let the men do whatever they want. Don't encourage them.

Archer and Kouki are sitting, looking uncomfortable and sulky.

Pg 39

: Hold on a minute.

Jigger takes the phone away from his mouth.

: Hey! What are you doing looking like that?

Archer and Kouki look at each other.

Archer: Something strange?

Kouki: ...Maybe it's us?

Jigger: Someone get these two into suits.

: Not here, take them out somewhere.

: When you've changed, come back. We'll do dinner.

Pg 40

Back at the scene of the body, Quincy is ducking under the police line.

Quincy: Oliver.

Oliver: I think you're just getting a whole mountain of things related to that case, aren't you?

: I heard from the local office that he's been running around with some gang called "Snag" since he was a teenager.

Quincy: "A gang"? No, not that far. They're just a bunch of junkies. They'll do anything for drugs.

Oliver: Working for "Cali" or "Medicine", there's no doubt?

Quincy: Probably Cali.

Pg 41

: Last night Kouki and his friend got shot at in the Bronx. They were members of this same group, Snag.

Oliver: And there was another firefight at the same time up on Brooklyn Bridge.

Quincy: Looks like you're good at sniffing out information.

Oliver: My treat.

Quincy: What are you so proud of?

: The one who found all this out was the local office.

: You didn't have a hand in it.

He walks off with an amused smile.

Oliver: Sure, put me down.

: Elitist.

Pg 42

Archer and Kouki are in some stylin' suits. They also have their hair done nicely. They're dinning in a fancy restaurant.

Jigger: I like young people.

: They've got the energy to go flying recklessly into anything.

: Guys who are especially hasty, like you two,

: are entertaining.

Pg 43

Archer and Kouki are stern and unimpressed.

: But even with all that, a dead man is a dead man. Even if he's smart, even if he's strong, he's still dead.

: The important thing is luck. And the desire

: To call on that luck.

Kouki looks taken-aback. Archer has a lump of meat on his fork and a smirk on his face.

Archer: You do like your bluffs, old man. You a sadist?

Jigger: A toast.

Pg 44

Jigger raises his wine glass, only to have it blown apart by a bullet. Men in ski-masks have entered and are shooting into the air and pushing other patrons onto the floor.

*ban* *bang*

Woman: Kyaaaa!

*gashan* *clatter*

Men: Lie down!

*don don* *bang bang*

Men: Down on the floor!

*ga ga ga* *rat-a-tat-tat*

Kouki: Mr. Jigger!

Kouki grabs Jigger and pushes him to the floor, covering him with his own body.

Pg 45

*ga ga ga ga* *rat-a-tat-tat*

Archer nocks the table up just in time to intercept a line of bullets. Now he's pissed. He pulls his gun and lunges forward.

Men: Gyahaha!

*ga ga ga ga* *rat-a-tat-tat*

Pg 46

He uses the butt of his gun to smash an alarm button in the wall.

*ba* *smash*

*jiririririri* *alarm sounds*

Man: Retreat!

Pg 47

They leave behind a sloppy warning:

Spray paint: NO your tomorrow

Jigger: ---...They really did a number on my store. Alright, Ken?

Kouki: Yes.

Jigger: Well done, Archer.

Archer: It's as hard to move in a suit as I thought it would be.

Pg 48

Jigger: You must really have good luck, to meet with trouble like this.

Archer: It's not luck.

: Our desire is strong.

Police cars have pulled up outside of the store.

Pg 49

Oliver is inspecting the spray paint.

Oliver: They've done something flashy again.

: "No Your Tomorrow"

: "Know you have no tomorrow"...?

: Snag's favorite warning line.

: Take a picture of this, Victor.

The cameraman looks like he's having a good time, at least.

Victor: Okay~

Oliver, in his leather jacket and jeans with holes in the knees, pulls up a chair and straddles it, propping his elbows on the back.

Oliver: Now then, Mr. Jigger.

: What have you done that a group of junkies bears you a grudge for?

Jigger looks supercilious and bored.

Jigger: I have no idea what a bunch of drugged up men are thinking.

: Moreover

: What's a homicide detective doing here?

Oliver: Everyone's shorthanded these days.

Pg 50

Jigger: Then please be brief.

: I've got company.

Oliver winks at Kouki. Archer catches it.

Archer: What's his deal?

: You've gotta watch out for guys like that, Ken.

Oliver: But you've been doing so well for yourself lately, Jigger. Can't even be compared to how you were six years ago.

: It's not just this restaurant or one or two more, eh? How many restaurants do you have in your name now in NY?

Jigger: I'll tell you how I succeeded, Oliver.

: I invested everything, without holding back.

Pg 51

: Ever think about investing?

Oliver: Self-investing, hm....?

: I still think

: your secret to success

: is murder.

: That matter of the family that was slaughtered six years ago still hasn't been cleared up.

: *You bastard*

Waiter: Mr. Jigger.

Pg 52

: Your car is waiting.

Jigger: I'll have someone get an account of the damage tomorrow.

Jigger stands to go.

Oliver: Hey!

Jigger: And if you succeed quickly too,

: I'll let you have dinner in my restaurant.

Oliver: ~~~~ Someday I'm going to swagger into his restaurant in a pair of filthy jeans!

Victor: Take it easy~~

In Jigger's fancy car:

Archer: Jigger.

Pg 53

: What's "Snag"?

Jigger: A group of junkies who hang out around Brooklyn.

: It's their usual practice to drag a lot of uninvolved people's faces through the mud when they're out for revenge.

Archer: The group that was shooting at us was a bunch of junkies too.

: Pals of theirs?

Jigger: Good guess.

Kouki: ...Wait a moment!

: You couldn't have killed him?!

Jigger: Him?

: Ah, the junky you two brought in.

Pg 54

: He had some decent information, for a pimp.

: He's garbage.

: His death was the first useful thing he did in this world.

: That kind of race.

Kouki looks pissed.

Kouki: Stop the car!

: Sorry, but I'm getting out here.

Archer: Ken!

: I'm getting out too.

Pg 55

Jigger: These two are

: even more interesting than I suspected.

Archer chases after Kouki. He grabs his arm to stop him, but Kouki jerks it out of his grip and gives him a cold look.

Archer: Ken!

: What's wrong?

Kouki: "What's wrong?"?!

: Are you all right with this?! It's as if we killed him ourselves!

Archer: ---And I'm saying, "So what?"

Pg 56

He grabs Kouki by both arms and shakes him.

: So we killed the guy who was trying to kill us. So what? It's one or the other, isn't it?!

: He shot you in the head!

Pg 57

Kouki: ...You...

: Who are you? Who the hell are you?

: What do you want? What do you dream of?

: If you weren't protecting your brother? What else....?

: ...What

He has his head in his hand now.

: do you wish you had...?

Pg 58

Archer: .........I.....

: want I place where I can belong.

: Not a country, not a nationality, not a family...

Pg 59

: A place where I'm needed. Where my existence isn't denied.....

: Like

: how you want to be

: an American...

Pg 60

*kashari* *slide flipping*

At police headquarters, Kouki is zoning out during a briefing.

Quincy: Emilio Bernstein, alias Jigger.

: A suspect in the incident six years ago which killed the entire Edmund family.

: Couldn't be prosecuted because of lack of proof.

: Since then he's acted as an upstanding citizen, and is now the president of Bernstein Company, with strong connections to the Stone Foundation.

Pg 61

: Two casinos in Atlantic City, which are said to give a yearly turnover of 10 to 20 million dollars,

: but he's known to have a source of money in the drug trade.

: Esentially, he seems to have control of the drug route inside the US.....

This conversation blends into an older one, the conversation he had with Archer on the street.

Kouki: ...That's...

Pg 62

: Jigger's organization?

: You think he'll give you what you want...?

Archer: I do, but I'm not sure.

Kouki: ...Then...

: ...Then I'm no good?

: I can't lead you to the place you're looking for.

Pg 63

Archer: But aren't I

: Necessary for you?


: Kouki! Are you listening!?

Pg 64

Kouki: Ah! Yes, sir!

Quincy: It's not on the track we were investigating, but Jigger is a big one. We can probably dig in a lot deeper than we originally thought.

: We'll take over the operation from here.

: Well done.

Kouki is listless, staring at the ground.

Kouki: ...I wouldn't have been able to do it alone.

: It was because Archer was there...

Oliver jerks up, but Quincy holds him back.

Oliver: ...Archer!?

: Hey, hey...!

: That's.....

Quincy: You can go now, Kouki.

Pg 65

: Why don't you drop in on Dr. May.

Kouki: ....

: Yes, sir...

*batan* *door shutting*

Oliver: Don't hide things, Quincy.

: Who's Archer? The brunet who was with Kouki!?

: The guy who pulled the teeth out of that crucified pusher.....

Quincy: Oliver.

: It could be that Archer, it could be another one.

: In any case, kicking up a fuss about it now would just lead to trouble.

Pg 66

Oliver: ....Kouki?

Quincy: Brilliant insight.

Oliver: Geez...!

Quincy: More importantly, what's been going on with Snag?

Oliver: No good. The local office has been putting out discreet inquiries, but they just shed their skin and run.

: Punks in that area stick together.

: Starting a new investigation will be stormy going. You were a little

: too gentle on them.

Quincy: I didn't want to kill them.

Pg 67

In the police cafeteria, Kouki is sitting limply by himself letting the conversations wash over him.

Officers: In the last football game--

: There weren't many girls, so it was rough. But--

: My whole family--

: Then the new car--

: And then Emily--

: Hahaha! No way!

Pg 68

He is thinking about the end of their conversation in the street.

Remembered-Kouki: What about your brother!?

: Aren't you necessary for him!?

Remembered-Archer: I love Murphy. I love him.

: But it's different.

*gata* *clatter*

Narrator: --counseling Room--

Pg 69

Elsewhere, Archer knock on a run-down door. One of Deano's guys looks out at him through an eye-slit, then lets him in.

?: Yo.

Archer: Where's Deano?

?: Upstairs.

Archer: Deano.

Deano: Gatito? come in.

Archer: You're sleeping here?

Deano: Yeah. A long time ago we used to hang out in this bar.

Pg 70

: It was under a terrible debt, and then after the owner was murdered it was lined up for demolition

: But three old folks on the top floor couldn't even stand, so they left it as it was.

: ------Gatito.

He's smiling, with a little twist.

: How've you been?

Archer has the same smile.

Archer: Same as always. Good.

: Deano.

Deano: Then are you ready to listen to what I have to say, El Gato?

To be continued in part 2....