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(Narushima Yuri)

Web Site: Journey to the Center of the Earth

Original [Planet Ladder, GEO, etc.]
Yu Yu Hakusho (Kurama/Yuusuke, gen.)
FF X (Auron/Tidus)

Why I like 'em
I love her Kurama and Yuusuke. I love their pathos and drama. I love how sexy they are together. I love her stories. Sadly, she no longer writes YYH, but it is very easy to find copies at used doujinshi stores. She also provides links to online stores on her site, but since they only ship to Japan, I don't think I need to duplicate the information here for those who can't read Japanese.

HOWEVER: There are English sites that ship to the US and internationally where you might be able to find copies if you check back from time to time.
Book-mart Search for "Narushima Yuri".
JPQueen Again, search for "Narushima Yuri".

Books I've Got
「The Judgement Day」
「The Spiritual Fighter」
「Heart of Darkness」
「Inferno: Heart of Darkness 2」
「Pigeon's Blood」 1-8

Books I'm On the Prowl For
None at the moment.