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|| 突貫工事おぢろう組 ||
Tokkankouji Ojiroh-gumi (Satonaka Mamoru & Heuga Ken)

Web Site: Ojiroh Resort

Hikaru no Go (Hika/Aki)

Why I like 'em
They crack me up. I'm usually not a fan of silly doujinshi, but I make an exception for these guys. I have to admit, my favorite bits are the short parodies they do of their own fandom lives. Anyone who uses their Hikaru and Akira figures as chopstick holders gets an A+ in my book.

I really, really wish I could have gone down to Osaka to see them at the convention on Halloween. I bet they had costumes or something really over-the-top.

Books I've Got
「San Ren Sei」 3-4

Books I'm On the Prowl For
More of the same serial.