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|| Senken-Toshi aka Duo Brand ||
(Akatsuki Haruka & Watanabe Nobuyoshi)

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One Piece
Full Metal Alchemist
FF 10

Why I like 'em
For their beautiful art. I never, ever thought I would get into the LotR slash fandom, because I simply can't see the characters like that. But their art is so lovely I had to start collecting their LotR comics anyway. Not a whole lot of substance to them; they tend toward short, angsty snap-shots and images interspersed with silly comedy. Their LotR circle name is Senken-Toshi, for all the other fandoms they use Duo Brand.

Another reason I love them is that they actually print their circle name on the spine of their comics. Do you know how difficult it is to hunt through shelves and shelves of tightly packed doujinshi?

Books I've Got
「Feel the Magic」

Books I'm On the Prowl For