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|| 高口組 ||
Takaguchi-gumi (Takaguchi Satosumi)

Web Site: Salon Bataille

Original [Novelletes and djs based on her own comics]
Initial D

Why I like 'em
I've already gone on about why I love her art style and comics on the comic artist page, so I'll stick to doujinshi here. Any full-time artist who manages to produce 3-4 hefty doujinshi (of great quality) a year is simply amazing. And I love that she feeds the fans!

She ships internationally! If you want help translating her information, let me know.

She's asking that you not sell her doujinshi on online auctions or to used book stores.

Books I've Got
「悪態 Aqua Rose」 1-16

Books I'm On the Prowl For