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|| HH Characters ||

WARNING: This entire list contains spoilers. Highlight the names and descriptions for major spoilers.
Main Character
Ichijou Mashiro
Name means: All-white; blank.
Our hero, or perhaps heroine. No one is quite sure how to label poor Mashiro. He is a hermaphrodite: upper half male, lower half female. He thinks of himself as male, and wants to be whole. He has an unfriendly rivalry going on with Sou; they were both in the kendo club together. (He dates Kureha, mainly, we suspect, to convince himself that he is male. But lately he has started wavering, mainly in the force of Sou's kisses and confession.)
At School
President of the kendo club. Something in his expression when he talks about the students who have left tells us that he may not just be another of the oblivious students?
Mizuhashi Sou
Name: Blue; pale, unripe; inexperienced.
Mysterious and withdrawn. A womanizer. Able to push Mashiro into a roaring temper with just a few words. (Knows the truth about Mashiro, and says he sees Mashiro as a girl. "It's obvious." Maybe learned in the Dream, maybe not. Maybe the Armor, maybe not. After admiting he loved Mashiro he has started to break away from his older sister's frightening control. Can he keep it up?)
The Nurse
The school nurse who introduced Mashiro to the hidden nurse's office and the dream class. Knows all about him, and seems to be subtly pushing him to be a boy. Sinister or helpful? The normal school nurse doesn't even know she exists.
Fujishima Kureha
Name: Fall Leaves, changing leaves.
A cheerful girl in real life, though she is withdrawn around boys and men. She teaches Mashiro all about the Dream, including the Necklace and the Key and the purpose of it all. (She starts dating Mashiro when she learns the truth about him, claiming that he's the only boy who doesn't scare her. She urges him to become a real boy. She gets very jealous and flies into fits over the topic of Sou. We learn that in the past she was raped as a child.)
Okui Midori
A quiet and withdrawn girl who is always studying. Friends are puzzled over the sudden change in the once friendly girl who used to be involved in clubs and student council. (We learn that she was pressured by her mother to get involved in things and get perfect grades so that the teachers would write her good recommendation letters for high school. Unfortunately, she didn't get into the school she had fought so hard for. She fell into depression, hating the lie she had built out of her life. Mashiro helped her to graduate.)
Sis (Mizuhashi Ai)
Sou's older sister, whom he adores but is leery of. (Unfortunately, she loves him too much. She is always watching him and interfering in his life. In particular, she is trying hard to get him to give up on Mashiro. She wants her brother all to herself. Sick girl.)
Shinbashi Kazuyuki
Name: New bridge
Introduced to us as "Shinbashi from class D", we haven't yet learned his full name. He is completely, absolutely, head-over-heels in love with Kureha, and with his twisted sense of humor, he may just be the one for her. Unfortunately, to her he's just another "maggot". (He is currently steering Mashiro through the troubled waters of dealing with Kureha. And perhaps he's finally made a small break-through?)
Shinonome Itsuki
Name: Timber trees; wood.
A genius and world-champion chess player, Itsuki has recently transferred to Mashiro's school. Devious and used to putting strengths and weaknesses to use, he may just stir things up.
In the Dream
The Armor
A crude bastard used to taking what he likes when he likes. He ruthlessly exposed Mashiro's secret. He also ripped a Key out from inside Mashiro's chest. (In their last battle Mashiro managed to beat the Armor with his nifty new Male-Female Blades. He doesn't appear interested in actually graduating, as he destroyed the Key he got. What is his purpose?)
Girl In Raincoat (Kureha)
Shivering, terrified, and also slightly psychotic. This girl shoved an umbrella into Mashiro's chest when they first met. Whatever happened to a polite introduction? (The darker side of Kureha, the reflexion of her childhood trauma. Mashiro protects her as much as he is able.)
Goth Girl (Mizuhashi Ai)
She has powerful control in the dream world, and does what pleases her. She enjoys causing trouble and stiring things up. Sadistic. (We have finally learned that she is Sou's older sister.)
The Arm
Not much is known about The Arm, but it has tried to strangle both Mashiro and the Girl In the Raincoat.
Faceless (Midori)
This girl is desperate for a face. She begs Mashiro for his, and then tries to take it by force. (Proded by the Goth Girl, she attempts suicide. But this actually seems to bring her to her senses, and she manages to graduate.)
The Paper Giraffe (Itsuki)
The Giraffe has a serious strength and a serious weakness. He can see the true forms of all the players in the Dream, but he is made of paper and falls apart easily. Will he tell Mashiro what he truly wants to know?