Volume 1 Cover Notes

Setona Mizushiro

This story has been in my head for some time. But although I kept saying "I want to draw this!", in truth the opportunity never arose to allow me to do so. Countless plots and characters were born and went to their deaths secretly in my head without anyone knowing.

From that, "Houkago Hokenshitsu" has miraculously appeared on paper in this form; the story I dreamed of.

Seven years ago, I described this story that I said I wanted to draw in a comic free-talk. I had several opportunities to draw the story, but it never came out well, and I vaguely began to think that this story too would fade out of my mind. But that didn't happen. Over a considerable amount of time the story and the figures have been transformed, but at last it has arrived safely.

It is an amazing thing.

When I'm writting something, I take everyone's encouragement and forge ahead. (He-he-hoo.) Let's keep it up.

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