Volume 2 Cover Notes

Setona Mizushiro

"Houkago Hokenshitsu" is a manga crammed full of elements that I like.

Cute things. Cruel things. Black and dark things. Things clear like crystal that sparkle all over. Earnestly erotic things. Things without a clear dividing line. Fluttering skirts. Long, slithering hair. Feathers. Keys. Moons. Happiness which can be traded for something else.

After I finish drawing this manga brimming over with things I want to draw, what can I draw next...?

Ah well, that's something to worry about later.

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Houkago Hokenshitsu
The Nurse's Office After School

The Story So Far...

High school student Ichijou Mashiro has a half-female body. Suddenly one day, he is called down to a nurse's room in the basement which he has never before seen. There he must participate in an "Afterschool Class" in order to graduate from school. The class takes place inside a Dream, and there he meets Kureha. She explains to him how everyone takes on a different, true-form in the Dream, as well as the rules for how to pass the Class. Mashiro resolves to participate in the class in order to become completely male.

However, Mashiro's secret is revealed by a living suit of armor. Mashiro becomes angry at the unforgiving class which wounds people's hearts, and decides that he wants to protect weak women like Kureha.

What is the identity of the one who exposed Mashiro's secret? Mashiro becomes interested in other classmates who might be participants in the "class", among them a boy that he hates, named Sou, who says, "You're a woman, aren't you?" and forces a kiss on him!

Why does Sou know Mashiro's secret? Could Sou be one of the participates in the Class? Mashiro is thrown off balance....

And then the second Class comes to an end. Mashiro has realized the overwhelming strength of the other participants, and decides that next time he will fight with nobility, like a man-- That's his wish, but-!?

Picture Captions:

Ichijou Mashiro
Your form in the Class....
Fujishima Kureha
When your heart is damaged a bead breaks. When all three beads have broken you're eliminated.
Participants in the Dream