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A note from your friendly neighborhood translator about this chapter: I think that this was originally intended to be a one-shot story. This chapter stands alone very well, and there are also some small things mentioned here which don't fit in perfectly with the rest of the series.

Frankly, for me this chapter contains the most disturbing material I have ever read in a comic. If Archer showed even a hint of sexual attraction for his brother I would have dropped this story like a hot potato. But I truly believe that particular scene isn't about a kink; that it's an attempt to portray something that the author herself finds disturbing.

Just wait for Kouki in volume two. It's worth it.

Satoru Ishihara

New York City. In a tall building, a man is flipping through a clipped stack of paper.

Pg 3

Man: Larceny, assault, causing injury-- discharging a firearm... That's quite a record... I'd expect it of a street gang.

: You're eighteen...

: How are you physically?

A broad young man with ragged, black hair looms near the desk.

Archer: Well, my right hand is a little...

Man: Your right hand?

Pg 4

Archer raises his hand, which is a mass of scar-tissue across the back.

Archer: My father cut the tendons

: with a fork while we were having dinner.

Pg 6

Man: This is where we help to rehabilitate young men with records. I myself will be acting as your probation officer.

: There are many young men here with circumstances similar to your own......

: Everyone is working seriously.

: To kick a drug habit, or to break ties with their old influences.

: If you cause problems....

: Next time you go straight to the police station; it doesn't matter that you're a minor.

: You have to understand your situation.

: Can you start work today?

Archer: No, today....

Pg 7

: I'd like to go pick up my brother from the hospital.

Although it is only labeled "hospital", you can see the many people sitting in a room together. They seem to be cases of terminally ill patients, or perhaps...

Doctor: As you know, your brother is mentally retarded.

[Note: The literal translation is closer to "weak tertiary spirit". Slightly archaic terminology still in use today, for the Japanese thought that mental illness or those with mental retardation had troubled souls.]

: He's also autistic.

: You say you're going to adopt him, but it's not quite so simple.

Archer: I've come to take him home.

Doctor: But you haven't gotten signatures from your guardian or your probation officer...

Archer ignores the man, brushing by him to open the door and enter the room.

: Wait!

Archer: MURHPY!

Pg 8

A young man with short blond hair looks up. He is wearing a hospital gown and has a large glass jar in one hand, which he is filling with stones. His face is horribly scared on the left side, and perfectly expressionless.

Archer: We're going home, Murphy. Come here!

Murphy turns back to his jar and drops another stone in.

*karan* *plunk*

Doctor: It's no use! He doesn't even recognize his own name. All he does every day, all day, is that-- with the stones.

The doctor tries to take Archer's arm and pull him back out.

Archer: Let go of me!

Pg 9

: He's just upset. Those stones are to count the months.

: Count them and you'll see: one year and six months. There'll be eighteen stones, one for every month we've been separated.

Doctor: You can't leave! I'll call the nurses!

Archer: MURPHY!

: I wasn't the one who sold you out. The welfare worker came and took you away without listening to me.


*bara bara bara* *rattle rattle rattle*

The jar and stones fall to the floor.

Pg 10

The astonished doctor watches Murphy cling to Archer, his arms around his younger brother's neck.

Archer: As you can see,

: I'm taking him home.

Pg 11

Later, in a small apartment, the two young men eat.

Archer: It's boring but I've been looking for a job too. And a place to live.

: When I'm not here you can't go out alone, Murphy.

: You listening? Murphy.

*agu agu* *chew chew*

Archer takes away Murphy's chocolate bar.

: You can't eat just chocolate. Eat the bread and milk and some meat too!

Murphy: Awwww...

Murphy gets teary-eyed and pouty.

Pg 12

Archer: Don't give me that face. Hey-- Stop, MURPHY!

Murphy: Aaaah!

Archer: Don't climb on the table!

*gasha gasha* *clatter spill*

Murphy launches himself at his brother, spilling the coffee and milk and landing crouched on the table. He picks up a fork threateningly.

Pg 13

: Murphy!

: Drop the fork!

: Murphy! ...... Run!

{The scene shifts. Suddenly there is a looming man, all in shadow.}

: Run, Murphy!

{The room is a shambles. Murphy is on the floor, motionless, blood pooled around his head. A fork is dripping blood. A younger Archer is staring at the man in shock and growing anger. He is sweating in fear.}

Man: I'll kill you.......

{The man raises the fork towards Archer. His face is splattered with Murphy's blood.}

Pg 14

Man: I'll kill you......

*garan* *clatter*

The fork falls to the table, bringing Archer back to the present. He grips Murphy's shirt. They are both rattled.

Archer: A.... ..........Are you OK?

: Mu.....

*don don don* *knock knock knock*

Pg 15

*don don don* *knock knock knock*

Someone is hammering on the door.


: El Gato!

*gacha* *click*

Archer opens the door, but leaves the safety chain on.

Archer: Louka.

: Who's he?

Louka: An ambassador from the Chinese.

: Yun Fa.

Yun Fa: Hao.

[Note: I've never seen "ni hao" shortened to "hao", but I'm guessing that's what this is an attempt at.]

Louka: Let us in, El Gato.

: Eighteen months ago....

Pg 16

: You were seventeen, but there's no doubt you were our leader.

: After you were gone the back alleys got messy.

: Won't you come back? To Canal Street.

Archer: I'm sorry......

: You can't rely on me. I have no desire to get put into the penitentiary again, or to leave my older brother on his own.

Pg 17

The two men leave empty handed.

Yun Fa: His "older brother" was the blond guy sitting in the window seat?

: Their hair color is completely different.

Louka: Talking about their hair is taboo, Yun Fa.

Yun Fa: El Gato isn't anything like what I heard from my former boss, Shao. He's just a coward.

Louka: That may be so. But there was a time when no one on Canal Street would have called him a coward. Except one---

Pg 18

Yun Fa: He's just drawn into his hole around his treasure.

: In any case, I've accomplished my duty. I'll leave the Godory problem to you.

Louka: Godory's backers are the Neo-KKK. Any spreading of his group is trouble for everyone.

Yun Fa: But there's no longer any profit in our working together with you. This is as far as our agreement covers.

Meanwhile, in a church in another part of the city....

Pg 19

Man: So, what do you say, Rico? You're the Hispanic representative, right?

*ton ton ton ton* *click of boots*

A smirking, blond man in cowboy boots settles himself in a chair and leans forward. A Hispanic man lies beaten and bloody on the floor.

: How about it? Have you become interested now in leaving the streets?

Rico: We have no intention of dancing to your tune,

: And our representative is still El Gato!

Pg 20

Man: ...In lovable Manhattan... How do I show the colored races their place? How to stop them from increasing.......?

: "Castration".

: Don't do it here. Take him to the basement.

Men begin hauling Rico away.

Rico: G...

: Go to hell! You homo bastard!!

: I am going to kill you!

Pg 21


Man: ....How many does that make?

*batan* *door shutting*

Man#2: That's the third.

Man: They're all the same.

: "El Gato". "El Gato". No matter what I do they never change. What has that half-breed done to earn so much respect?

Man#2: He's been gone for eighteen months. It seems that the rumors have turned him into a kind of god.

Pg 22

Man: If he's turning into a god

: we'd better drag him down to earth.

*gakon* *Car driving over a metal plate*

Archer is working in a parking garage.

Archer: Here is your ticket. Please follow the arrows and head for C-15 on the third floor.

Man#2: Thank you.

: Can I leave my keys with you?

Archer: Please give them to me when you leave.

Pg 23

Man#2: Did you see the scars on his right hand? That's him-- El Gato.

Pony-tail: Normal guy. I don't get it. Why is Godory so bent on making him his enemy?

Man#2: Godory and he grew up not one block apart. That's why.

Pony-tail: What a boring story. Kehkehkeh.

Guard: Archer!

: That's good enough; can you head up to the fourth floor?

: A lady's car won't move and she's getting annoyed!

Pg 24

*gyau gyau gyau*

Archer: It's your clutch.

: It won't run like this, so I'll call the dealer.

: Would you like me to arrange a cab for you too?

Lady: That would be a great help.

Guard: You helped me out too. Until you came that lady was making

: all kinds of noise and trouble!

: Sure scared me; all that shouting!

*chin* *ding*

: You're working hard these days.

*ga---* *door rolling up*

Pg 25


The pony-tailed man is waiting as the door opens. He grabs Archer and drags him out, leaving behind a thick roll of money.

*gui* *yank*

*zusasa* *slide/drag*

*gashan* *clang*

Pg 26

The other guard reaches down and pockets the money.

*GO* *echo*

On the other side of the thick door Archer manages to trip one of his attackers, but another comes at him.

*za* *swish*

*byuu* *vhoo*

Pg 27

Another man goes down.

Man: Aaah! No more!

*dogo* *slam*

*beko* *car hood denting*

Pony-tail: He's earned the nick-name "Mountain Cat", he moves well.

: But why is he just running in circles?

Man#2: Because he's on probation.

Pony-tail: I like his type. Really energetic.

*gyu gyu* *tug tug*

Pg 28

* byuu hyuu* *swish whoosh*

Man: *Hyoooo.*

*sui* *smooth movement*

The pony-tailed man appears and shoves Archer's opponent out of the way. Then he drives his fist into Archer's stomach and knocks him down.

*don* *wham*

*ban* *bang*

Pg 29

Archer: Uh...uh.

*doka* *wham*

: Uuuaaaah!

Pony-tail: Yeah, good sound.

: Maybe I should just kill you like this.

Man#2: Don't say stupid things. Hurry up and bring him.

Pony-tail: How boring.

*dosa* *thump*

Pg 30

Archer is dumped onto the floor.

Archer: ----... Godory, so this is your work.....

: What on earth are you doing, taking me from downtown.....? Why can't.... you leave me be?

Godory: If you want to cut our ties, you should call your dead father here.

Archer: You've gotten a glib mouth. And you've gone a bit crazy.

: Long time ago you used to be a good, quiet kid.

Pg 31

: I was always taking care of you, wasn't I?

Godory: SHUT UP!

*dosu* *kick*

: Unfortunately, I'm not that kid anymore.

: My eyes were opened.

: She was only fourteen! My sister- And a black man killed her!

Pg 32

Archer: Then....

: Get your revenge on him....

Godory: I already have.

: But I'm not finished.

: All coloreds look the same as him to me. I can't stop, Archer.

: This.....

: Is a very fun pill. Play with this and you usually get a habit.

: However, you don't swallow this fun little pill. It's absorbed into your mucous membrane. -- It's for use by women.

Pg 33

: You have friends on the streets, but you have a lot of enemies too, Archer.

: I'll give you a taste of this and toss you out into the middle of the street.

Archer: Go to hell....

Pony-tail: Yell all you'd like.

*shuu* *swish*

Godory: You're in my way. No, I should say---

: You have charisma for those people, "El Gato".

Pg 34

: How will you be destroyed?

: We'll be watching.

Archer is tossed out, bleeding, panting and disorientated. He is quickly spotted.

Gang leader: Hey, that's the kid.

Guy: What kid?

Pg 35

Gang leader: No doubt about it. The one who put a hole in my ear. It still aches; there's no doubt.

: Hey, kid.

: Thanks for taking care of my ear before.

Guy: Hey.

: He looks weird.

Archer is panting and flushed. The gang leader studies him for a moment.

*poro* *drop*

Pg 36

Gang leader: ...You two. Go keep an eye out.

Guy: Hey, haven't you learned your lesson yet!?

Guy#2: He's a homo, he can't help it!

The older man shoves Archer up against a chain fence in a back alley.

Gang leader: What's wrong?

*gasha* *rattle*

: You're being a little too cooperative...

*gui* *tug/shove*


*gasha* *rattle*

Gang leader: Are you going to take my right ear this time?

Pg 37

Archer: Ah...ah!

*gasha* *rattle*

The man has him down on all fours when Archer spots a board with a nail sticking out of it.

Gang man: Hey!

: Don't start struggling again now.

*byuu* *swish*

Archer manages to get a hold of the board and swipes at the man. He does indeed manage to take a chunk out of the man's right ear.

Archer: I'm just doing what you asked for, you dumb-ass!

Pg 38

On the nearby street a couple of cops are out of their patrol car warning off prostitutes.

Cop: Okay now, business is closed for the day. Finished. done. Go home, go home.

Prostitute: What!?

: If you touch me you have to pay!

Cop: Aren't you cold all tarted up like this?

*gasha* *clatter*

The nearby metal fence gate clatters open and the gang leader crawls out with his pants around his ankles. He clutches at the cop.

Gang leader: Help me!

Cop: What's wrong?

They notice his pants.

Cop: Hey, hey.

Cop#2: Having a lover's quarrel with your gay lover?

Pg 39

Gang leader: No, you got it wrong!

Cop#2: Then were you being raped by some guy? *hahaha*

Cop: Ah!

Archer appears. He is holding up his pants with one hand and gripping the piece of wood in his other.

Archer: Move.

Cop#2: ---...... You...

: Take him in.

Cop: EH? But-

Cop#2: That's enough, take him in.

Cop: But he hasn't committed a crime....!

*kiii* *screech*

Archer drags the nail down the side of the patrol car. He smirks.

Archer: Property damage.

: Right?

Pg 40

They take him into the 23rd Precinct. The place is packed.

Cop: We're a full house tonight.

: Hey, hang in there and walk. Is the room spinning?

Archer: I'm fine.....

: Please.

*buru* *shiver*

: Don't touch me.

Desk man: Hey, Rookie. Don't put this one in with anyone else.

Cop: Wha....

Desk: Before, he bit a chunk of ear off of a guy who touched his ass. Inside the cell.

Cop: --...ass....?

Desk: Okay. You can take him now.

Pg 41

*kiii* *screech*

The rookie locks Archer into a cell.

Cop: Alright, one night. Quiet down now.

Archer: Mr. Rookie, let me talk to you for a bit.

: Your job is to prevent crime, right?

Meanwhile, upstairs:

Desk: What's wrong?

*ira ira ira ira* *nervous/jittery*

Cop#2: The rookie hasn't come up yet!

Desk: Ah, too bad for him. He's probably losing an ear right now.

*buttsun* *horrible fear*

The cop is frozen in horror. Meanwhile, back downstairs:

Archer: ...My dad was a WASP; looked a lot like you.

[Note: WASP - white anglo-saxon protestant.]

Cop: *Really?*

Pg 42

Archer: The women all fell prey to Ed's looks. When they realized something was off about him, they left their children and went away.

Cop: ......Your father was strange.......?

Archer: Many times he would fall into a fury without warning.......

Archer is panting again, and sweat is pouring down his face. He is curled in the floor of his cell.

: Yet whenever Ed went to see the doctor

: They always said the cause was some trauma.

Pg 43

Cop: Are you all right?

Archer: When he was a child grandfather had abused him, and after I was born......

: Ed did the same to me...

The older cop is now standing out of sight, listening.

: After he did it... Ed would hide in his room and sit with a look on his face as if he wished he were dead...

: But...

: But... when he attacked Murphy and me with the fork... I followed him outside......

Pg 44

: ED!

{We see a crazed Archer aiming at an unshaven Ed.}

: I shot him in full daylight in the middle of the road.

: It wasn't self-defense.

: But because Murphy was there, I stayed silent.

: I served maximum sentence for my other crimes...

Pg 45

: Murphy and I have different mothers, but none of that matters...

: He's my only....

: He's my.... only....

Archer falls asleep, and the older cop comes up to pat the rookie on his shoulder.

*pon* *tap*

Cop#2: Manhattan is ..... a sink-hole of disease.

: Don't be surprised or naive.

: Rookie.


Cop#2: What were you doing downtown? We never heard the details.

Pg 46

: We'll be overlooking last night.

: But lately we haven't been so lenient on you kids.

: Instead, next time I see you back downtown I don't care what you're doing, I'm bringing you in and you'll be locked up in the jail!

Archer: Thanks for not calling Ed--- and for seeing me off.

Archer runs off into the distance.

Cop: ...Why are you taking so much care with him? Last night you said he was really an average case.....

Cop#2: He's frightening.

Pg 47

: All of the street kids see themselves in him.

: Yes....... He's really average.....

: But he's so detached. His attitude makes those kids endlessly stronger.....

: He frightens me.

Archer: Murphy!

: Murphy!

Pg 48

The apartment is trashed. A frightened Murphy crawls out from under the covers of his bed and launches himself into Archer's arms. His face is smeared with chocolate.

Murphy: HAHA!

: HA!

Archer: I'm sorry, Murphy. I didn't leave you. I'm sorry.

: I'm glad there was some chocolate.

Pg 49

Back in Godory's lair his top sidekick is reporting in.

Man: El Gato ---- hasn't shown back up at that parking place

: And there's no sign of the guy who knows his hide away.

Godory: I thought you were watching him!

Man: Well, he got caught by the cops....

Pony-tail: Godory, there's a guy here who says he wants to see you.

Yun Fa: Yun Fa. I've come as the Chinese representative.

Godory: You found this place easily.

Pg 50

Yun Fa: China's information trade network is 4,000 years old.

Godory: Haha! You're an odd one.

Yun Fa: I have information for you that would make you happy.

: Let's make a deal, Mr. Godory. I'll give you the information. You leave the Chinese alone from now on. Deal?

Godory: And your information is?

Pg 51

Yun Fa: "El Gato"'s hide away

: And

: Weak point.

Meanwhile, Archer is going around town trying to find another job. He's not having any luck. He takes out his frustration on a helpless trash can.

Archer: Damnit!

*gan* *bang*

Pg 52

At the welfare office...

Welfare lady: With this trend

: the number of places that would employ someone with a record like yours is slim, and you blew your last job

: Welfare funds are disappearing, but I'll see what I can arrange.

Archer: Please.

Lady: I got a call from your brother's hospital.

: Rather than place him there, it seems more practical to leave him with you so I've taken the blame and signed.

Pg 53

: It's very practical

: for you.

Archer: When does probation end?

Lady: In two months. But that's not the end of things.

: I'm glad you've come to me for help.

: Good luck.

The apartment is a mess.

Archer: Murphy! Ah- This mess again?

He checks the bottom of his shoe.

: Ugh! chocolate!

Pg 54

: I'm sorry I haven't been able to play with you much.

*gasa gasa* *rustle rustle*

: If I don't find a job before we run out of money....

: .....Murphy? Aren't you hungry?

: Murphy?

His brother is asleep in bed.

: You're asleep?

Pg 55

*yusa yusa yusa yusa* *sway*

: Murphy... you're heavy.

Later, Murphy is sleeping and Murphy comes to wake him up.

: Don't sit on my stomach...

Murphy: Ah! Ah!

Archer: I've walked all over Manhattan, and I'm dead tired.....

: Lie down...

Murphy: A~cha~

: Ah!

Archer: Hm? What? What's this?

: *pu* *muffled laugh* What's this?

It's a rather crudely drawn face, complete with tongue sticking out.

Pg 56

Murphy: U~ ee~

: Uu~ ee...

Archer: Oh! Friend?

: You made a friend, Murphy?

Murphy: Ah! Ah!

*koku koku* *nod nod*

Archer: OK? Friend is "F-R-I-E-N-D".

: "Friend".

: You write it like this.

[Note: Archer then proceeds to write "FREND". I think that was a mangaka error, and not that Archer is quite that illiterate... but I could be wrong.]

Pg 57

Welfare Lady: From 11 in the morning until 7 at night.

: You're familiar with cars and things, so it's a repair garage.

: Come here tomorrow for an interview

: This is the last chance I can give you.

Archer: Thank you. I appreciate this.

Later... Archer and Murphy stand on the top of a roof looking over Manhattan.

Archer: If I get this job tomorrow...

: We can move somewhere further from downtown.

Pg 58

: Somewhere further from

: Ed's ghost.

: And you'll have to say goodbye

: to your friend

: Murphy.

Pg 59


Man: Alright!

: We'll take you!

Archer: Murphy, they took me! We can eat meat!

The bed is empty.

: Murphy?

: Maybe he went out to play with his friend?

Pg 60

There is an envelope on the table, which Archer opens. He reads the letter inside.

*gasa* *rustle*

Letter: Today your Murphy came to my place to say goodbye. His play friend had left, which is too bad. If it suits you, come pick him up at Roosevelt Park around dinnertime.

Pg 61

: Your good neighbor, Godory.

Archer looks at the "friend" drawing with death in his eyes.

Pg 62

Louka: El Gato!

: What's wrong? What happened?

Archer: Let go.

Louka: Godory has been spreading the word that you're going to have a showdown with him today.

: what's going on?!

Archer: Were you the one who gave him my hide away, Louka?

Louka: N... no...

Pg 63


: No matter what has you upset,

: Don't submit to him!

Archer: ....Why would you ask me that?

: What the hell do you want from me?

Pg 64

: You're all holding onto something you created! I am not "El Gato"!

Louka: ...Rico and Adams... That white pig bastard lynched them.

: But the people have spoken. If they have something to believe in, they can be strong.

: If they're strong, then the thing they believe in--- it doesn't matter if it's fiction or an illusion---

Pg 65

Archer: Then you be El Gato.

Louka: ... If I could.... I would already be doing it.


Archer: don't call me that!

Pg 66

Godory: El Gato.

: Can you see into that bunch of trees?

Pg 67

Murphy is sitting with our favorite underling.

Archer: Mu...

Godory: Poor thing, dressed in such scanty clothing.

: The coat is a present from me.


Pg 68

Murphy turns and sees them, and starts running for his brother. But Godory catches him before he can reach him, pulling Murphy into his own coat.

: Oops!

: Murphy, you'll be lonely without your friend, won't you?

Murphy: Ahh!

Pg 69

Godory: We play all kinds of things together.

: Go ahead and tell Archer you don't want to move far away.

Murphy stands frozen for a moment, and then begins to blush. One of Godory's hands has disappeared beneath the coat.

Murphy: Mm---

Archer: ...What are you doing...?

Pg 70

Godory: You... didn't teach him anything, did you, Archer?

: His mind may be a child's

: But his body is an adult's.

[Note: You sick fuck.]

Pg 71

Archer: ....Stop it.....

Godory: Get down on your knees.

From the sidelines of the park the gathered kids are watching. Godory shoves Murphy back to another of his underlings.

Rico: ...What are they talking about...?

: I can't hear a thing from here.

Louka: Rico...


Pg 72


*gasha gasha* *rattle rattle*

Godory smiles a truly creepy smile. Various voices join in the chanting.

: El Gato!

: Kill him.

: Kill him!

Pg 73

Godory: Get down on your knees and kiss my foot. Like the Magdala Maria did for Christ.

We see that it is Pony-tail who has Murphy now.

: That man isn't like me; he's a monster without discrimination.

Voices: El Gato!

: Kill him.

: Kill him!

Pg 74-75

And so, before the horrified eyes of the street kids, Archer gets down... and kisses Godory's right foot. Yun Fa watches from the crowd.

Pg 76

The kids go wild.

: Traitor!

: Coward!

Inexplicably, Godory loses his smile. He turns away and strides off.

Godory: --Let's go...

Pony-tail: EH?! I can't do this kid?

Godory: Let him go!

Pg 77

: Traitor!

: Coward!

*pan pan* *pat pat*

Archer stands up and pats the dust off his jeans. He takes Murphy home and throws him into the bathtub.

*basha* *splash*

Pg 78

Murphy: Nooooo! Nooooo!

*ban ban* *bang bang*

Murphy doesn't want to take a bath, but Archer insists. He's still on-edge and angry.

Archer: You can't get out until you're completely clean!

Murphy's torso is covered in marks... bite marks?

Godory: You didn't teach him anything, did you, Archer?

: But his body is an adult's.

Pg 79

Archer stops and covers his face with a hand. He seems near the breaking point, or near tears. Murphy stops his tantrum and reaches up to his brother.

Murphy: Ah...

: Ah...

He takes Archer's scared hand and brings it to his mouth, and then down into the water.

Pg 80

Archer is in shock.

Archer: ....This is my......

Pg 81

This is my fault.......

His eyes are filled with tears that won't fall.

Godory: His body.

Archer: ....This......

: Should I have

: taught you this?!

Pg 82

Later, Murphy sleeps the sleep of the exhausted. The window rattles in the cold night breeze. Archer eats a steak, his fierce gaze pinned on something far away.

*kacha kacha kacha kacha* *rattle rattle rattle*

Pg 83

And even later, at the Golden Dragon...

*kachi* *rattle*

A noise in the dark room catches Yun Fa's attention. He turns. Archer is in the shadows, leaning on an old Chinese statue.

Archer: History and legends?

: You cultivated that fight like you do 4,000 years of history, didn't you?

Pg 84

Yun Fa: How did you get in?

Archer: You're not the only Chinese who likes making deals, Yun Fa.

Yun Fa: You want to know Godory's safe house? What will you bargain for it?

Archer: Anything you want of Godory's.

Archer's eyes are focused and a little insane. Yun Fa coolly considers.

Pg 85

Yun Fa: All right then. Trade me the shoe that you kissed, El Gato.

: If you can.

Godory is looking at a crumpled picture of his sister.

*goshi goshi* *rub*

Pg 86

He is remembering Archer kissing his boot, and he looks upset.

*goshi goshi* *rub*

*goshi goshi* *rub*

Godory: I

: If it's for you, I can go that far......

: Right........?

*ban* *bang*

Pg 87

One of Godory's underlings is thrown through the door and lands at his feet and he stands up in reaction, dropping the photograph.

*gata* *standing up from a chair quickly*

A ragged and bloodied Archer appears in the doorway, and Godory is shocked to see him.

Pg 88

*gatsu* *grab*

Pony-tail appears and grabs Archer back by the collar of his T-shirt. He sinks a knife into Archer's thigh.

*don* *impact*

Archer: UUAAAAH!

Pony-tail's knee impacts with Archer's chin, throwing him to the floor.

*gatsu* *wham*

Pony-tail: Like Big Brother, like Little Brother.

: What a nice scream.

Pg 89

He sits on Archer and proceeds to grab his neck and squeeze.

Archer: Uhn.....

Pony-tail: I was on your brother like this

: He cried and rocked his hips.

Archer manages to reach the jagged knife with one hand and rips it out of his own thigh.

Archer: UGH!

Pg 90

He sinks it into Pony-tail's hip.

Pony-tail: Kyaaa!

The man rears back in agony, and Archer tips him over a stair railing. The man impacts on the floor below and lies unnaturally still.

*dosa* *impact*

Godory turns to flee.

Pg 91

Despite his wound slowing him down, Archer manages to tackle Godory below the knees and brings him down. He crawls up, holding the dripping knife to Godory's face.

*don* *thump*

Pg 92

Archer: I'm going to cut off your penis... and string it up in the middle of Roosevelt Park...

: You won't be able to touch a man or a woman again......

Godory: Stop..........!

Pg 93

The knife swings high, but Archer catches sight of the photograph, which Godory has fallen on top of.

Godory: STOP!

The knife swings down and lands with a solid thunk right in the center of the picture -- millimeters from Godory's crotch.

*don* *thump*

Pg 94

Archer is on his feet once more, streaked with sweat and blood, and with a snarl frozen onto his face. He is breathing heavily.

Archer: If I wanted it.... you'd come crawling....

: ....Your kneck is.....

: always under my hand.......

He takes Godory's right shoe.

Pg 95

*gata* *rattle*

*gata gata gata gata*

Archer leaves and goes down the rickety stairwell. Godory sinks down by the decimated photo, shaking.

Godory: Ah....ah...

He crumples it in his fist and collapses across the floor.

Godory: ...You....

: You.....

*kata* *rattle*

Pg 96

Someone is coming back up the stairs.

: Who's there?!

: Is someone still there?

*kii kii kii* *creak creak creak*

*koto* *clunk/footstep*

Murphy is there. His face is expressionless.


Godory: Oh, it's you.....


: ...What are you...


Pg 97


: doing... here....


Yun Fa finds the shoe in front of the Golden Dragon.

Pg 98

Archer and Murphy are asleep in their apartment.

*don don don* *knock knock knock*

Voice: EL GATO!

Pg 99

Murphy: Ah...!

*yusa yusa* *shake shake*

Archer: ....!

: Don't shake me........


This gets Archer's attention, and he sits up.

Archer: Taken to the hospital?

He opens the door part-way.

Louka: El-

Archer: Give me details.

Pg 100

Louka glances down and sees a bloody bandage wrapped around Archer's thigh. It's dripping blood.

Louka: That wound.... What happened....?

Archer: Forget about me. Why's he taken to the hospital?

Louka: Someone raided Godory's safe house last night.

: Whoever it was....

: stabbed Godory in the right foot with a fork.

Archer: The right foot?

Louka: People are staying quiet, but everyone knows you did it.

Pg 101

Louka: Rico and Adams were hauled in by the cops, but they won't say a thing about anyone or anything.

*batan* *door shuting*

Archer: Did he say a "fork"?


*don don* *knock knock*

Archer: Was it you......?

: Murphy?

Murphy looks back at him with innocent and blank eyes.

Pg 102

: Ed's ghost

: has caught you after all.......

Pg 103

Archer: Let's go home, Murphy.

: Back downtown.

Pg 104

Our cop team is in their patrol car with their feet up on the dash.

Cop: It's quiet tonight in the back alleys...

: Looks like the bad kids are taking the day off.

: Let's head back to the station?

Rookie: This is rare; the station's empty as a tomb.

Cop: Maybe they're planning a surprise party?

Pg 105

Desk cop: Outside too?

Cop: It's a ghost town all over today.

Desk: ...This happened once before.......

: I was still on patrol duty then, and my buddy brought in one of the kids' gang.

: The criminal had just turned seventeen, but he'd shot his father in the street.

Pg 106

: That evening felt just like this one.

: All over, everyone had hidden themselves away. It was a night where you could hear the stillness; an ominous silence.....

Meanwhile, Murphy is helping Archer walk down a street. His jeans on his right leg are soaked through with blood, and it's even staining his sneaker.

Murphy: Ah.....

Archer: Listen up, Murphy. From now on--

: just say that you're family of "El Gato"

: and you'll be protected.

Pg 107

: Because I'm going to become what they want.

: What they have always wanted me to be.

: The true

Pg 108

: Charismatic.

Crowds of kids watch from windows, fire escapes, cars, and graffiti-covered walls as Archer and Murphy walk down the silent street.

Charisma / End

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