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Charisma: El Gato
Satoru Ishihara

Pg 113

New York City. A man sits, surrounded by bottles, cans, and empty glasses. His shirt is unbuttoned, and his tie hangs lose. He needs a shave. He looks lost. He moves his pistol up to point at his temple and cocks it.

*kachi* *click*

Pg 114

He plays with the trigger, pumping it with just that tiny bit less pressure than it needs.

*kiri kiri kiri*

A door in the apartment squeaks open in the breeze.

*kii* *squeak*

A boy is laying on a bed in the other room. His back and the backs of his legs are covered in bloody lash marks. He stares stonily at the wall.

Pg 115


The hammer finally falls, but the gun is empty. The boy struggles to his feet.

Archer: Burn in hell!

: You coward!

Narrator: Every four minutes, someone dies--

: One in every ten people has committed a crime--

A switchblade is dripping blood.

Pg 116

: Biting into the apple--

Archer licks sweat from the corner of his face. At least five guys lay fallen around him on the ground, a large slash across their foreheads.


Archer: Burn

Pg 117

Narrator: Fallen from the branch and trampled underfoot--

Archer: in hell!

Narrator: --in the "Big Apple".

Pg 118

*shuu* *shhhh*

Later, two boys are spray-painting near the fallen teens.

Boy: Uno.

Boy#2: Dos.

Boy: He's strong, huh?

Boy#2: Yeah, he's strong.

Pg 119

The 'camera' pans back to reveal their artistic endeavor: "EL GATO".

Boy: Let's go!

Boy#2: K!

Scenes from the streets: shooting hoops, smoking teens, sitting on the neighborhood steps listening to the boombox.

Voice: yo, yo, Gatito*!

[* kitten]

Pg 120

A group of older teens call out to Archer as he walks by.

: What's up with your proud pop?

: He looked all set to dive from the roof earlier!

: Hey, answer us, Little Kitten!

Archer gives them a glare.

Archer: I'm not "Gatito"!

Voice: Whoo~! Scary!

: He's Hispanic like us, isn't he? What's up with his color?

[Note: Archer has very pale skin.]

: Damn, I can't stomach that brat.

Pg 121

An older, blond teen has discovered the unconscious forms.

Ice: Hmmmph...

: So this is that "El Araņazo del Gato"* everyone is always talking about?

[* "The Scratch of the Cat"]

: Only whites are attacking El Gato?

Guy: The coloreds all seem to be waiting to see how things turn out.

Ice: Hmmmm. Then who sprayed this name?

Guy: That's the Hispanic kids.

: They're different from the hardheaded teens.

Pg 122

: There doesn't seem to be any resistance to El Gato's skin color.

: In the end, his reputation only increases. Your father's in an awful mood.

Ice: After all, this brat-- So this is how my brothers were planning things--

: Father doesn't understand that I'm the only one who'll inherit "Al-Asir".

Guy: Will you do it, Ice?

Ice: Yeah.

: I just love this kind of payback.

: It gives me a thrill.

*giiii* *squeal*

Ice drags his metal pipe across the "E" drawn on the pavement.

Pg 123

See Archer, your average young teen, leaning against a car and eating an ice cream cone. ...Only, the band-aids stuck all over his face ruin the tranquil image, and behind his back he's picking the lock of the car. He abandons the cone before he gets in to drive off his stolen vehicle.

*pin* *ping*

*foon foon ooo* *voom voom vooo*

Pg 124

Archer brings the car to a car garage. He talks to the manager in the office.

Man: You've brought me a good car.

: Your fingers are as clever as ever.

Archer: I haven't eaten lunch. Can you give it to me in cash?

Man: OK!

: 500 dollars.

Archer: Perfect, I'm starving.

Man: Have you been fighting again?

Archer: It wasn't a fight.

: Some guys I don't know came and attacked me.

Man: Al-Asir?

Archer: Who the hell's that?

Pg 125

Man: They're central in the auto-theft organization. Your independent work is probably angering them.

: I've heard that they're hounding the street gangs.

Archer: Nice.

: Someday I want to drive around in a car like this.

Man: El Gato!

Archer: Don't worry. They can't take care of me that easily.

*ton* *thump*

Man: They're a real gang, not some two-bit street punks!

: El Gato, make some friends!

: Protect your back!

: Get some allies!

Pg 126

Archer: I don't want any!

*batan* *door shutting*

Archer leaves in a huff. A mechanic comes into the office.

Mech: He's a stubborn kid.

Man: Yeah, if only his mother were here.

: He wouldn't have become that obstinate.....

: We don't know his real strength.

: He's still a child.......

*ton ton* *thump thump*

Archer is running up the stairs to his apartment with a bag of groceries in his arm.

Pg 127

He hesitates at the door, and then throws it open with a bang.

*ban* *bang*

Ed is sitting in a chair with his pistol in his mouth. He takes it out to ask:

Ed: Have you eaten supper,

: Archer?

Pg 128

Ed: It's all waiting for you.

Archer: I don't want to use your money.

Ed: Are you doing bad things for money

: Archer?

Archer: Don't pretend to be a father.

Ed: Archer...

Archer: Don't touch me!

: I know you've got no bullets in that gun.

: Are you waiting for my permission, Ed?

Pg 129

Ed: Archer

: Won't you give Papa a kiss.....?

Archer's gaze is cast down for a moment, and then he does.

: Disgusting!

He walks off.

Ed: It would be best

: if you

: pulled the trigger...

Pg 130

At a high-scale looking, French-named business, a man is talking to a co-worker.

Man: We got a lot for the contract on that petty order. Pass these documents around.

Co-worker: OK, Ed. Leave them there.

After a double-take we see that it is indeed Ed. His hair is fixed, he is shaved, and his suit is in order. He is a completely different man.

Secretary: ED!

: Ed Rogue! You have a visitor at the front desk!

Ed: Got it. Thanks.

Pg 131

Voices: Ed Rogue!

: He's very efficient and with those looks--

: And he's a widower too, it's such a waste.

: But he's got a child, and it's a half.

Ed ignores the gossip and looks at his visitor's card.

Ed: New Jersey Welfare Office?

Woman: Do you know a Mrs. Siora Pays?

Ed: That's my first wife, we're separated. I thought she was in Philadelphia.

Woman: She's been missing for a little over two months. ---And then her son....

Pg 132

: Actually, he is her and your son... Murphy Pays.

: He's been abandoned for a month now, so for the present we have the guardianship of him---

Ed: Abandoned? Guardianship?

: But--

: Siora and my first child should be 16 by now--

Woman: Yes-- in body he is--

: I think you should come and see him, Mr. Rogue.

: I can give you the details then....

Meanwhile, in a basketball court...

*bakon* *bounce*

Pg 133

Kid: Ah, missed again!

Kid#2: Hey, let's go home already!

*ton* *thunk*

Kid: One more! Just one!

The two Hispanic kids are playing basketball, when suddenly Ice shows up. He picks up the ball and looms over the boys.

Ice: How's Deano?

Kid: --Who the hell are you.....?

Ice smiles.

Pg 134

*ton ton ton* *thunk thunk thunk*

The ball comes to a rest beside the two small, bloody bodies.

In another place, a thin teen holds a doll close. Her head is bandaged.

Voice: Is this girl hurt?

: You wrapped her up very well,

: Murphy.

Pg 135

The doctor is speaking to Ed while they watch Murphy and his nurse.

Doctor: This is Murphy Pays, Mr. Rogue.

: His mental age is about 5 years old. While he has been sheltered here we have found signs of autism as well.

: Please look at these.

The doctor hands Ed several photographs. They document signs of abuse on Murphy.

: After his mother abandoned him he spent about a month

: being abused by his stepfather. His stepfather has already been arrested.

Pg 136

: You're his only relation, Mr. Rogue-

*basa basa* *flutter flutter*

The photographs fall to the floor and Ed staggers back. He is comparing the photos in his mind with Archer's beaten form.

Ed: Ah, I'm sorry.....

Doctor: Are you alright?

Ed: Yes... The boy

: I'll take him home with me.

Pg 137

Meanwhile, outside a deli restaurant...

Louka: Lott, I think it'd be better to do this after talking to Deano.

Lott: Shut up, Louka.

: Doesn't matter who messed up the kids. He's an eyesore anyway.

Archer is eating breakfast in a booth.

*kii* *creak*

Pg 138

*gatsu gatsu* *chew chew*

*ban* *bang*

*shyuu* *swish*

*doka* *impact*

The first man grabs Archer's arm and pins it to the table before stabbing his hand with a knife.

Pg 139

But Archer has managed to twist his fork up, and the man has only managed to impale his own hand on it.

Lott: Guh!

With a sinister smile, Archer smashes him back into the counter. The waitress behind the register screams.

Waitress: Kyaa!


Archer makes a break for the door, but a second man is waiting with an open switchblade and a smile of his own.

*pin* *ping*

Pg 140

Archer tosses a ketchup bottle at his face, and it shatters. As the man is distracted he shoves him out through the glass door.

*byu* *whoosh*

*pan* *smash*

*gasha* *shatter*

Pg 141

Louka: They messed up?!

Lott: Ass hole!!

Louka: Wait! Lott!

Lott charges, with his own knife flipping open.

*pin* *ping*

Lott: El Gato!

*shuu* *swish*

Pg 142

Lott's first swing misses, so he switches to his other hand and tries again.

*za* *rip*

The quick change throws Archer off, and Lott manages to cut through his sleeve. Archer pulls his own knife out.

*pin* *ping*

Voice: STOP!!

Pg 143

Lott: Deano!

Someone new has arrived on the scene -- an older man with scars and presence.

Deano: Idiot! Put your knife away!

: So you're El Gato. I've heard a lot about you.

Lott: I won't stop, Deano!

Deano: Toby, Foz, come here!

The two boys shuffle into view, with bandages wrapped around their heads.

: They're the cause of this. They have the mark on their foreheads.

Pg 144

Lott: That's right! His mark!

Archer: I don't attack little kids.

Deano: Well, let's see. Show him, Foz.

They unwrap one of the boy's heads to show the gapping knife cut across his forehead.

: Look at this. Anyone would think it was you.

: You've been taken advantage of, El Gato. You are certainly an eyesore.

: But you're not an idiot who follows others blindly.

: We stay neutral. Even if you

Pg 145

: start dying in front of our own eyes.

Archer: Thanks.

Deano: Let's go!

Archer: --Hey, Lott!

Lott turns back around and Archer strikes quickly, making a long gash across Lott's forehead.

*ba* *impact*

Pg 146

Archer: That is una marca*!

[* the (my) mark]

Louka: LOTT!

Archer: Remember it!

Louka: LOTT!

: Lott!

Deano: --He's crazy.

Pg 147

Louka: He resembles us, but he's completely different.

Deano: --Louka.

: There are two kinds of people who wish for violence.

: Those who naturally like violence, and those who believe in the power of violence.

: El Gato is neither of those. He's crazy, and no mistake.

Pg 148

: But for some reason

: I'm drawn to him.

Archer limps up the stairs to his apartment and pushes open the door. The cut in his arm is steadily dripping blood. He falls to the floor.

*gii* *squeak*

*dota* *thump*

Pg 149

Archer: ........ Hurts........

: It hurts!

{Archer fades into his past. He is naked and tied --ankles and wrists-- to the bed.}

: It hurts!

*gata gata* *rattle rattle*

: ED! It hurts!

Ed: It's all right. It's all right.

Archer: It hurts!

Ed: Everyone left Papa,

: But you belong to Papa.


*bashi bashi* *whap whap*

Pg 150

Ed: If you're a good boy, Papa and Mama will come back.

Ed is crying.

: They'll come back.

: It's all right. It's all right.

Archer: ED!

Ed: But why does Papa beat me?

: Because I'm a bad boy. Because you're a bad boy too, Archer.....

: But it's all right.

: It'll be all right...

: It's all right...

{Later, young Archer is curled up in bed. He is crying, but his face is cold.}

Pg 151

Archer: That's right-- This doesn't matter.

: It doesn't matter what Ed does to me. It doesn't matter what anyone does.

: I won't be hurt anywhere.

: It doesn't hurt...

In the present, Archer's eyes snap open. He struggles to his feet.

: --Shit!

*gyuu* *tug*

He rips off part of his shirt for a makeshift tourniquet.

: [I must have]

: [blacked out--]

*bicha* *squish*

Pg 152

*gata gata* *rattle rattle*

Archer riffles through the top drawer of the dresser one-handed. It falls, nearly catching his feet.

*gachan* *thump*

Archer: SHIT!

*kii* *squeak*

The door opens slowly.

: Who's there!?

Pg 153

Murphy looks at him.

Archer: Who the hell are you?

: What are you doing in my place!?

Murphy kneels down and picks up some of the bottles, shoving them gently at Archer.

*gui gui* *nudge nudge*

Archer: Wh-what? You...

Pg 154

Murphy catches sight of the deep gash in Archer's arm and uses his own shirt to mop up the blood.

Murphy: Ah--

: A-...... Aat? Aat?

Archer: Art...? ............?

Pg 155

*kyuu* *tug*

Archer tests the bandage wrapped around the cut.

: You're good at wrapping bandages.

Murphy: Aat?

: Aat?

Archer: --I don't know what you're saying.....

Murphy: Aa...

: Hya... Hyat? Haat?

Pg 156

Archer: --... Oh...

: "Hurt"? .......

Archer smiles gently.

: Yeah.

: It hurts....

Pg 157

Later, Archer is testing his arm, which has been stitched up. There is a scruffy man beside him.

Archer: You might be an alcoholic,

: But you've still got the skills of a former police medic, Forbs.

Forbs: My alcoholism isn't your business.

: So Ed's adopted a kid.

Archer: My older brother.

They are both silent for a moment.

Forbs: I think you understand, Archer.

Pg 158

Archer: I'm not a therapist, but I know Ed's sickness isn't cured.

Forbs: That's right, his abuse is a disease, Archer.

: I think it's a bad idea to have a child near him.

Archer: Murphy is my older brother.

: He's not a child.

Forbs: He is in his heart.

: As is

: Ed.

Pg 159

Narrator: New York turned...

: towards winter.

Pg 160

*basa basa basa* *flutter flutter flutter*

Papers scatter from Ed's nerveless fingers. A co-worker looks in on him.

Co-worker: What's wrong, Ed?

Ed: My hand slipped, it's nothing.

: It's nothing....

In his hand is a manilla envelope with a letter. It starts:

Letter: My Dear Edward,


: You can't escape from me.

: I am always watching you.

: Your loving, dead Papa.

There are pictures and newspaper clippings documenting his father's abuse of him and his father's arrest.

Meanwhile, back at the apartment the boys are looking out the window at the street below.

Archer: Okay now, those are cops.

: The flashing car behind them is a police car.

Pg 162

: When that approaches you, you?

*don don* *bang bang*

Murphy is banging on the wall.

Archer: Okay, who else...?

*don don* *bang bang*

*kyu kyu* *squeak squeak*

*don don don* *bang bang bang*

*kyu* *squeak*

Archer: ... You don't understand at all, do you...?

: You can't keep lookout and you'll be slow to run away...

: Guess I'll have to leave you behind.

*gata* *clatter*

*gyu* *clutch*

: Now look...

: You'll just be in the way when I go to do my job.

: You understand "job"? I don' need you.

Pg 163

Murphy sits quietly, holding his doll. Archer scowls back at him and Murphy smiles brightly, dangling his doll by one arm.

Archer: Murphy.

: I'll bring you something back. What do you want? Chocolate? A hamburger?

Murphy: Ah~~

: Ah.

Murphy points to his doll's head, which is still wrapped in bandages.

Archer: A doll?

: No?

Murphy: Ah-

: Ah! Ah!

Archer: bandages?

Pg 164

: You want some weird stuff.

Murphy: Aachy haat.

Archer: It doesn't hurt any more.

Murphy: No! No!

He begins to beat on his poor doll.

*don don* *whump whump*

: "Haat"!

: Uh. Uh.

Archer stares at him a moment before smiling gently and patting his head.

Archer: I don't...

: get hurt that often...

: You're a good big brother,

: Murphy.

: If someone you don't know comes, don't open the door.

Pg 165

At Forbs' office...

Forbs is holding the envelope, eying the contents darkly.

Forbs: Who sent this to you?

Ed: I don't know.......

: Maybe Papa is really still alive.... somewhere......

: watching me...

Forbs: Pull yourself together, Ed!

Pg 166

: You're not a child anymore! You're a father!

: Your father died in the hospital. You know it!

Ed: ...That's right...

: That's right...... at the hospital......

*biri* *rip*

Forbs: So forget about this.

: ... Want a drink?

Ed: Sure...

Pg 167

Forbs: Ed, why'd you adopt that child?

: I'm not saying it was bad. Maybe I should look after the kids.

: How about going to the hospital?

Ed looks at him for a moment.

Ed: You trying to take my kids from me, Forbs?

Forbs: Ed.

Ed: You don't know how many times it's been too much, and I've thought about killing myself!

: When I had that muzzle pointed at my head,

: you know why I didn't die?!

Pg 168

: Because the kid was there.

: Everyone else cast me off, but my kid was with me!

: And now even you want to abandon me!?

Forbs: I won't abandon you--

: I want to help you look after them as much as I can.

: Ed.

Forbs holds Ed against his chest.

Pg 169

Ed: I've got to go... Murphy will be getting hungry.

Forbs: Ed.

Ed: Tomorrow.....

: Yes... Tomorrow I'll go to the hospital. They'll fix me up.

: Because I'm a father to those children.....

Forbs: Wait, Ed!

Ed: Thanks, Forbs.

: Good night.

Pg 170

Three older teens are loitering in the street. Their foreheads have been wrapped in bandages.

Teen: El Gato isn't home right now. The only ones inside are his father and his stupid brother.

Teen#2: Alright, you two come!

They slip up the fire escape. Ed and Murphy are at the table, eating. A heavy screwdriver is tossed in to break the window.

Pg 171

*ban* *bang*

Ed and Murphy look up in surprise as the men enter in ski masks with knives out. The kitchen is soon a shambles.

Pg 172

Archer comes home with a bag of groceries.

Archer: ...What... the hell...

He ducks to look under the table where Ed sits, curled up into a ball.

: ED!

: Are you all right? What happened!?

: Where did Murphy go!? ED!

: Ed!

He lifts Ed's face, which is bloody. Ed's eyes are closed.

Ed: Uh.

Pg 173

Archer: This is awful. Raise your head a bit more.

Ed: Papa came.

Archer: ... What did you say?

Ed: I'm sorry, Papa.

: Don't hit me anymore... I'll be a good boy...

Archer: P-

: Pull yourself together, Ed! What happened? Where's Murphy?!

Ed: I'm sorry. I won't do it again....

Pg 174

Archer: Please! Pull yourself together!

: You're our father, aren't you?! Snap out of it!


Ed's eyes open.

Ed: Three men wearing ski masks came, and they said "Come to the basketball court."

Archer: They took Murphy?!!

Ed: Archer, don't leave me.

Archer tears out of the room to rescue his brother.

: Archer.

Pg 175

Louka: What's wrong, Deano?

Deano: Here's an interesting show.

The white teens are on the other side of the chain fence on the court, facing down Archer.

Louka: What's this? Trouble?

The leader of the teens has pulled off his bandage, and we can see the ugly wound. He is sneering.

Teen: That was a mistake. You that unconcerned about coming alone?

Pg 176

Archer glares back silently.

Teen: Just like the rumors say.

: Is your brother precious to you?

He points at his scar.

: This made Ice laugh at me, and it's your fault.

Louka: Guys he's given his una marca.

: It'll be trouble if they start a disturbance in our territory.

Archer: You want a re-mach?

Teen: We'll give you a handicap.

Pg 177

They dangle a frightened Murphy.

: Drop your knife!

Louka: What should we do?

Deano: We're the audience, aren't we, Louka?

: The audience should enjoy the match.

Pg 178


Archer slips his knife off from around his neck and drops it. He's immediately hit with a two hand blow to the back of the head and goes down.

*hyu* *whoosh*

*ga* *impact*

*do* *impact*

*byu* *whoosh*

Pg 179

He manages to catch the guy's foot before it impacts with his face. Unimpressed, the guy slams a punch into his face.


*jari* *crunch*

*pe* *spit*

*kon* *clunk*

Archer spits out a tooth, which lands on the guy's boot.

Louka: That was provocative.

Deano: It'll backfire.

Pg 180

Archer takes a severe beating, ending up curled into a ball on the ground. Fragments of conversation whirl in his head.

*doka* *wham*


{Get some allies, El Gato.}

{Even if you die in front of our own eyes.}

{Papa came, Archer.}

{Hispanic like us.}

{What's with that skin color.}

{Protect your own back.}

Pg 181

The teens approach, knives out. Archer is gasping for air.

Teen: How many?

Teen#2: One for each of us.

Teen: On the face?

Teen#2: He can't hide them then.

They grip his scalp to tip his head back.

Teen: He's still conscious.

Teen#2: Poor thing.

Teen#3 (to Murphy): You have to look. It's a shame. You should take care of your little brother,

: Big bro.

: *evil laughter*

An expressionless Murphy lifts his left hand, revealing a fork.

Pg 182

He manages to stab it pretty far into the guy's nose.


While everyone's attention is turned towards that drama, Archer manages to dive and recover his knife. He makes eye contact with Deano. The older man grabs Murphy through the fence and pulls him back to safety. Archer rolls to his feet in front of them, facing out at his enemies.

Pg 183

Archer: Come on.

Teen: Deano.

Teen#2: *Peh.*

Teen#3: Shit.

They limp off.

Deano: You.....

Pg 184

Archer: My back....

He collapses, and Murphy catches him as he falls into unconscious.

Murphy: Ah-!

: Aachii-! Ah-!


Later, in Deano's apartment, a pretty woman is using cotton and rubbing alcohol to clean up Archer's scratches and cuts.

Woman: It's not as bad as it looks. He takes a punch well.

: Turn a little more to the right.

Deano: How you doing, El Gato?

Woman: You're El Gato?

Pg 185

: I thought you'd be bigger and more rugged.

: You're really cute.

Deano: Cute? He is?

Woman: More than you. I'll make you something warm.

Archer: Your wife?

Deano: No.

: Don't you have a woman you like?

Archer: I hate men and women.

Deano: Gatito.

Pg 186

Archer: I'm NOT Gatito!

Deano: You are a kitten.

: When I was a kid in the Bronx the rats bit a babies.

: They had no natural enemies. We'd eaten all the dogs and cats.

: When you were being hunted by us, you had the same eyes as those dogs and cats.

: Driven down a blind alley, and at your last defiance.

: Where do you intend to end up, with eyes like that, El Gato?

: Will you just wait like those stray dogs for someone to come along and eat you?

Pg 187

Archer: ---.... They must......

: have been very scared, those stray dogs.

: Being struck by huge guys like you.

: ........That's right... I'm scared...

: I don't know what I should do.

: I'm not strong. I'm not strong!

: You'll eat me, along with those stray dogs---

Pg 188

: We're the same.

Deano: Which is why you can't just wait to be eaten. You have to struggle for something.

: It doesn't matter what. It can be something important to you--

: It can be something you hate. It can be something you cling to.

: Isn't there something you want?

: Isn't there something you can't give up, El Gato?

Murphy is sleeping on the couch nearby.

Pg 189

Archer rubs the top of his head.

Archer: He asked me if I was hurting.

: Murphy didn't turn out like me. He's another version of me.

: He's important to me.

His eyes turn cold.

: What do I have to do so I can protect him?

Deano: come here, El Gato.

Pg 190

: Hold still.

He takes out a safety pin and puts a hole in Archer's left ear. Then he takes out his own hoop earring.

: Put this in.

Archer: Why?

Deano: You were the one who involved me. You came stampeding up in front of me.

Pg 191

Deano: Listen, Gatito. You need to consume this nibbled apple until the last bite.

: Even if

: it's rotting.

Pg 192

Elsewhere, in a car, Ice and one of his men are talking.

Man: His PTSD has given him a death wish?

[PTSD: Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome]

: I know you said you didn't want to talk about this more, but is this indirect method gonna really do the job, Ice?

Ice: I studied all about it in college.

: Like the Hispanic kids should we believe that he's the real El Gato? Or

: is he just a kid rolling around defiantly? We'll know soon.

: Will he continue on to his destruction? Or escape it?

: In either event, El Gato will disappear from this city.

As Ice is talking it becomes a voice-over and we can see Ed. Ed is alone in the ruined apartment, looking at another letter from his "father".

: A fragile thing gets no protection--

: That's the rule that everyone who has dipped their toe into the poison of this city knows.

: What will happen?

: Let's watch and see.

Pg 193

Ed: Yes, Papa.

: Yes....... Papa.......

Archer walks down the street, holding Murphy's hand.

Archer: [Walking along like this with Murphy]

: [Where am I taking him?]

Pg 194

Murphy: Aachii, haat.

Murphy gently touches Archer's still-bleeding ear.

Archer: That cut doesn't hurt.

He looks down at the earring in his hand and then puts it in.

: Shall we go home, Murphy?

: Ed will be worried.

Pg 195

Narrator: Consume this city

: Even if it's rotting.

El Gato / End

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