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Vol 2, Pt 5

Satoru Ishihara

Pg 158

Archer is strapping weapons down under his clothes: knives and guns. Aida is watching.

Aida: Where'd you get that gun?

Archer: Grabbed it from a gay bastard.

Aida: Is it necessary for you to be armed?

Archer: Of course it is.

Murphy is also watching.

Pg 159

Aida: Promise, Gatito.

Archer: What? Promise what?

Aida: To have faith in God.

Archer: There is no God, Aida.

Aida: Then whatever you believe in?

Pg 160

Archer pauses in the doorway. His smile is more of a smirk.

Archer: I believe in nothing.

: Take care of Murphy.

Murphy: Aachii.

Pg 161

Night. A few windows are still lit in the police station.

Tech: A wireless mic, a miniature camera, and a homing signal.

Kouki: Isn't this a bit of an over-kill?

Tech: It's shaped like a watch and for use in emergencies.

Kouki: Just like 007.

Tech: A while back an undercover cop got shot and killed.

: The cops who were following him didn't notice.

: Because his mic was shorted due to sweat.

Kouki is starting to look a little freaked out.

Kouki: Hold it! Hold it!

Pg 162

: Is this gonna be alright?

Tech: It's an old story.

*pon pon* *pat pat*

: But you're a rookie so this is best.

Quincy: How is it? All set?

: Enrique and Garrison.

Two hulking officers are with Quincy. One smiles. It's rather disturbing.

*ni* *smile*

: These two will be following you at all times.

Kouki: Good to meet you.

Quincy: Now, Kouki...

Kouki: I know! Let me say it.

Pg 163

: It's my fault that a citizen, Archer Rogue, got involved. But it can't be helped.

: I will definitely protect him! So...

Quincy: Who's asking you to do that?

Kouki: Wha?

Quincy: Undercover knowledge. If you feel any danger, call in your backup immediately!

: If you're escaping from danger, it's alright to drop the mission.

*niya niya* *smile smile*

Tech: *Safeguard procedures...*

Quincy: Don't misjudge the situation. Alright?

Pg 164

: Now go, Kouki!

*gon gon gon go* *low rumble*

Dagwood, the unnamed supervisor, and Archer are waiting in the dark by the market building.

Pg 165

Dagwood: You got that, boys?

Archer: Why the Bronx? There're safer places to do this, aren't there?

Dagwood: It's what the other guys wanted.

Kouki: And the cargo?

: What are we carrying?

Dagwood: Coffee beans, of course.

Sup: Ok! They're done!

Archer: Don't be so nosy, Ken.

Pg 166

: We're getting 500 dollars for one night's delivery of coffee beans.

Kouki: That's true.

Sup: Is it gonna be all right leaving this to those two kids, Dagwood?

Dagwood: The executives see the killing of that dealer as a declaration of war by "Cali."

: Two trucks are going out tonight.

: Want to wager on whether

: those two come back or not?

Pg 167

Enrique: They're moving out, Garrison!

*ban ban* *bang bang*

Nearby, Garrison is talking to a street vendor. Enrique bangs on the car door to get his attention.

En: You like bagged candy that much?

Garrison: 'Cause I never got to eat them when I was a kid. How's the mic picking up?

Mic: "Wait a minute, Archer!"

En: Nice and clear.

Kouki: Wait a minute, Archer!

Archer is climbing up into the driver's seat of a delivery truck.

Kouki: You have a license!?

Archer: No, I don't.

Pg 168

Kouki is sitting in the driver's seat. Archer is leaning back in the passenger seat, looking bored.

Kouki: Then why would you get into the driver's seat?

Archer: It's no problem. I can drive.

Kouki: It's not ok!

: Leave it to me! They call me the "speeding bullet".

Archer doesn't look reassured.

Archer: ...... That's not very original, is it?

Kouki: Shut up!

En: .........

Garrison: Will those two be all right?

Pg 169

At Deano's hideout:

Lott: I'm not satisfied!

: This is our war!

: Why are you lending strength to some guy who isn't a brother?

Deano: You intend to speak out against my decision, Lott?

Deano looks like he means serious business.

Pg 170

Lott: .....

Deano: My decision is your decision.

: What's wrong?

: Things got so peaceful that you forgot that?

: What about the rest of you?

: If you can't go back to the way things were before, leave now.

: You've only got ten minutes.

Foz: Toby.

Toby: Shut up.

Pg 171

?: We're of the same opinion as Lott.

: We can't trust someone who isn't the same race as our brothers.

: Sorry.

*kata* *tink*

A group of them leave, dropping their earrings on the table as they go.

DJ: I'm going too.


DJ: Don't think badly of me, BD.

Pg 172

?: I've always been a dishwasher.... and at last I've got an apprenticeship...

: I don't want to throw away the life I have now.....

Todd: Wait, everyone! Don't you want to pay back the enemy!?

: He mocked Rocco........

Big Fist: Todd.

Foz's brother starts dragging him out the door.

Bro: You're coming out of here with me!

Foz: No! You coward!

: Toby!

Toby: Don't touch Foz!

Foz: Toby!

Toby yanks his friend back and glares a challenge at Foz's brother.

Pg 173

Bro: These little....

Louka: Give it up, Beans.

: Even if they're little, they have the right to chose.

: If you're going to go, you'll have to go alone.

Beans: I'll remember this, Louka!

Louka: I think that's my line.

Lott: ...Why....?

: Why is Deano supporting him this far...? That half-Hispanic....

Louka: You don't get it? You must be sick in the head, Lott.

Pg 174

Louka: It's because right now he's more useful than we are.

Lott: I'm not gonna listen to this garbage!

*gatsu* *clatter*

He tosses down his earring.

: I'll never forget as long as I live that he was the one who gave me this scar!

*ban* *BANG*

Pg 175

Deano: Louka.

: BD.

: Todd.

: Big Fist.

: Foz. Toby.

: Chicks, you're still here too?

Chicks: Stop calling me "Chicks", Boss.

Deano: The best of the gang.

Pg 176

The truck is parked in the dark. Kouki checks his watch.

Kouki: ...They're late....

: It's 30 minutes past the promised time.

Archer: It's dangerous to stop in the alleys of the Bronx for a long time.

: Let's look for some place we can hide the truck.

*bushu* *b-dump*

They drive the truck into an abandoned building.

Kouki: It would be better if we really did have coffee or something.

Archer: How 'bout some gum?

Pg 177

In another part of the alley, men are gathered around a barrel-fire. Kouki and Archer settle in and wait. Kouki glances down at Archer.

Archer: I was eavesdropping.

Kouki: Eh?

Archer: To your conversation with Dagwood in the office.

Pg 178

Kouki: Oh... that.

: Why, all the sudden...?

Archer: You wanted to ask, didn't you?

He's grinning up at Kouki from his seat on the ground.

Kouki: Then...

: You knew it was a dangerous part-time job.

: So why were you interested?

Archer: I already said it, didn't I? For the money.

: My father's in the hospital and I have to take care of my brother.

: And you

Kouki leans down.

: looked like you were asking for my help.

Pg 179

They stay still for a moment, searching each other's faces.

Kouki: "For the money" is a lie.

: You're trying to earn an honest living for you brother.

: And you...

Archer: I lie and you lie.

: You knew things I didn't tell you. And there's the time I told you I'd kill my father.

Archer begins to stand up.

Pg 180

: You wouldn't listen to the reason. You only pity me.

Kouki: Is that so bad?

Kouki looks wry, while Archer's face is harsh in the darkness.

Kouki: That time when you were hurting I sympathized with you.

: And that's no lie.

: I didn't ask you for the reason because it wasn't necessary.

Pg 181

: Do you believe me?

Archer: If I do, then I'll have to trust you.

Back at the police station, Oliver saunters into Quincy's office with a folder in his hand.

Oliver: Lieutenant Quincy, the results of the identification have come.

Quincy: We're the same rank, Oliver, you sarcastic bastard.

Pg 182

Oliver: The victim was D. Auckland.

*basa basa* *rustle rustle*

: Cause of death was blood loss from the shot in his head.

: I think based on the amount of blood found at the scene that he was killed somewhere else, then left in front of the warehouse---

: And then in front of the warehouse, once more BANG!

Oliver has pointed his finger at Quincy as he reenacts the crime.

Quincy: Quit it.

: He's got a record of theft, assault, and drug-dealing. We had him marked as a pusher.

Oliver: He had three molars pulled. --- But it wasn't a dentist's job.

: And two nails torn out.

Quincy: Traces of torture?

: Estimated time of death is two days ago between 9 and 11 pm.

: No record of the gun that killed him.

Oliver: Why do you think they went to all that trouble to put him in front of the warehouse?

: And the showy letters in blood and crucifying him to the shutter?

Pg 183

Quincy: Plain provocation. Even if the criminal wasn't a member of "Cali", they've rubbed "Medicine's" face in the dirt.

Oliver: We may have a clue to follow on this manhunt.

: Two weeks ago two men had some trouble behind the bar.

: A tooth was pulled out then too.

: One was a black man around 25 years old, though the age isn't certain.

: The other was a young brunette man.

: His companion called him "Archer".

: One of the bar patrons remembered it.

Pg 184

Back in the Bronx:

Enrique: Hey, dinner, Garrison.

: So what's happened? Any progress with Kouki and the other?

Garrison: Yeah.

: They're still talking about the problem of trust.

Enrique: That's just eavesdropping, Garrison.

In the abandoned building:

Archer: If you believe me, then you'll trust me too.

Pg 185

: Is that the deal you want?

Kouki: But there's just one thing I want settled clearly.

: You were smiling.

: I saw the body in front of the warehouse, and

: that body was of the man whose tooth you pulled out.

: Did you kill him, Archer?

Pg 186

Archer: -- If I did, what would you do?

Kouki: ...If you did...

: I'll have to arrest you.

Enrique: Kouki! What are you trying to do!?

Garrison: No, wait.

Pg 187

Archer: ...A cop...


Kouki: You don't have to tell me anything.

: These aren't hands that fire a gun.

Archer: ...Now it makes sense...

Pg 188

Archer pulls his gun and aims it at Kouki's head.

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