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|| Information & FAQs ||

Houkago Hokenshitsu

Can be received by joining my announcement only update list for all of my websites at Yahoo.

:: Please keep in mind that I am definitely not bilingual. My translations are as accurate as possible, but often a looser translation is necessary for a more natural sound.
:: Click on the cover images to see a sample of the inside art.

Q: "Will you translate more of such-and-such?"
A: Generally, if you ask, I will put it onto my list of upcoming projects. And the more people who ask, the farther up my list of projects it gets shoved. So, please let me know what you're interested in seeing more of. I was shocked by the popularity of SnK, and would never have finished translating it so quickly if so many people hadn't asked. However, if another group is working on it I will not duplicate someone else's work.

Q: "Will you scan such-and-such manga for me?"
A: Er, no. There are many, many, many online stores that ship internationally. It doesn't matter if you live in the US, Australia, Singapore, or France. I will, however, do a text translation if you ask (See above).

Q: "What about Pigeon's Blood?"
A: I would love to finish the scanlation of this doujinshi series. But the circle is actually a published author, so I don't know how well she would recieve the request. We'll see. I will certainly be continuing the translations, and I will provide information on likely places to find the series.

Q: Why is it taking you so loooong!?
A: I have a job and I'm working on my masters. These things take priority.

Q: I have this [great / short / fascinating] [manga / doujinshi]. Will you help me translate?
A: ....Yes. Most likely. Use me as a last resort, please. It takes me a looooong time because I hate sitting down and typing things out.