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|| Doujinshi ||

Doujinshi are amateur manga, generally published, often using characters from professional serials.

The doujinshi section is still being re-tooled. Thanks for your patience.

Collaboration Doujinshi : Various doujinshi I've worked on with other groups.
Hikaru no Go : HikaAki, AkiHika

Circle Information
A "Circle" is the term used for a single person or a team that produces doujinshi.

100 Mankai (Takahashi Jinrai)
Comodo (Narushima Yuri)
Duo Brand aka Senken-Toshi (Akatsuki Haruka & Watanabe Nobuyoshi)
Hatomile (Shiki)
Takaguchi-gumi (Takaguchi Satosumi)
Tokkankouji Ojiroh-gumi (Satonaka Mamoru & Heuga Ken)
Yamaguchirow (Yamaguchi Shinji)

Places to buy doujinshi:
Of course, the best thing for the doujinshi artists is to buy them new from Mandarake (which has an English-language site) or Animate (which doesn't). Unfortunately, this isn't always possible for people who live outside of Japan.

So... Some English-language stores that sell doujinshi internationally are
Comiket Online Shopping Web Site
Pucciland (Italy-based)

If you know another good dj online store, let me know please.