Seifuku no Koibito
By Ami Kitasato

by Caithi'on

Chapter 3: The High School Years

Notes on the translation: (1) Translating is not always an exact science, and this translation is not always word-for-word.

Pg 71

Tomoya is on the phone with Masamichi.

Masa's voice: Eh? What's that?

Tomoya: Like I said, I'll be going home tomorrow. I can only spend the night over once though.

Ma: Really!? Tomoya!!

Tomoya holds the phone away from his ear and rubs it.

Tomo: You're shouting!

Masa: Why are you coming so unexpectedly?

Tomo: The truth is...

Pg 72

Tomoya has to hold the phone away from his ear again as Masamichi starts shouting.

Masa: Did you say that you've decided to do your teacher training at my high school!?

Narrator: Four years and six months earlier, he had aimed to become a teacher.

Tomo: *Sigh*

Pg 73

Tomoya has just finished moving all of his things back into his parents' house. Boxes are piled all over the place.

Tomo: It'll be hard-- Moving everything out of here.

He flops back onto his bed.

Tomo: Oh well. I'll make Masamichi do it. He said he was coming, and he has more than enough strength.

He pictures a comically grimacing, overbuilt Masamichi flexing. Scribble: 'A guy whose base is his physical strength.' Tomoya smiles.

Tomo: The last time we met was last summer. I bet he's grown a lot.

Pg 74

The huge Masamichi in his mind suddenly squashes Tomoya.

Tomo: He sprouted with ease and he's still growing. I stopped when I hit high school.

In the flashback, Tomoya staggers back. 'M-masamichi! No way! When did he get this tall!?'

Tomo: He looks down at me now... Speaking frankly, I'm perplexed. That conceited kid...

The remembered Masamichi holds Tomoya gently, and tips his face up.

Tomo: Sometimes when I come home, his conceit seems to have become appropriate...

The past Masamichi speaks: 'Tomoya...' They kiss.

Pg 75

Tomo: That was a kiss that said he was no longer a child.

He remembers little Masamichi hanging around his neck.

Tomo: I thought that little Masamichi made a nuisance of himself, but about half of me saw him as my little brother.

A slightly older Masamichi kisses him during the sleepover.

Tomo: But ever since that Winter Break, I became aware of his existence for the first time.

Tomoya stares off into the distance with a slight frown on his face.

Tomo: I'm always thinking about him.

There is a sound of footsteps thundering closer.

Tomo: Ore wa Masamichi wo...

[Note: Hard to translate into English word order, because what we have here is a subject (ore = I), and a direct object (Masamichi), but no verb.]

The door slams open, startling Tomoya from his thoughts.

Voice: Tomoya!

Pg 76

A very grown-up, very excited Masamichi stands in the doorway.

Masamichi: We finally meet!

Tomoya opens his mouth, but isn't fast enough to stop or avoid Masamichi's flying tackle. They fall back onto the bed.

To: Ma-ma-masamichi!!

Masamichi has him in a bear hug, and hearts float above them.

Masa: Aah! The real Tomoya! I'm so happy I could die!

Tomoya gasps for air.

Tomo: I... I think I am dying!!

Pg 77

Narrator: Even though his body was bigger, his actions hadn't changed from when he was a child.

Masamichi lets up slightly, but he's frowning.

Tomo: You're heavy. You're not a child any more, so don't come flying at me!

Masamichi is still leaning over Tomoya.

Masa: Back then you were always saying, 'Child! Child!'--- This is what children do!

He pauses.

Masa: That's right.

He gives Tomoya a smirk.

Masa: I'm not a child anymore.

He still has Tomoya pinned to the bed.

Masa: I'm bigger than you now.

Pg 78

Masa: Look! My hands too.

He links their fingers together to pin Tomoya's to the bed. Tomoya's heart pounds as Masamichi leans in for a kiss.

Tomo: Ma... masa...

Masa persuades him with a deep kiss.

Pg 79

Masa: Did you think I couldn't knock you down anymore? I drank a glass of milk every day because I wanted to grow up faster.

Tomoya's eyes look exasperated.

Tomo: That's not why you got bigger.

Masa cups Tomoya's face and rubs their cheeks together.

Masa: You're just as small and cute as ever.

Tomoya blushes.

Tomoya: ~~~~~~

Then he looks annoyed.

Tomo: Stop calling me things like small and cute. I'm already 22.

Masamachi looks confused.

Masa: But you really are small, aren't you?

Tomoya turns chibi: "Mu!"

Pg 80

Masamichi enfolds him in another bear hug.

Masa: Ahh! Cute! Cute! That's the Tomoya!

Tomo: Masamichi! As I expected, Masamichi's emotions are still immature.

Masa: I love you, Tomoya......

Tomoya's eyes widen, and then he looks exasperated again.

Tomo: Somehow this "I love you" doesn't seem any different from the one you say to your pets.

In his mind's-eye he pictures a younger Masamichi crouched next to a cat.

Past Masa: Ah, this cat is cute! I love it!

Tomo: Except that now we're both adults.

He glances up from where his head is resting on Masamichi's shoulder and sees a young man leaning against the doorframe, looking unamused. Tomoya panics.

Tomo: Ch-chiaki!!

Pg 81

He shoves a hand into Masamichi's face and pushes him away. His face is composed once more.

Tomo: If you were watching, you should have rescued me.

[An arrow points to his words. It says tatemae -- face; official stance; public position or attitude (as opposed to private thoughts).]

Chiaki: That doesn't make sense. You didn't look like you were saying no.

Chiaki has grown, and now looks older than his brother, and definitely more mentally mature than Masamichi.

Tomo: It's not-!

Chiaki: Ohh?

Tomo: Speaking of changes, Chiaki has as well. He almost looks like an adult. In the past he would only scream at the top of his lungs and was a crybaby.

We see the new and improved teenage version next to the crying memory.

Past Chiaki: Big brother, he~~! He~~!

Tomo: He wasn't cute, however you look at it. And now he's bigger than me.

Masamichi turns to look at Chiaki with an annoyed expression.

Masa: Did you want something? You're being a nuisance.

Chiaki is startled into remembering.

Chiaki: Oh!

Pg 82

Chi: Takamura-sensei is down in the front hall.

Tomo: Eh!?

Masamichi gets shoved completely off the bed as Tomoya explodes out of it.

Tomo: Takamura-sensei!?

Masa: Guah!

Tomo: Ah~~~~ He's here for me; I have to go!

He stampedes out.

Masa: Takamura? The one in charge of our class?

Chiaki: Yeah. Tomoya had him as well when he was in school.

Pg 83

Flashback to pg 30, where Tomoya said: "You might call it admiration."

Masamichi looks stunned.

Masa: So, that teacher...

Chiaki: He just up and asked Takamura a favor. All of a sudden he wanted to see him.

Masamichi's face turns dark. He glares and his mouth is fixed in a snarl.

Masa: So it's Takamura----?

Chi: Oh. That was a quick reaction. Tomoya doesn't seem altogether keen on you. Takamura is an adult and shibui. [Shibui -- cool; an aura of refined masculinity.] You don't have aaanything like that.

Masamichi gets even angrier.

Pg 84

Chi: What's that Tomoya is always saying? "You're such a kid"?

Masamichi finally explodes.

Masa: Tomoya loves me the way I am!

He stomps away, leaving a startled Chiaki behind.

Masa: Hmph!

Chi: How like him. Where did that confidence come from?

Pg 85

Tomoya is serving tea or coffee to Takamura downstairs in the living room. He looks a little putout.

Tomo: I thought I communicated that I would come visit tomorrow... Your having come today is cheating. I have no position.

[Note: I think what he means is that since he's the younger man and former student, he ought to be the one visiting Takamura on his first day at work tomorrow, not the other way around. It's a status thing.]

Takamura: Hahaha. Sorry!

He chuckles.

Taka: I heard that Kawaguchi is making a fuss.

Tomo: Masamichi~~~

Taka: And so I worried, and wanted to see your face quickly, and spontaneously came over.

Tomoya frowns, sweatdropping.

Tomo: Sensei, somehow aren't you being a little overprotective?

Takamura sweatdrops as well.

Takamura: Am I?

Pg 86

Taka: Somehow you have this sense of dependence, in spite of yourself.

Tomo: I'm dependent--?

Taka: No no.

Takamura waves the idea away. Then he smiles as he stares off to the side.

Taka: You've changed completely. Your countenance has become firm, and I was surprised. You've come a little closer to becoming a teacher. I'm glad.

Tomoya looks surprised for a moment.

Tomo: It's all thanks to you. I still don't believe it. Back when I was going to give up everything...... And now I am here.

Pg 87

Tomo: The one thing I thought of was my dream of being a teacher, no matter how difficult things were. Someday, to be like sensei----

Takamura takes his leave.

Tomo: Goodbye. I will come and great you formally tomorrow. I can never thank sensei enough.

Tomoya has a half-comical tear in his eye as he closes the door.

Tomo: He definitely came because he knew I was worried about tomorrow.

Tomoya notices something out of the corner of his eye.

Pg 88

Masamichi is standing right around the corner in a black funk.

Tomo: What are you doing there, Masamichi!?

Masamichi looks away.

Masa: I should go.

Tomo: Ahh... Are you angry about before? I'm sorry for pushing you away and...

He gets a better look at Masa's scowl.

Tomo: This can't be about sensei coming to visit?

Masa: Tomoya, do you love Takamura?

Pg 89

Tomoya stares at him a moment, then smiles.

Tomo: When you were a kid you asked me the same thing.

Masamichi has a superior look on his face.

Masa: Because he's married and an old geezer. Moreover, I don't think he has any intention other than to get you in his clutches. Probably.

Tomoya twitches in an annoyed SD-ish form.

Tomo: What are you trying to say!? Certainly I'm in his hands, but...

Masamichi looks bored.

Masa: Never mind.

Tomo: Ah!

An idea has struck Tomoya.

Tomo: Could this be his usual jealousy?

Pg 90

Tomo: Masamichi, what's the matter? If this were back then-

There's an image of little, red-faced Masamichi clutching at an exasperated Tomoya's neck.

Past Masamichi: Don't talk to anyone else! Why were you being kind to that girl!!? You're only allowed to be kind to me! If you don't, then I'll cry!

Tomo: -It would be like this!

Masamichi sweatdrops.

Masa: that so?

Tomo: You're just not acting like yourself!

Tomoya slaps him on the shoulder. Masamichi looks down at him seriously.

Masa: I'm different than how I used to be.

Pg 91

They stand frozen for a moment, and then Masamichi bursts into a big smile, which breaks the spell.

Masa: More importantly, can I spend the night at your place?

Tomoya still looks slightly unsure.

Tomo: I suppose...

Masa turns away with a grin and a clenched fist of victory.

Masa: All right! It's been forever since I got close to him.

[Note: he uses betabeta -- "sticky; clinging; all over" as a verb.]

Tomoya watches Masamichi talk to Chiaki with his usual energy, but he continues to look worried.

Tomo: Masamichi...?

Masa: I'm spending the night!

Chiaki sweatdrops with an exasperated look.

Chiaki: Fine, but don't have too much fun.

Masa: Shut up, you!

Pg 92

It's dinnertime.

Chiaki: Tomoya, Masamichi said he's spending the night in your room. Is that ok?

Tomoya looks somewhere between startlement and shock.

Tomoya's Mom: Oh my! Then I'll bring the futon to Tomoya's room.

Masamichi waves her offer away.

Masa: Ah, don't trouble yourself. I'll take care of it.

Tomo: What? You're not staying in Chiaki's room?

Masa: I said your place, didn't I?

He grins so hard his eyes close.

Tomo: Fine, but it's like a storage room right now.

Masa: That's fine! We'll tidy it up.

Chi: Not me--

Pg 93

?: What? Why did you say that, Chiaki!?

Chi: Because I'm a guy with the best of common sense.

Masamichi and Tomoya look at him blankly. He waves his chopsticks in the air to illustrate his point.

Chi: I don't want to hear my brother's gasping voice in the middle of the night.

Tomoya clasps a hand to his mouth in shock, his face red. He launches himself up.

Tomo: Wh-what are you-!?

Chiaki's face is bland.

Chi: Isn't that sort of thing likely? With the two of you?

Tomoya's blush increases, and his heart thuds. He twiddles with his chopsticks.

[Note: I assume at this point that their mother has left the room.]

Tomo: What are you saying? From my point of view, Masamichi is still a child!

Pg 94

He turns to Masamichi beseechingly.

Tomo: It'll be just like it's always been. Right?

Masamichi glances at him without a smile.

Masa: Tomoya.

He focuses on his food calmly.

Masa: I can have sex now.

Tomoya goes into temporary shock.

Tomo: Now? To say such a thing. Have so many years passed?

Masamichi is ignoring him, and continuing to eat his food calmly.

Tomo: Have his mind and his body attained a balance at last?

Pg 95

He remembers the Christmas that Masamichi visited him and they slept side by side so innocently.

Tomo: This won't be like that winter. So, he's already...

His brain finally processes the thought. His expression is priceless.

Tomo: Masamichi and I!?

Mother: Tomoya?

He turns around like he's been caught doing something naughty.

Tomo: Uh! Ah! Wha-?

Mother: Please eat more. After all, you hardly eat at all when you're alone! You're not going to grow at all at this rate.

Tomoya looks a little frazzled.

Mother: Masamichi is really big, isn't he? He's already completely an adult, ne?

She smiles at Masamichi, and he gives her a smile in return.

Pg 96

She puts a hand to her cheek.

Mother: Already 17, hmm? I remember when he was just a child; I feel like an aunt, having watched you grow up.

Masamichi grins at her.

Masa: I think of you as a kind of mother.

Mother: Oh--- I'm so glad!

Masa: Well, I'll become part of Tomoya's family by marry into it.

His smile definitely has a tint of dark mischief in it. Tomoya bites his chopsticks in shock.

Tomo: Ah, he's still easily manipulating people with his childish ways.

Mother: I won't interrupt you tonight, so take advantage of long-lost Tomoya.

[Note: amaeru -- "play the baby (to); be coquettish; fawn on (a person); presume upon (another's love); take advantage of".]

An arrow points to Tomoya's smiling mother: "Irresponsibility".

Masamichi throws his hand up in the daisy-filled air.

Masa: Yes ma'am!

Pg 97

Later a pajama-ed Tomoya opens the door to his room. He stops dead when he sees Masamichi sprawled on his stomach reading a book.

Tomo: Why are you sleeping on my bed?

Masa: Because your luggage is everywhere, and it's difficult to move. It's all right; you're small. We can sleep together.

Tomoya keeps his temper in check, but his eyebrow is definitely twitching.

Tomo: Sleep!?

Pg 98

Tomo: Th-that's an unsatisfactory, excessive response...

Tomoya coughs into his hand pointedly.

Tomo: You said you would clean things up yourself. Hey! Get up and go down stairs to fetch a futon. I have to get up early tomorrow.

Masamichi buries his face in the pillow.

Masa: Don't wanna!

Tomo: Don't say that, Masamichi!

Masa: Motheeeer! Tomoya is teasing me---!

Tomoya clenches his fist.

Tomo: You're not a child anymore! It's useless to say that sort of thing with that huge body of yours! If you don't move, I'll hit you!

Masamichi still has his face pressed into the pillow.

Masa: Didn't you say just a little while ago that I was a child?

Pg 99

That stops Tomoya momentarily.

Tomo: Uh.

Masamichi glares out at him.

Masa: You treat me like a child only when it's convenient.

He reaches out and grabs Tomoya's wrist.

Pg 100

Masa: Don't treat me like a child.

Tomoya looks stubborn.

Masa: Come here, Tomoya.

He yanks Tomoya forward, so that he falls on his stomach on the bed.

Tomo: Ah!

Pg 101

Masa: I want to.

He begins pushing Tomoya's shirt up.

Tomo: Wah!

Tomoya jerks himself out of reach and pulls his shirt back down.

Tomo: C-cut it out, idiot! Chiaki and my mother are home!

Pg 102

Masa: Is that all?

Tomo: What do you mean?

Masa: Aren't you saying no because I'm younger than you?

Tomoya looks startled, as if he had forgotten.

Masamichi looks melancholy.

Masa: You treat me like some bratty kid. The truth is that you're in love with an older man.

Pg 103

Tomoya looks angry.

Tomo: Whaaat!?

Masa: You thrust me away so that you could go see Takamura.

Tomo: That was...! I hadn't seen him in a long time! I apologized already!

Masa: In any case, don't you think that you're just prolonging my childhood? I love you exactly as an adult would. I want to love you like a man. How long will you treat me like some brat? You understand nothing about me!

Pg 104

Tomo: Idiot!

Tomoya slaps Masamichi hard across the face.

Tomo: You don't even know whom you're competing with! The one who understands nothing is you! I'm the one hurrying to become an adult!

Masamichi is cradling his slapped face.

Masa: What...?

Tomo: You, the child with the perfect body, obliviously coming along and hugging me!

He grabs a handful of the front of Masamichi's shirt.

Pg 105

Tomo: Nearly strangling me! How was I supposed to feel!? Did you ever think of that!?

Masa: T...tomoya...

Tomoya's anger begins to drain away, leaving him near tears.

Tomo: I certainly treat you like a child, but... Such an innocent fool that you're cute. Of course I fell in love with you.

Masa: Tomoya...

Tomo: However, I've been waiting!

Pg 106

Tomo: For you to grow up...

He leans against Masamichi.

Masa: T... TRULY!?

He squashes Tomoya in a bear hug, and his earlier seriousness is completely gone.

Tomo: Guah!

Masa: I'm so glad! Tomoya also think he wants to do it with me.

Tomo: "Do it"...!?

Pg 107

Masa: Because this is desire, is it not? At last we have both come to desire each other.

He lies down on top of Tomoya and kisses him.

Masa: From now on we can only become closer.

[Note: Things become slightly racy from now until the last few pages of this chapter. Read at your own risk. How do I get involved in these things...?]

Pg 108

Heavy kiss.

Masa: Naa...

Tomo: N?

Masa grabs hold of Tomoya's hand and moves it south.

Masa: This has gotten bigger too, hm?

Tomoya blushes like mad.

Tomo: !!

Pg 109

Tomo: What is he making me do!?

Masa: How about you, Tomoya?

Tomo: Ah! Idiot! Don't touch me!

Masa: Don't worry.

Masa gets a nice grope in.

Pg 110

Masa smiles down at him.

Masa: It seems like we're prepared. *heart*

Tomo: Except that I'm a guy

Tomoya has his exasperated face on again, but it's quickly replaced by red-faced uncertainty.

Tomo: Who'll do it?

Masamichi is beaming at full power.

Masa: I'll do you!

Shocked blush.

Masa kisses him again.

Tomo: ~~~...

Masa: Just one more push...

Pg 111

Tomo: After all, you're the one who's always wanted to do it, hm?

Masa: I can take advantage of you. I love you.

[Note: Masamichi is using a form of amaeru, just as Tomoya's mother instructed.]

Tomo: You bastard-----

He grabs a laughing Masa around his neck and pulls him down on top once more.

Tomo: Then take advantage of me!

Pg 112

The clothes come off.

Masa: Let me see more. So lovely.

He leans down.

Tomo: Ah! Uwah! He's doing that?

He tilts Masamichi's face up.

Tomo: Masamichi. You don't have to do that.

Pg 113

Masa: I want to.

He dives back out of sight. Tomoya looks skeptical.

Tomo: R-really?

Buy the manga; you're not getting a play-by-play description of this section.

Tomo: No... What should I do? I've never experienced such a strong feeling before...

Pg 114

Tomo: I don't have immunity to this sort of thing!

Masa: Tomoya, I think this may hurt a little.

The finger goes in.

Tomoya: Ow! But I have to endure. Since this is the first time, I'm not sure how this is supposed to go.

Masamichi looks adorably confused.

Masa: I guess it goes in here.

Pg 115

This is a revelation to Tomoya.

Tomo: Eh? That's right. It's my first time. He's been following me closely ever since grade school. So Masamichi is even more... Even more!!

[Note: 'Innocent' is what he's trying to get at, I believe.]

He turns an interesting shade, looking horrified.

Tomo: Hold it!!

He shoves Masamichi off of the bed.

Pg 116

Tomoya smiles. Sound FX *smile*.

Tomo: Masamichi.

Masamichi has a disgruntled look on his face, and an SD band-aid on his forehead.

Masa: What is it now...?

Tomo: Here, give me your finger.

Masa: ?

Tomo: We need to understand our bodies, our hearts, and our thoughts.

Masa: Ehhhhhh------!?

They pinky-promise.

Both: It's a promise. *heart*

Narrator: It was nine months before they met again.

The High School Years/END

Chapter 4