Seifuku no Koibito
By Ami Kitasato

by Caithi'on

Chapter 4: The Teacher-Training Years

Notes on the translation: (1) Translating is not always an exact science, and this translation is not always word-for-word.

Pg 117

Tomoya is observing Takamura-sensei teaching his class.

Tomo: The flow of the lesson is smooth; his strong and penetrating voice vibrates in every corner of the room. And he also uses easy to understand words so that the concepts can be internalized.

Tomoya blushes slightly.

Tomo: *sigh* As expected.

The word next to him is 'spellbound'. Suddenly he notices that the students have turned around in their seats and are staring at him.

Student: Look out! Nakazawa-chan is spellbound.

Student #2: Even after looking for three years in high school he can't get enough of Takamura's face.

Now Tomoya is really blushing!

Pg 118

Tomo: Th... that's not-!

The boys are laughing. All except one, who is glowering.

Tomo: Masamichi!

Tomoya sweatdrops.

Tomo: I just started my teacher-training at my old alma mater (which is now Masamichi's high school) four days ago.

Pg 119

Later, in the hall.

Takamura: How was it, Nakazawa?

Tomoya's head is drooping over his armful of books.

Tomo: I was only watching and I was already stressed.

Takamura: Well, you've only been watching because you just started. But in two weeks you'll be standing behind the rostrum too. A practice lesson!!

Tomoya looks a little green around the gills at the idea.

Tomo: Sensei... you saw what happened today. I was picked-on by the students. I'm definitely going to fail...

Takamura sweatdrops, then sobers up to pat the now teary-eyed Tomoya on the back.

Taka: It's like that for everyone in the beginning. Hold out for three weeks and you'll get the hang of things.

Pg 120

Taka: I'll be there to help, right?

Tomo: Sensei...

Naka: Right, then let's get to the next class.

Tomo: He's still the same helpful man he was when I was a student.

He breathes a sigh of relief. A moment later he's caught in a stranglehold.

Voice: Oi!

It's Masamichi.

Masa: You're in a very good mood.

Tomo: Gu! Masamichi!

Pg 121

Masa: You told me not to get all clingy at school. Mou-- You're so harsh!

FX: Cling. Cling.

Suddenly the sound of approaching students can be heard.

Student: Man, I've got phys. ed. next.

Tomo: Ha! H-hold it! Come this way!

He grabs Masamichi by the wrist and drags him off.

Sign on door: Training Teacher Lounge.

Tomoya has his arms crossed and an annoyed expression on his face.

Tomo: Now listen-- I don't come here to goof off.

Masamichi is leaning back against the desk.

Masamichi: I know that. That's why I've been patient, even though you've been flirting with Takamura right in front of me......

Tomoya flushes with anger, and his fists are clenched.

Tomo: I'm not flirting!!

Pg 122

Masa: I want to hold you more.

He has the darkly intent look on his face once more.

Masa: Is it wrong if I touch you? If I get this close to you?

He buries his face in the crook of Tomoya's neck.

Masa: Tomoya...

Tomoya looks slightly startled, as he always does when Masamichi turns serious.

Tomo: Masamichi...

Pg 123

Although it never lasts... As Masamichi proves when his light hug turns into a chest-crushing bear hug.

Masa: Never let go. I don't want to let go!

Masamichi gives him a big smooch. Tomoya looks less than pleased.

Tomo: Bastard~~ Didn't you understand a thing I said?

Tomoya swings at Masamichi, but misses as Masamichi leans back. Then he glomps back on once more.

Masa: Never, ever let go!

Tomo: C-cut it out~~~

Pg 124

Between one second and the next, Masamichi is back in adult mode.

Masa: Did you forget our promise?

Tomo: Huh?

Masa gives him a cute smile and sticks his finger in the air.

Masa: To con-tin-ue that time.

Images of the time they almost had sex flash through Tomoya's mind.

Masa: You said to give it nine months, didn't you? And I've been studying like I should.

Tomo: Uwah! No!

Pg 125

Tomo: Other students come in here!

Masamichi gets an evil SD look.

Masa: Students...

He raises his fist in the air.

Masa: I see!! This is their fault to begin with! This is why I can't go to your house! Those bastards are making nuisances of themselves at your home...

He hugs Tomoya tightly.

Tomo: M-Masamichi, you're hurting me.

Meanwhile, someone has opened the door and is watching Tomoya's struggles to get away.

Sedaka: And what does that make me? Sorry. Tomoya's house is closer to school, which makes it more convenient.

[Note: Sedaka is temporarily living at Tomoya's house.]

Pg 126

Tomoya's head whips around.

Tomo: Se... Sedaka!

He shoves Masamichi back, and the young man falls onto the desk.

Tomo: Look, this...

Masamichi smacks his head on the desk, and then continues to fall, right over the edge.

Sedaka: Ah!

Alerted by the panicked look on Sedaka's face, Tomoya looks back.

Tomo: Eh?

Pg 127

He turns white as he sees Masamichi has landed directly on his head.

Masa: Uhh...

Tomo: M...Masamichi...!

Pg 128

Masamichi opens his eyes to see Tomoya and Sedaka peering down at him worriedly.

Tomo: Masamichi... Masamichi, geez you worried me! Are you all right? Did you get a bump?

Masamichi is rubbing his head and looking up at them blankly.

Masa: Uhh... Oww...

Sedaka: Maybe it would be better if we took him to the hospital?

Tomo: Masamichi, can you sit up?

Pg 129

Masa: .....?

Tomo: Oh no. Can he not hear us? Ooooiiii.

Sedaka: Oi, this isn't good.

Masa: I can hear you...

Tomo: Well, geez----. Here, sit up, Masamichi.

Masamichi does, though he's clearly still in pain.

Masa: I'm sorry, but... Am I 'Masamichi'?

Pg 130

Tomoya and Sedaka freeze, identical expressions of shock on their faces.

Tomo: At first I thought it was a joke. Somehow, Masamichi had developed amnesia.

At the hospital. A doctor is looking at x-rays.

Doctor: He received a shock to his system. I believe that it is a temporary amnesia condition. Performing basic, societal activities won't be a problem, so it will affect only his memory regarding himself and the people around him.

Pg 131

Masamichi's parents are listening to the doctor, and both look horrified. Tomoya stands slightly behind them, and his expression is stunned disbelief.

Doctor: It could return suddenly on any day, or he could remain like this for the rest of his life-- If it is at all possible, the lingering pieces of his memory will pull themselves back into order. I believe that some stimulus will bring him to recovery. However, there is no way to ensure this...

Tomo: A Masamichi... A Masamichi that has forgotten who I am? It's not possible!! It's not...

Later, Chiaki visits, and he brings photographs.

Chiaki: Hey, look at this!

Pg 132

The first photo shows a grinning, peace-sign waving Masamichi, and a sweat-dropping Chiaki with his back to the camera from around the time that the manga started.

Chiaki: You and I have been together since grade school. Best friends, so to speak.

Masa: Wo~w. We're together in almost every picture.

Chiaki winces.

Chiaki: Kusare-en, I suppose.

[Note: Kusare-en is an undesirable but inseparable relationship.]

Sedaka and Tomoya come in.

Sedaka: Yo! You kids are being awfully quiet.

Masamichi catches sight of Tomoya and remembers him from the photos.

Masa: This guy...

Tomoya holds up a large envelope.

Tomo: Look. I brought you a present.

Pg 133

Masamichi continues to try to remember him. Chiaki leans forward eagerly.

Chiaki: What is it? It's not food.

Tomoya pulls a bunch of papers out.

Tomo: Ta-da! Today's homework!

Masa: Wha~~~t! I have a head injury and you bring me homework~~~!?

Tomo: But Masamichi, it's only so you can keep up. I'll help you.

Tomoya gives him the sweetest smile.

Pg 134

Masa: Who are you?

Tomo: Eh?

Masa: Why are there so many pictures of you in my album?

Tomoya freezes like a deer in the headlights.

Tomo: Ah... Well... That's.......

Voice: Sorry we're late.....

Masamichi's mother and Takamura-sensei have arrived.

Mother: Takamura-sensei has come as well.

Takamura: Feeling better?

Pg 135

Masa: I feel too good. I'm just sitting around all day.

His mother laughs.

Mother: Tomorrow you can get discharged. As long as the tests don't show any abnormalities.

She notices the album.

Mother: Oh my. How nostalgic--. Tomoya hasn't changed at all.

Tomoya twitches and Sedaka works to hold back his laughter.

Sedaka: True.

Mother: Masamichi, you were so affectionate with Tomoya-kun... It was like he was your real older brother...

Masamichi looks at Tomoya.

Masa: Brother...?

Tomo: I won't tell him. Not when Takamura-sensei, Masamichi's mother, and Sedaka are all here. Th... That's right...

Pg 136

Tomo: And if I told this Masamichi who has forgotten that he was in love with a man 5 years his senior, what would he think?

Suddenly, Masamichi bursts out laughing.

Masa: You were affectionate with me!?

He laughs so hard that he tears up.

Masa: Man oh man. It seems like it should be the other way around. Are you really older? You don't look anything like a high school teacher.

Tomo: Uh... Even without his memories he says the same thing.

Tomoya pouts. Or maybe it's a scowl? Hard to tell.

Sedaka: But you were really sweet on Tomoya. You'd never leave his side.

Tomo: Sedaka!

Pg 137

Sedaka: Just like the younger one you were always calling "Tomoya! Tomoya!" as if you were lovers, and...

Tomo: Sedaka...!

Sedaka: Eh?

Tomoya: Leave it be...

He looks sad, and Sedaka notices.

Sedaka: ?

Masamichi laughs self-consciously.

Masa: Ha ha. I went that far?

He looks slightly puzzled.

Masa: Hmm.

Pg 138

Tomo: He's really a stranger... I can't tell him the truth.

At school.

Masamichi yawns, bored to tears. Tomoya watches him covertly.

Tomo: Masamichi returned to school, but...

Pg 139

Tomo: There is no sign of the return of his memory. To make matters worse, he only perceives me as "Chiaki's older brother". But of course, since I didn't tell him our true relationship.

He flashes back to the hospital scene.

Masa: Who are you?

Tomo: "Who are you...?"

Takamura: Nakazawa, are you listening?

Tomoya is startled out of his thoughts, only to see that the entire class is laughing at him once more.

Student: He's staring again?

Student #2: Does he think that Takamura is that great of a guy--?

Takamura: Oi, oi.

Pg 140

Tomo: Not good! I... I'm sorr... I have to focus on the traini...

He catches sight of Masamichi snickering along with the rest.

Tomo: Not him too....

Takamura: Hey, we're in the middle of a lesson! Next, Kawaguchi read number 3.

Masamichi stands up.

Masa: Yes sir. Let's see. This is... I don't remember this math lesson because of my amnesia------

The whispered conversations continue, distracting him. He whirls around, slamming his hands on the table and glaring.

Masa: Shut up! You're still the same, Konno!

Pg 141

There is a moment of stupefied silence as everyone stares at Masamichi.

Masa: Ah. Wha? You... are Konno, right?

The other boy looks frightened.

Konno: Yeah.

Student: Ma... Masamichi, what about me?

Masa: Ariu.

Student #2: I leant you 500 yen.

Masa: I already paid you back, Takatsu!

Student #3: And me?

Masa: Aren't you Minato?!

Takamura: You've regained your memories, Kawaguchi!?

Masa: .....

Taka: You've managed to pin everyone down.

Masamichi looks surprised.

Masa: Right. So that's what it is...

Pg 142

His friends gather around, rough-housing.

Friend: What? You've got everyone---

Tomo: Dis... Disappointing. It was someone else who jogged his memory.

Despite his worry, Tomoya is smiling slightly as he comes face-to-face with Masamichi.

Tomo: You really had me worri...

Masa: I'm sorry...

Pg 143

Masa: I don't remember you.

He looks a little bewildered.

Masa: Eh... Why!? I can't remember at all. That's odd... since I can remember everyone else...

Tomoya is in shock.

Tomo: It... It's a lie.

Pg 144

Masa: 'Chiaki's older brother...' Somehow that doesn't feel right...

Chiaki notices Tomoya's distress.

Chiaki: Aniki...

Tomo: Why only me!?

Masa: Uh, I'm... sorry...

Tomo: It's not your fault. The truth that isn't said is that it's my fault.

Pg 145

Back in the teacher's lounge, where Tomoya is writing something half-heartedly.

Takamura: Nakazawa, have you made any progress on that lesson plan?

Tomoya is startled.

Tomo: Ah... Yes sir. I'm working on it now...

Takamura looks concerned and annoyed.

Taka: Please forget about Kawaguchi for a while.

Pg 146

Taka: I understand that it was a shock since you regard him as a younger brother, but your schoolwork has been left behind all week. You can't let things continue as they have till now. Please concentrate on your schoolwork.

Tomo: ...Yes sir... I understand that this is an important time for me. However, Masamichi is also important. I just can't think about anything else in the world.

Pg 147

Tomo: One week later I returned to college.

Tomoya is sitting at his desk with his head in his hands as he pictures Masamichi with his high school friends.

Tomo: Somehow I left behind the Masamichi who has forgotten me. Even if we were separated, we were always thinking of each other, and so the two of us were never really apart. Only I know to remember, and so I'm holding on to the dream alone. But with this feeling... I can't concentrate on work; I can't do anything. It's become hopeless---

Pg 148

Sedaka comes up behind him and claps a hand on his shoulder.

Seda: It doesn't look like you've made much progress.

Tomoya looks up, and he looks on the brink of tears.

Seda: What an awful face.

Tomo: Sedaka...

Seda: Show me what it is. I'll help.

Tomo: Ah...... You're done already?

Seda: Of course!

Pg 149

Tomoya smiles weakly.

Tomo: Considering your 'it can't be helped' attitude, that's relatively well done.

Sedaka blushes slightly.

Seda: I suppose. When I come to work, I'm completely different. I feel that becoming a teacher is my appointed task. If I'm unreliable I won't be able to spend this important time with the students. No one can turn back time.

Tomo: That... That's true... However, I--

Tomoya starts to cry.

Tomo: Am ashamed.

Pg 150

Sedaka becomes concerned.

Seda: Tomoya... Why won't you tell him the truth? That you're his lover? The brat's memory isn't returning, so you might as well try anything.

Tomo: Se...Sedaka?!

Seda: It might be a secret, but I've always seen you two. Furthermore, I've seen the way your expression changes when you're with him.

Pg 151

Sedaka: If you tell everything to the guy, I figure his memory will return.

Tomo: I... I can't tell him...

Sedaka slams his hand down on the desk.

Seda: Why not?!

Tomo: He wouldn't believe it!

Tomoya slams out of his chair as he continues to shout.

Tomo: To say: 'You (as a grade-schooler) confessed your love to me (a high schooler), and we've been seeing each other... You're the lover of an older man!' Who would believe such a ridiculous story?! If he didn't believe me... I...

Pg 152

Seda: But aren't you in pain?! Isn't it the truth?! Are you happy with how things have been?! If you wait for all of his memories to return, they could completely disappear.

Sedaka grabs his shoulder.

Seda: Hey...! It will be too late for the brat and for your dream of becoming a teacher!

Tomoya's face is contorted in agony.

Pg 153

Sedaka: Tomoya... You need more self-confidence. You've both believed so far.

Tomoya looks up at him, lost.

Seda: It will be all right...

Sedaka goes uber-joyful, more like his usual personality, and slaps him on the back.

Seda: It'll be fine!! He's been persistently shadowing you for ages, right? His DNA definitely won't let him forget you!

Pg 154

Although still teary-eyed, Tomoya's face lightens.

Tomo: Yeah...

Grinning, Sedaka starts to tease him gently.

Seda: You're still a crybaby. What a disgrace in a guy who's practically a teacher.

Tomoya glares at him as he wipes away his tears.

Tomo: Sh-shut up!

He grabs Sedaka's shirtfront, and mocks blowing his nose in it.

Seda: Don't use that as a handkerchief!! Ugh! Don't come closer! Don't blow your nose!

Tomoya keeps his grip, leaning against his friend for support.

Tomo: Thank you, Sedaka. I won't say it aloud because I'm embarrassed.

Pg 155

Our angle changes to the hallway outside, and we hear Sedaka.

Seda: Ah~~ geez, do as you like! Clinging time for Tomoya!!

Masamichi looks in the partially opened door, and the sound affects for nausea scroll by. He grabs at his chest.

Masa: What is this nausea?! When I saw him...

He saw Tomoya in Sedaka's arms.

Masa: ....Th-th-th-that!

Pg 156

Masa: By why am I so concerned?

More FX swirl by.

Masa: WHY?! What is he to me!? He's a big brother to me, then why does he seem more intimate? That's right. Sometimes I see him searching me out with those pained eyes. They... don't let me go, and my chest hurts. Why...?

Pg 157

Masa: Why do I feel that I've forgotten something important?

That night. Masamichi enters Tomoya's house.

Masa: The house is familiar... Excuse me!

Silence greets him.

Masa: Huh?

Tomoya comes to the door.

Tomo: I've been waiting for you, Masamichi.

Masa: He's here. It's very quiet here.

Tomo: Yes. Sedaka owed me, so he took them out drinking.

Pg 158

Masa: You had something to say to me?

Tomo: My room's on the second floor. We'll talk there.

He starts up the steps.

Tomo: Are you coming?

Masa: Why this man? Why can I not remember only him?

Masamichi follows.

Pg 159

Masa: I want to know him.

Tomoya has stopped outside of his door. He knocks on it.

Tomo: This is my room. You always came flying in without knocking.

He smiles sadly.

Tomo: You don't remember, do you...?

In an interesting twist, Tomoya is calm, and Masamichi appears flustered.

Tomo: I became very attached to you.

Pg 160

Tomoya opens the door before smiling back at him.

Tomo: You were adorable.

Masamichi's eyes widen, and his heart thumps.

Masa: This chest-pain... what does it mean?

He reaches out his hand.

Pg 161

Masa: I want to know.

And he grabs Tomoya's wrist.

Masa: Who are you to me?!

Tomo looks back.

Masa: Who am I... to you...?

Pg 162

Masa: When I look at you, like this... I want to cry out... I've forgotten something important, haven't I!? Tell me!

Tomoya looks frightened.

Tomo: I called you here intending to tell you that. This is the entire truth, so I want you to believe me.

Pg 163

Masa: I'll believe. I'll believe it! If it's something you say...

Masamichi tightens his grip on Tomoya's hand.

Masa: ...I'll believe it.

Pg 164

Tomoya closes his eyes for a moment.

Tomo: Even if after I've told him everything, Masamichi's memory still hasn't returned... Even if he rejects me... 'We were lovers' is the truth!!

Tomoya is shaking, and his voice is quiet when he finally speaks.

Tomo: You... You and I... were lovers.

Pg 165

Masamichi stares at him.

Tomo: I love you!

Masa: Ah... W-we were... lovers...!?

Pg 166

Tomo nods once.

Masa: ....... It can't be... Even though we're men...?

Tomo: As to that, you told me you loved me!! You were always with me! Always!!

Pg 167

Tomoya grabs Masamichi by the front of his half-opened shirt.

Tomo: You forgot my face!? But not the others!? You promised! We would return in 9 months and...

His anger slips away.

Tomo: And....

Masamichi's expression is arrested.

Masa: Promised...

Tomo: I promised... What...?

Pg 168

Tomoya looks up with tears in his eyes, and Masamichi is startled.

Tomo: The promise to protect me. So remember me.

Tomoya kisses him.

Pg 169

Somehow this apparently led to guilt-sex on Masamichi's part, because on the next page, they're both naked.

Tomo: My bluntness about our affection embarrassed Masamichi, and for a moment he resisted.

Masa: Nakazawa-sa...

Tomoya puts a finger over Masamichi's mouth to stop him. [Note: He was using the equivalent of 'Mr. Nakamura'.]

Tomo: However, he slipped. And there's something money can't buy. I want him calling me his.

Masa: Tomoya.

Pg 170

Tomo: That's all--

Various sex noises.

Masa: Are you all right? This can't be your first time!?

Tomo: We experimented once.

Masa: Eh! Really!?

Tomo: We retired after only a finger, because I was frightened.

He holds Masamichi tightly.

Tomo: But...!

Pg 171

Tomo: I'm more frightened this time of being separated from you.....! I don't want you to be able to forget this time... Compared to that...

Things are getting frenetic. Tomoya throws his head back.

Tomo: Ahhh! No! ...this pain... I...! Y...ou! ...held no fear---

Masa: Tomoya...!

The climax.

Pg 172

Tomo: Tell me you love me once more.

They're cuddling in bed now.

Masa: I don't remember you Tomoya, but I have a hunch that I understand the thing that made me say I love you. When we're like this, I'm calm.

[Note: Fan girl squeal here because of the look Tomoya has at this comment. A sort of drowsy, faintly embarrassed, soft surprise.]


Masamichi gathers him close.

Masa: We've been together like this for a long time.

Tomo: Yes...

Masamichi becomes sadly serious.

Masa: I... love you, Tomoya.

Wide-eyed shock on Tomoya's part.

Masa: I've fallen in love with you once again.

Masamichi gives him a big smile.

Masa: Be my lover once again.


Tomoya begins to cry silently.

Tomo: Masamichi... It's all right if your memories don't return, as long as you love me again.

He pictures Masamichi as he was when they first met, hanging off of his neck.

Tomo: Your smiling face isn't the one I knew when you were a child. When you told me that you loved me for the first time-- It's that Masamichi lingering here that I love.


Tomo: I've regained him once more.

He hugs Masamichi.

Tomo: Masamichi. *heart*

They lean forward to kiss, and then an alarm starts ringing loudly.


Tomoya leans over to slap it off.

Tomo: Oh no! If it goes off too loud...! Ah.

He makes a sheepish face.

Tomo: That's right, no one is home tonight. I'm a night owl, so I was going to get up at midnight to do the lesson plan.

He looks back over his shoulder, and only sees Masamichi's feet sticking up from the floor.

Tomo: Huh?


Masamichi has fallen victim to Tomoya's pushing once again. He's on his back on the floor, with swirls for eyes.

Tomo: Masamichi!!

Later, at school.

A voice yelling draws the attention of several students.

Voice: It's a lie!! You're lying!!

Tomoya is desperately trying to shush a storming Masamichi.

Tomo: Not so loud!

Masa: You're deceiving me! We didn't have sex!

Tomoya blushes furiously.

Tomo: I'm not lying!! As a matter of fact, last night...


Masa: You saying my memory is suspect?

Sedaka comes in waving.

Seda: Nice to see you! I hear your amnesia is gone?

Masa: Sedaka!

Sedaka starts clapping.

Seda: Congratulations--

Masa: You've been staying at Tomoya's house! Yesterday afternoon you were talking to him in a love voice!

Seda: No~~ Unfortunately, yesterday everyone was out all night. We didn't get back until this morning.

He turns to Tomoya.

Seda: Well? Well? I thought all of his memories were back. He doesn't remember last night?

Tomoya pulls a face.

Tomo: No.

Seda: And you did it last night. He's been shouting that you haven't done it since early this morning. Ha ha ha ha ha. That's funny, isn't it?


Seda: If he's forgotten, are you going to make him remember again?

Sedaka is still laughing.

Tomo: Wha!

Masa: Nice!! Sedaka, you're a great guy!!

Seda: Well, yeah.

Masamichi pulls a big, false smile.

Masa: I may have dropped a thumb tack in the futon you were using, so be careful.

Sedaka sweat-drops.

Seda: You...

Takamura shows up.

Taka: What are you doing!? The bell has already rung!

All: Takamura-sensei!!

Taka: From now on you're a practicing student-teacher. The evil kids are oiling their bows and waiting.

[Note: 'Oiling their bows and waiting,' from the Japanese saying 'tegusune hiite matteru' (Meaning, apply your kusune resin to your bow to make it stronger and wait for your enemies to appear).]


Tomo: Urk... That's right. They'll be making fun of me.

Masamichi pats him on the head.

Masa: It's all right. I'll protect you.

Tomo: You mean you'll be a royal pain.

Masamichi frowns at him.

Masa: That's not true!! I'm going to support your dream!

Tomoya smiles.


Tomo: That's true.

He grins.

Tomo: Although in the beginning you were a high-spirited and over-bearing kid...

Masamichi hugs him around the shoulders in a move similar to his hanging-off-the-neck days. Tomoya blushes.

Masa: So cute! *heart*

Tomo: ...gazing at you now I see that you've become an adult. Now you are my important lover.


Tomoya smiles again.

Tomo: I love you. I love you!

Masa: Ahh, I'm looking forward to tonight!

Tomoya scowls at him.

Tomo: Idiot!!

Tomo: And so it goes.

The Teacher-Training Years/END

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