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|| Bisexual ||

1 volume
Shoujo, BL, Coming of Age Drama, Humor
Publisher: KC Dessert
ISBN: 4063652335
Mangaka: MASAKI Souko

The main character is Shichiri, who has an identical twin named Nanai. He does kendo, and in his first match as a little squirt he played and lost to a boy named Kitsuma.

Now, several years later Shichiri and his brother start middle school. Kitsuma is a third year student and openly bisexual. He teases poor confused Shichiri to death. Shichiri is in love with Kitsuma's ex-girlfriend, and torn between the two of them. But slowly he comes to enjoy his stolen time with Kitsuma more and more.

And then their fathers find out and they stage a daring runaway. But was it really necessary?

What I Thought:
I bought this comic over a year ago. See, first I pulled it off the shelf to laugh at because of the title, which glares out at you in big, red block letters from the spine. Then I saw the back cover (the girl with the banana in her mouth leaning towards our confused hero) and knew I had to buy it.

The characters spend as much time in a funny super-deformed mode as they do looking normal, which may throw some people. But I just loved this story, which struck me as conveying the absolute confusion of kids hitting puberty very well. It doesn't hurt that I loved Kitsuma to pieces. And Shichiri's father.

I did have some trouble telling Kitsuma from Shichiri at times, when I couldn't see Kituma's mole. Strangely, I could tell the twins apart just fine.