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|| Charisma Characters ||

Archer Rogue
Archer is surprisingly sane, considering who he was raised by (Ed). It is probably due to Deano's influence that he turned out as well as he did. Deano helped him get a job at the coffee export warehouse, even though he was technically underage. He works part-time jobs to take care of his half-brother and father. In his spare time he looks after Murphy and helps Deano's posse. Word on the street gives him the name "El Gato" (The Cat).
Kentarou / Kouki
A rookie police officer, Ken is working undercover at the coffee warehouse. His job is to check for links to a drug cartel, and also keep an eye out for the street legend "El Gato". He tries to enlist Archer's aid once Archer sees through his cover, but meets with resistance.
Archer's Family
Ed Rogue
A charming man, until you look beneath the surface. He is bi-polar due to abuse from his father, and clings to control through beating his own son Archer. At times he becomes a sobbing, child-like mess which Archer must then take care of. The fact that he truly loves his sons is perhaps the most tragic part of this whole series.
Murphy Pays
Ed's first child who lived with his mother for 16 years, before she abandoned him. The boy was taken away from his stepfather because of abuse. Ironically, he was then placed in Ed's care. Murphy is mentally retarded and autistic. He seems to be a magnet for kidnappings, for Archer is always rescuing him from someone or other.
Police Detective Force
Officer in the police force. His division is in charge of tracking down the top men in the drug cartel. Ken answers to him. He has his suspicions and a grinding dislike of Jigger, but can't find any proof.
An officer in the force. He tends to shadow Quincy, and has made himself his right-hand man. Quincy says he's a nuisance.
Police Chief Pegman
The man in charge. He is serious about tracing the drug cartel from its source to its distributors in the USA.
An ex-police medic. How he originally got involved I'm not certain, but he is a friend of Ed's. He realizes that Ed is mentally ill, and tries to save him from himself without officially turning him in by keeping him a prisoner at his apartment. He also bails Archer out of trouble on occasion. He may be in love with Ed....
Deano's People

Top: D.J., B.D., Louka, Big Fist, Tod, Beans. Bottom: Lott, Deano.
The man in charge of the South Bronx posse. He takes care of his own, and the people around him. He ran into a young Archer picking a fight with his boys one day, and took Archer under his wing as well. He takes his responsibilities for his people very seriously.
Deano's wife. She calls Archer "Gatito" (kitten), and takes care of Murphy for him when he has to go out.
One of the members of the group. It was a wounded, and near-death B.D. who carried word of D.J.'s kidnapping, which triggered the final gang war in volume 3.
Cartel People
Emilio Jigger
A powerful businessman. He owns several casinos, and is in charge of the coffee warehouse where Archer works. Needing enterprising young men, he enrolls Archer and Ken to the other side of his business. In other words, he has them make a drug run.
Ice's Father
A rich businessman, who secretly runs the cartel with the help of his sons and trusted men.
One of Ice's father's men. Actually, he works for Jigger, waiting for the right moment to remove Ice's father. Called Jigger's faithful dog.
The spoiled youngest son. He knows what his father and brothers do, but is not old enough to be allowed to help. He dislikes this. One day he rescued Murphy from some of his playboy "friends". Since then he has been drawn to the young man, and they are becoming good friends. He sees Archer around Jigger, but does not know that Archer is Murphy's brother.
Ice's Mother
Closest to Ice of all her family. She does not know what her husband really does, though Ice has threatened to tell her if his father doesn't let him help.
A young man who blames everyone who isn't white for the death of his sister. He begins to try to control the various street gangs, but they resist. They say that "El Gato" speaks for them. He kidnaps Murphy in order to force Archer to the humiliation of kissing his boots. His actions bring out a hidden side of Murphy....
One of the sons of the leader of Al-Asir. Makes an appearance in the "El Gato" story in volume one. Probably a proto-type for the much younger (and more innocent) Ice who makes an appearance in later volumes several years later. Cold, calculating and cruel. He sends letters to Ed written as if from Ed's dead father.