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|| Hikaru no Go Doujinshi ||

Pocketful of Rainbows
Circle: Hatomile
Pairing(s): Hika/Aki
Length: 134 p
Rating: PG
A collection of stories written from 2002 to 2003. As always, Hatomile manages to hit my buttons, both artistically, character-wise, and in terms of themes. They range from four-panel comedies to longer "first realization of love" stories, and a short novellette. My favorite is the final story (Pocketful of Rainbows), which takes place when the boys are in their twenties. Akira is facing increasing pressure (internal and external) to get married. He tells Hikaru not to worry about their relationship, but Hikaru forces him to face the fact that it is Akira who is worried.
[Pocketful of Rainbows]