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|| El Halcon ||

The Hawk
2 volumes (or 1 volume bunko edition), unfinished (not in progress)
Shoujo, period fiction, sea adventure, angst
Publisher: Princess Comics
ISBNs: 4-253-07135-X, 4-253-07136-8
Bunko: 4-253-17556-2
Mangaka: AOIKE Yasuko

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El Halcon is a prequel series to 7 Seas, 7 Skies. Set from 1581 to 1586 with flashbacks further into the past, this is the story of Tyrian Persimmon. Born to a Spanish mother with an English husband in this era of conflict between the two contries, Tyrian favors Spain. His father suspects that Tyrian is not his son because he doesn't look like the man at all, and regularly beats him. His mother's lover is discovered to be a Spanish spy and flees the country. Tyrian is determined to join the navy and eventually rejoin Geraldo.

At the age of 19 he begins to make his ruthless way up the ranks of the English navy.

What I thought: This is a pure pirate adventure cliche, but enjoyable for that very fact. Tyrian is 100% anti-hero. You hate him, you hate almost everything about him, and yet you find yourself rooting for him. I love his relationship with Nicholas, but if you're looking for a clear statement of just what that relationship is, you're going to be searching for a long time.

I love the women in this series. From poor Lady Penelope, who seemed set to be the fiery female who resists and is conquered for the happy ending... until it all went wrong. To strong, fierce Mademoiselle Gilda, who had too much spirit to give up over a little thing like death.

I was really disappointed to find out that Aoike ended the series where she did. But I can see why she just couldn't face writing any more of this dark series.

Translations: None that I know of. I'm adding this to my list. I really want to share the crack with you, my dear friends. Hehhehheh.