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|| Kusatta Kyoushi no Houteishiki ||

Degenerate Teacher's Equation
10 volumes
BL, humor
Publisher: BE x BOY COMICS
Mangaka: KODAKA Kazuma

This is one of those sweet school-boy romances. I definitely recommend the series!

This is the story of a high school freshman (Atsushi) who enters a certain school hoping to find the young man (Masami) who babysat him when he was a child. Unfortunately, what he finds is the "evil" younger brother (Masayomi), who is a teacher in the school. After his initial shock and embarrassed hatred, he decides he likes the younger brother better anyway. He chases after him for all three years of high school. Masayoshi is determined to avoid the younger Atsushi, and any emotional tangle that might entail. Atsushi also is reunited with an old childhood friend, Kouji, who is determined to win his love. I adore poor Kouji.

This ten volume series is a web of tangled relationships. As for the story, it flows along at its own pace, nothing terribly complicated (except for the web of personal relations). What makes this manga is the character development, which is certainly interesting.

What I Thought:
This is the first BL comic that I ever bought, so it has a special place in my heart. Absolutely the cutest, funniest love story ever. Even when you get angst, it isn't horrible, debilitating angst. It's introspective, standing on the beach with an ice-cream cone melting in your hand angst.

The art style has changed dramatically, especially in the last 3 volumes. It began with Atsushi and Kouji looking very round and slightly cutesy. As the characters mature, they loose their baby fat. I'm still adjusting to the shock of Kouji....

Atsushi: Arisawa Atsushi ・High schooler; main character
Kouji: Inagaki Kouji ・High school freshman; super jock; crush on Atsushi
Kyouhei: Hagiwara Kyouhei ・Tooru's younger brother
Masami: Shibata Masami ・High school teacher; dating Tooru
Masayoshi: Shibata Masayoshi ・High school teacher; crush on older brother (Wierd twist on the Oedipus complex...)
Mizuha: Musumeno Mizuha ・Fashion model?; crush on Masayoshi
Tooru: Hagiwara Tooru ・High school teacher; dating Masami
Yuriko: Hayase Yuriko ・High schooler; helping Kouji out w/Atsushi

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