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|| Koi Cha no Osahou ||

The Etiquette of Koi Tea
2 volumes
Publisher: Asuka Comics CL-DX
Mangaka: SAKURAGI Yaya

Note: The author cleverly used katakana for 'koi' in the title, giving it multiple meanings. Koi: (thick, dense, strong), (request), (ancient ways), (intention, purpose), and (love, tender passion).

Poor Tokumaru Madoka, he can't go five minutes without breaking something. When he breaks his sister Nagomi's mirror, she decides he's gone too far. She forces him to join the sadoubu (The Tea Ceremony Club) to help with the Culture Festival. Hasune Kazuma, the club president, isn't so certain he wants the help. Of course, brash Madoka and composed Kazuma get along about as well as can be expected, although they both try very well to communicate despite the different planets they seem to have been born on.

When Madoka rescues some priceless tea bowls from thieves, they finally make their peace. But Madoka manages to drop the rescued bowls, so Kazuma forces him to remain in the club to make up for their loss.

These two are so snarky, it's beautiful, really. And the series is worth buying just for the 4 page omake of Madoka and Kazuma's younger sisters in each volume.

What I Thought:
Fun! The expressions are wonderful. With just the eyes, the mangaka manages to give you a character's entire attitude. Very light-hearted and very sweet. Easy to follow.

If you visit Sakuragi-sensei's page, be sure to talk to Tokumaru. See if you can make him blush!

There's a drama CD for this series.

Scanlation by Hochuuami