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|| Konohana Sakuyahime Characters ||

An 18-year-old rounin from Tokyo. Her parents sent her to her grandfather in the country when she declared that she needed a break from exams. She's a city girl from Tokyo, and can find nothing good about the countryside. She certainly wasn't expecting her grandfather to have a student who practically lives with him!
Noriyasu Suzuki
A 17-year-old from Sakanomachi. He is learning the shamisen from Reiko's grandfather. Their first meeting was a disaster, and they've never gotten over it. Noriyasu likes to tease Reiko, but he also seems determined to run her life. He has an unexplained hatred for Tsubaki.
Grandpa Kobayashi
Reiko's grandfather who lives in Sakanomachi. He used to work for the town hall, but is now retired. He takes in Reiko for the summer while she takes a break from college placement exams. He is quiet, and slightly formal. He teaches the shamisen to Noriyasu.
Tsubaki Kurosawa
A 29-year-old artist from Tokyo. He has rented a house in Sakanomachi so that he can observe and paint the Owara Wind Festival. He takes care of Reiko when he finds her collapsed from heat-stroke. They get along because of common origins.