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|| No Trap ||

2 volumes, sequel series
shounen, sport
Publisher: JUMP COMICS
ISBN: 4088727819, 4088728440
Mangaka: YAMASHITA Toushichirou

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No Trap: To kick a ball in motion without stopping it first.

HINO Ataru is a nonconformist, to say the least. The main character is a phys.ed. teacher at Kitanagahama High School and self-proclaimed "Miracle Maker." I haven't managed to translate the nitty-gritty, but he seems to have been hired to breathe new life into the high school's once-famous soccer team. Or to create a soccer team, at any rate. The first volume shows his original methods of recruiting...

What I thought:
The art is a style I'm beginning to enjoy more than flowery shoujo, but it's not quite the shock-jock factor of some shounen stuff. Well, except when Hino takes it upon himself to liven things up. *grin* Not exactly Shakespeare, but a fun story.