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|| Only One Characters ||

Mio Kurashiki
15, almost 16, year-old daughter of famous singers Mayu Tatebayashi and Yuuya Kurashiki. After a long absence she has returned to Japan. Ostensibly she returned to sing for the retirement of an old family friend. The truth is that she has come to find Tougo Natsume.
Tougo Natsume
Late twenty-something. He was lead guitarist of the band Dessert, and was in love with the group's vocalist, Mayu Tatebayashi. After the group disbanded, he became a producer.
Takeru Etou
A childhood friend of Mio. He worries about her love for "the old man," and the heartbreak he thinks she is setting herself up for.
Yuuya Kurashiki
He was a famous singer, until he ruined his voice. He is still active in the music business. Married to Mayu Tatebayashi, and father of Mio Kurashiki.
Mayu Tatebayashi
She was the main vocalist for the group Dessert. When the group disbanded, she went solo and became world-famous. She is married to Yuuya Kurashiki. They had a daughter: Mio Kurashiki.
Chie Yushiro (kanji-reading uncertain)
A talent scout, and Tougo's partner. She is dedicated to her job, and ruthless in her search for "a superstar for this generation."