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|| Afuresou na Pool Characters ||

Ryouji Kizu
A dangerous-seeming young man who sets his sights on Iriya and won't back down. Due to family financial troubles, he raised his younger brothers alone for many years. Because of this (and the three jobs it entailed), he lost his chance at entering a prestigous high school. However, he was certainly smart enough to have passed the entrance exams had he chosen to take them.
Tetsuo Iriya
Iriya is the son of a well-to-do novelist, but his parents are often out of the country. He seems to have been raised by the house-keeper. In middle school he had a tendency to burst into tears at the slightest thing. He fixed this problem by purpously failing the entrance exams to a prestigous high school. Instead he chose a juvenile delinquent type school, and took full advantage of that fact to get into as many fights as possible. Hot-tempered as he is, he often fails to give in to Kizu's demands with good grace.
Ryouta Kasuga
Iriya's best friend. He is a year older. They met on Iriya's first day of high school, when Iriya protected the larger, gentler boy from a bunch of bullies. Over time, he grows deeply jealous of Kizu's hold on Iriya, and begins to gain a tough-boy persona of his own.
Akira Hikone
Originally Kizu's best friend, Hikone starts to look after Ryouta as well. With an easy smile, and a penchant for passing on rumors, Hikone is well-liked by everyone. His past, however, was quite different. He seems to be the reverse of Ryouta. Maybe that's why they clicked so well?
Satoshi Hanada
Hanada is the son of a wealthy businessman. When he was a child he was impressed by an even-tempered, proud businessman who withstood a temper-tantrum from his father. Ever since then he decided he wanted to be like that man, instead of a haughty rich-boy. In middle school he was always trying to get shy Iriya into the lime-light, which Iriya mistook as teasing. When Iriya switches high schools, Hanada is assigned to lead him around.
Film-crazy Mita. The boy wrote, produced, and did the special effects for his short film: Life-Line. He was only too happy when Hanada used his connection with Iriya to rope the part-time model in for the main role.
Lisa Kougami
A famous model for the fashion magazine Boom Trade. She and Kizu had dated when they were younger, drawn together by their lack of a true childhood. She finally convinces Iriya to do a shoot for the magazine.
A neighbor in Kizu's apartment building. An artist, he fascinates Iriya with his views on people and things. It is he who first starts to break Iriya from his denial about his feelings for Kizu.
Kizu Family
Father Kizu
Kizu's father. The man got into severe financial trouble, and appeared to have abandoned his family. In fact, he was lying low in the hopes of drawing off the creditors. This still doesn't endear him to Kizu, who thinks he is a fool.
Mother Kizu
Kizu's mother. Calm and level-headed, she tries to defuse the tension between her husband and her eldest son.
Kiwamu Kizu
One of Kizu's twin younger brothers. He is delighted to see that Kizu has a friend other than Hikone, and encourages Iriya to visit.
Setsuna Kizu
One of Kizu's twin younger brothers. He is delighted to see that Kizu has a friend other than Hikone, and encourages Iriya to visit.
Kasuga Family
Father Kasuga
Ryouta's silent father. He watches everything, but doesn't say much.
Mother Kasuga
Ryouta's mother is also a good friend of Iriya's. She laughs easily, and enjoys life.
Cousin Ryuu Kasuga
Ryouta's older cousin appears briefly in the main story, but also has his own side story: Iro Aku (Sensual Evil). He seems to be caught up in the yakuza underground.
Side Story Characters
Kakumei Takasu
Leader of a high school gang when he first meets middle-schooler Hikone. Their side story is entitled simply: Hikone. And yes, I'm almost 100% certain that his first name is Kakumei. What his mother was thinking, I have no idea.
From the side story Iro Aku. Yuuichi is Ryuu's lover.