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|| Salad Days ||

18 volumes (short story collections)
Mangaka: INOKUMA Shinobu
Publisher: Jump Comics
ISBNs below

I've only read two chapters of this series. It is mainly a connection of connected (some more than others) short stories about love. The first of the two that I read is a story of three good friends -- two boys and a girl. One of the boys, the narrator of the story, is in love with the girl. The other boy encourages him to ask her out on a date, and he finally does. But what he discovers and what he does finish the sweetest story I've read in a long time.

The second is narrated by a boy who everyone goes to for love advice. This is rather depressing for him, especially when one day the girl he secretly admires comes and asks his advice.

What I thought:
I labeled this "shounen" because it was published in a shounen magazine and thus is considered shounen, but to tell the truth the story took me completely by surprise, stuck as it was in the middle of Shounen Sunday. Salad Days is a collection of short stories all about falling in love. It's not shoujo; it has a kind of realistic feel to it that you don't find in many shoujo love stories.

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