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Tenshi no Uta
Angel's Song
Makimura Kumi

Act. 2

[] = thoughts
** = handwritten words and FX

pg 96

Lyrics: Watashi no te kara nanika ga umareru
Natsukashii kako ni natte mo
Mishiranu dareka no mune ni
Sore wa eien ni ikizuku

Something will be born from my hands
Even though it will become a bittersweet past
In a stranger's heart
It will live on into eternity

Tougo: Failure!

Tougo shakes a piece of note paper under Mayu's nose.

Tougo: Failuuuuure! Failure, failure!! FAILURE!

Mayu is covering her ears and wincing away.

Mayu: *Ugh! Stop scolding me!*

Tougo: I looked over all the lines! This is just an ordinary poem.

*pon* *tap*

pg 97

We see a sign that says that they are at Sound Mist Music Rehearsal Studio.

Mayu [her voice is strange and scratchy]: I've been telling you so since the beginning. I don't know how to write song lyrics!!

Tougo: Fix all the errors and missing bits!! Use you common sense!!

*peshi peshi* *whap whap*

Tougo: Is the right side of your brain filled with maggots?

Ichi: T...tougo-kun, don't be so cruel. Poor thing......

Tougo: The deadline for the audition is almost here!

: The judgment of the preliminary tape marks the start of their decision-making.

: If we stumble from the first, then what?

Kei: Should we rely on your tasteful lyrics as usual then, Tougo?


Tougo: ...Bastard.

pg 98

Tougo: This is the long-awaited "New Phase", so we have to take a chance and broaden the range of our music..........

: Hey! Mayu!! Don't fall asleep!

Mayu: *Unya?*

: Skip over the talk.

*afuu* yawn*

Don't expect so much from me.

Tougo: Say that again.

Mayu: ....Huh?

Tougo: Say something!!

He has her by the wrist and has dragged her off of the stool she was sitting on.

Mayu: Kyaa! Kyaa! Kyaa!

Tougo: ...You...

: What happened to your voice?

*giku* *gulp*

She tries singing, but the results are horrendous.

Mayu: Thiiiis izzz maaaiii saaang....

Arrow: This is all she can sing.

Ichi: Uwaa! She's losing her voice!

pg 99

Tougo is glaring silently at Mayu.

Mayu: [H-he's scaring me.]

: Y-yesterday night.

: After Kurashika Yuuya's concert at the Boudokan

: We all went out from midnight until morning.

Tougo has a large roll of duct tape in his hand as Mayu is speaking.

Mayu: So then... I went home and slept, and when I woke up.....

: My voice was like this.....


Tougo tapes her mouth shut with a big X.

Ichi: Ah! She's Usako-chan!

: *How cute!*

[Note: Usako-chan is the rabbit in the Miffy series with an X for a mouth.]

Mayu: Mmph...?

Tougo: Don't speak.

He suddenly rounds on her in a fury.

: Don't eat!! Don't talk!! Don't breathe!!

Mayu: Mmph--!

Kei looks annoyed.

Kei: That'll kill her, Tougo....

pg 100

Tougo: Until I say it's okay, no singing.

: Sit there and think about lyrics.

*pooon* *black funk*

Mayu sits alone in a corner while the boys start to practice.

Ichi: *Where should we start?*

Tougo: *Good question--*

Mayu: [Whaaat? I didn't want my voice to be like this. I know we have to practice today.... I know.....]

: [...I guess it is my fault.]


She notices a notebook on the amp beside her.

Mayu: [What's this.....?]

*para* *rustle*

It's filled with words and diagrams as she flips through.

Mayu: Tougo's.....?

: "Look for your switch"? "A dim flash"? "A crusty body"? "A grain of soda"?

She's a bit confused.

: I don't get what this means at all.

: Linguistics isn't my strong point.

: He shouldn't be demanding this of me.

pg 101

: What kind of song...

: would Yuuya write?

?: Good job, everyone.

?: *Good job.*

*bi* *rip*

Mayu rips the tape off.

Kei: *pu* *muffled laugh*

Ichi: She still... looks like Usako-chan. *kukuku*


Mayu: Wha-!?

*pakon* *whap*

Tougo cuts her off mid-word by whapping her over the head with something.

Tougo: Here.

Mayu: Torotchi?

Tougo: Incentive....... Don't swallow anything cold. It'll just aggravate the inflammation.

: And also

: until you can sing again, you don't have to come to the studio.

Mayu: Eh....!

pg 102

*suta suta* *step step*

Tougo walks away.

Kei: Do you like Kurashiki for his looks?

Mayu: His song too, but...

Kai: Then look over his songs. Try to grasp what the words mean.

Ichi: Good luck, Mayu-san! <3

Mayu looks a bit stunned as they walk away too.

Mayu: [What the words... mean?]

Later, at school, Mayu is throwing balled up pieces of paper everywhere.

Mayu: It's no good! Just as I thought, it's no good!!

*poi poi* *toss toss*

pg 103

*hyoi* *whoosh*

Mimori appears.

Mimori: How's

: the song for DESSERT coming?

Mayu: Really badly.

Mimori: Heh?

Mayu: I've been banned from singing.

: The lyrics refuse to rest in peace,

: and everything is just awful.

Mimori: You're broken-spirited already? You've just started....

Mayu: Mimorii~, Japanese is your best class, right?

Mimori: You can't think of any lyrics?

: Well.....

She pulls a paper out of her pocket.

Mayu: What's this? Another concert ticket?

Mimori: Ah, yeah.

: It's an invitation to be part of an audience for a TV music program. I sent in a postcard and won.*

: The guest this time is Kurashiki Yuuya. Coming?

Mayu: Of course!

Mayu: Oooooh, Mimori-sama, I loooove you!<3

Mayu has acquired cat-ears, and is rubbing herself against a rather startled Mimori.

*goro goro* *rub rub*

Mimori: You look weird; stop that...

pg 104

Mimori: But is it really alright? Doesn't DESSERT have practice?

Mayu: He told me not to come to the studio until I finished the lyrics.

Mimori: EEEH!?

Girl: Mayu.

: There's a shoe sale today. Want to go?

Mayu: Yeah! I'm coming! I'm coming! <3 <3 <3 *Wait up a sec!*

Mayu: A sale! A sale! It's been so long~!

*iso iso uki uki*

She packs up singing a little song. Mimori stands silently nearby, looking worried.

Mayu: What's with that face?

: Don't worry about something that can't be done! It can't be helped! Stop! Stop!

Mimori: Mayu....

Mayu: When the audition deadline approaches, I'll zone-out and Tougo will probably write the lyrics. He's done it before.

: One way or another, it'll get done!!

pg 105

Mayu: See ya, Mimori!

Girl: *Here, Mayu, this's the flier.*

Mayu: *Wow, so cheap!*

Girl 2: Those are cute!

Mimori watches Mayu walk off with a look of disbelief on her face.

Mimori: ....Does that girl

: not realize she's in a band...?

Later. Mayu is clutching a big bag that says "SHOES".

Mayu: Wow!

: What a great haul!

Girl: You bought everything, Mayu. Are you rich?

Mayu: I just got my pocket money. And I was relieving stress.

: I really can't deal with desk work. ....Huh?

She sees a music shop, and inside...

pg 106


She goes in and taps Tougo on the shoulder. He's working at the store, and taking a break to read one of the magazines.

Mayu: Yo!

Tougo: ............

: What are you doing here?

Mayu: That's what I was going to ask you.

Tougo: Huh? Can't you tell from just looking? I'm working. Work-ing!

: I want more studio time,

: and I want a new guitar.

: I don't want to ask my parents... to help out with my music.

Mayu's conscience troubles her, as she feels the shoe bag weighing her down.

Mayu: [Suddenly... I feel awful....]

: Ohhh? That's great of you.

Tougo: Not really. I'm doing it for something I love. It's what anyone would do.

pg 107

Mayu watches him with sad eyes as he takes care of a customer.

Mayu: [His "It's what anyone would do" is really special....]

Tougo: *Thanks for your purchase.*

Mayu: Say, what were you reading earlier? "FLY DAY"?

Tougo: It's probably better if you didn't see this week's issue.

Mayu: Eh? Why? You're worried I won't give it back?

: *Let me see! Let me see!*

Tougo yanks it up over his head and out of her reach, and she ends up running into his chest.

*ba* *yank*

Mayu: Ah!

*bofu* *whumph*

Tougo: Oh.....

: Sorry......

pg 108

They're both blushing, and she's still nestled against his chest.

Mayu: N-no problem....

She pulls away.

: More importantly, didn't you get lipstick on your shirt?

Tougo: Wha?!

He turns around to pull a store apron on over his shirt... Mayu is flipping through the magazine behind his back.

Mayu: You look like a perv.

*para* *flip*

Tougo: You're the one who did it! Ah!

He's noticed. Suddenly Mayu's heart begins to pound.

*dokun* *heartbeat*

Magazine: Kurashiki Yuuya dating Sagaya

: Is a new lover coming to light?!

: His partner this time is the beautiful and favored model from the cosmetics commercials.

: An inside source tells us they are intimate friends.

Tougo: ...That Kurashiki. Rumors about his women just never die out--

: Last time it was an actress, now it's a model.

Mayu is trembling, and the magazine is being crushed in her grip.

*gyu* *squeeze*

Tougo: ....They just thrive, and...

pg 109

She throws the magazine to the ground.

*pan* *bam*

Mayu: This...

: I won't give it credence!

She finishes shouting and runs off.

Tougo: Mayu...!

He picks up the magazine.

: Why...

: Was she taking it so seriously...?

pg 110

Mayu is sitting in the dark, curled up in a comfy chair and watching videos of Kurashiki's TV appearances.

Mayu: [I've managed... to make that feeling go away.]

TV: This week on Music Bravo! I'll introduce our guests.

The announcer is surrounded by stars, with Yuuya right behind him. Yuuya is relaxed and joking with the other guests.

Mayu: [Even before, after all, I've been separated from the people inside the TV.]

: [Even with the rumors; even if he has a lover-]

: [....I still think he seems lonely.]

: [But no matter how I wished.....]

: [Right now....]

pg 111

: [To be the one sitting by his side-]

: [If I were the one laughing over there....]

TV: Well then, let's start the singing. Here's Kurashiki Yuuya with his "TWO".

*pachi pachi pachi* *clap clap clap*

Mayu begins to cry, quietly.

Mayu: [Somehow....]

pg 112

The next day, after school. Mayu is sitting out on the lawn with her girlfriends, laughing with an almost maniac intensity. Mimori is watching from a window above them.


?: And THEN for the paint he paid $500! He cried and cried when it was thrown out.


: It's a tragedy!

: *Don't laugh!*

Mayu spots Mimori and waves at her.

Mayu: Ah, Mimori!

: Come on down too. Aren't you hot up there?

Mimori: You seem pretty care-free, but have you finished the song?

Mayu tosses her hair.

Mayu: Ehh? What are you talking about?

Mimori gets angry and launches a book at her.

*zaku* *whoosh*

Girls: Whoah!

Girl: What are you doing, Mimori?!

: That's dangerous!

Mayu curiously picks up the book.

pg 113

Book: How to Series #2. How to Write Well-crafted Songs

Mayu: .........

Mimori: Everyone is trying their hardest! And you're just sitting there.

: The other bands are getting stronge-!

Mayu [quietly, without looking up from the book]: I know.

[looks up]: I know.

: But...

: the truth is...

: Nothing is coming to my mind....

: [The words are fading from inside of me......]

: Thanks for the book.

: I'll borrow it.

pg 114

Mimori: ............

At Sound Mist

Mimori: Hello.

Tougo: Huh?

Ichi: Mimori-san.

: What's wrong?

Mimori: As I thought, Mayu didn't come?

Tougo: 'As you thought'?

Mimori: She went home with some classmates after school,

: So I figured she'd be going to karaoke.

Tougo: Karaoke? She is so fickle.....

pg 115

Ichi: It's because you told her not to come here!

: Without Mayu-san we can't knock this thing together!

Kei: That's enough. Just this once, can't we compromise?

Tougo: Don't underestimate this world.

: Time is money; let's start.

Ichi: Tougo-kun....

At the Karaoke-kan

Girl: Next is the song by SPRING!

pg 116

*hyu hyu* *wolf-whistle*

Girl: Nagiko-chan, you're really gorgeous!


Everyone is having a boisterous and fun time.... except Mayu.

Mayu: [Why.... Something's not right.... When did karaoke become this boring?]

: [Tougo and everyone are probably at the studio right now.]

: [...The song isn't hurrying along at all.]

: [The deadline's almost passed; what should I do....?]

Girls: Maaayuuuu!

Mayu: Eh?

Girl: You're up next! It's a Yuuya song!

Girls: Mayu's singing is incredible.

: Eh? Sing! Sing!

Mayu: ...........

Monitor: Angel Eyes by Kurashiki Yuuya

Mayu: [This song....]

pg 117

: [That day I sang with Yuuya....]

Memory Tougo: Until I say it's okay, no singing.

She pulls the box of throat drops he gave her out of her pocket.

Mayu: ..........

Girl: What's wrong, Mayu? The song's already started.

Mayu: I'm sorry.

: I

: can't sing.

She stands up and walks out.

: I'm really sorry.

*gatch* *door click*

Girl: Mayu!?

Mayu: [I've been saying... that I want to meet Yuuya someday.]

: [Well then, I have to practice....]

pg 118

: [I can't betray myself.]

She leaves the karaoke building, and is surprised to see Tougo waiting for her, guitar case in hand.

Mayu: ....Tougo.....

Tougo: Yo.

Mayu: I.....

Tougo: You didn't sing?

Mayu: Yes.

Tougo: I could tell when I heard your voice.

Mayu blushes and wipes away some tears which are welling up. She smiles.

Tougo: Mimori gave this to me to take care of.

He's holding the ticket to the TV program.

Mayu: Oh, the TV program invitation?

: [She said Yuuya would be there.]

Tougo: It's a good opportunity.

pg 119

Tougo: We can check out the enemy's position and get-up.

At the MHK station. Yes, MHK. Copyrights, you know. IT is packed with screaming fans.

Announcer: Well this week we're presenting from the Music Palace SOUND WAVE.

: Well then, this week's first guest is Kurashiki Yuuya.

Yuuya: Hello.

: Nice to meet you all.


Girls: Yuuya! Yuuya! Kyaa!

Tougo: Holy cow...

An.: We gave questionnaires to the audience you see before you right now, Kurashiki-san. Look at all these!*

: Please answer honestly <3!

Yuuya sweatdrops at the stack facing him.

pg 120

An.: You look a little frightened. Well then, this one.

*kasa kasa* *rustle rustle*

: Let's see...

: This one is good for a TV show. It's from Sakuraii Miho-san.

: Where do things actually stand between you and the rumored model?

*doki* *heartbeat*

The audience erupts. The announcer and Yuuya sweatdrop.

An.: ...That's a lot of booing.....!

Yuuya: That's a false rumor. I've never even met her face-to-face before.

An.: Oh really~?

Yuuya: When I read that article, I think I was the one who was most surprised.

An.: Well, there you have it. That's great news for all you fans, isn't it?

Yuuya: I'm innocent!


pg 121

Tougo happens to glance over to the side, and he is shocked and captivated by the soft, glowing smile on Mayu's face as she gazes at the stage.

An.: Well then, the next question...

Mayu: Hey, Tougo.

Nervous he's been caught staring, Tougo jumps and blushes. Mayu doesn't notice.

Mayu: What did you write on that paper?

An.: *Kurashiki-san, do you read manga?*

Yuuya: *I sure do! NIGHTMARE and such...* (laughs)

Tougo: ...Me? I didn't really write anything...

Mayu: Eh? Why? That's a waste.

Tougo: Well then, what did you ask?

Mayu: I...

An.: Well then, this is the last question.

: From Tatebayashi Mayu-san.

Mayu: EH!


They both are shocked.

pg 122

Mayu: Ah, that's right.

: I never told Yuuya my name that day....

: He'll never make the connection...

An.: This is a frank question for you, Kurashiki-san.

: Please teach me your knack for writing songs. All of the earnestness, all of the binding power.

: It looks like Mayu-san is having troubles with a band of her own.

Tougo: You wrote about THAT?! *Huh? And you even used your real name!?*

Mayu: B-but I didn't think that they would actually use it!

Yuuya: My knack...

: Hmm....

: I take notes of even the most trivial things that happen on a usual day.

An.: I hear that a journal is effective too.

pg 123

Tougo: That's the usual answer, but it's true enough.

Mayu: [...notes?]

: [Ah!]

She remembers Tougo's notebook.

: [Ah!]

Memory Mayu: I don't get what this means at all.

: Linguistics isn't my strong point.

: He shouldn't be demanding this of me.

Mayu is completely embarrassed.

Mayu: [That! It was notes for making songs!?]

: *Kya! Good thing I didn't ask him about them!*

Yuuya: And also sometimes my personal experiences have a hand in things.

An.: For example?

Yuuya: My song "Yuki no Koe".

Of course this catches Mayu's attention, as we all know that the song was written about her.

pg 124

An.: Ah, that painful and beautiful song.

: Does that voice actually exist?

Yuuya smiles faintly.

Yuuya: Who knows.....?

An.: ...And he puts us off with a smile, but it looks like we're on stand by. So, without further ado, we will hear this "Yuki no Koe" and he'll continue with a second song, "TWO".

pg 125


The lights flash on and Yuuya strikes a pose.

Tougo: Mayu.

Mayu: Mm?

Tougo: Do you know why the professional songs linger in our hearts?

Mayu: ...Eh?

Tougo: It's because no matter how many times we re-read the lyrics

: The words, one-by-one, soak into our souls.

pg 126

Tougo: You certainly have talent.

: But

: As of right now, all you can do is parrot memorized lyrics to a melody.

Mayu: You're saying that you can put more emotion into something you've written yourself ....?

Tougo: Yes.

: And it will contain more expression.

: Kurashiki sings spontaneously, as if he were talking.

Mayu: [Yuuya is sending out]

: [his feelings.]

pg 127

Mayu: [Yuuya.]

: [YUUYA.]

Tougo: Whoever has this "Snow Voice" [Yuki no Koe]

: must be happy.

Mayu: [I want to send out my feelings, too!]

pg 128

Back at Sound Mist Studio.

?: Did you finish the song?

Mayu is clutching a paper and looking embarrassed and worried.

*kaaa* *blush*

Mayu: Yeah. But...

: I think it's no good! It's not fit to be sung in front of you! *It's a little embarrassing!*

Kei (to Tougo): Can I strangle her?

Tougo: ........

The boys are not impressed, and Tougo rips the paper from her hands.

Tougo: It doesn't matter if you're embarrassed!! We're out of time!

*ba* *grab*

Mayu: *Yeeee!*

Tougo: We have a short time to raise our quality!! Got it?!

Ichi: Calm down. *This isn't DESSERT. <3*

Kei: Oh, really?

The next few pages show them practicing, Mayu mailing in the tape, Mayu remembering Yuuya, and more practicing.

Mayu: Mukanshin de sure chigai bakari no
kono sekai ni tatta futari
shiroi kiseki
Uso mo kako mo ooi kaku shite
Deaeta koto dake ga shinjitsu

Meeting by chance
As if we were the only two in the world
A pure miracle
Concealing both lies and pasts
The meeting itself was the only truth

pg 129

Shashin de shika shiranai anata no
kokoro ni fureta shunkan
Kono mama issho ni
Kiete shimatte mo ii to omotta
Ittousei sae tsutsumi konde shimau
hikari mezashite
Kaidan o kakeagaru
Mahou ga tokete shimatte mo
Kono koe ni kizuite
Maboroshi ja nai anata o
Mou ichido dakishimetai

I only knew you through photographs
You touched my heart in an instant
Being together like that I thought,
"Even if we disappear, it's okay."
All wrapped up in being a big star
Aiming for the light
Running up the stairs
Even if the magic has unraveled
Listen to this voice
I want to meet you once more
not the phantom, but the real you

pg 130

Kodomo no you ni nemuru anata no
Tsumetai karada daite
Tenshi no haoto
Tenshi no uta
Kikasete ageru
Ketsushite hitori ja nai to kanji de
Tawai nai sasai na kotoba ga
Hareta ato koso
Yuuki ni naru koto mo aru
Nani ga daiji datta no ka ki ga tsuku

You were sleepy as a child
when I held your cold body
And hummed for you
And sang an angel's song for you
Never feel that you are alone
Foolish and trivial words,
But after I have separated from you
I became braver
I have become aware of what is truly important

pg 131

Dareka no kokoro yurugasu you na
Yume mezashite
Taiyou o oikakeru
Mune no naka de
Chiisaku hikaru kagayaki o mitsuketa
Gooru no nau saki e habataku
Mou ichido deau tame ni
Anata o

My heart beats as if
I were in a dream
chasing after the sun
In my chest
I found a radiance shining quietly
I'm flapping my wings with no goal in sight
So I can see you
once more

pg 132

Mou ichido dakishimetai......

I want to hold you once more.....

?: Good job, everyone.

sign: Music room entrance. Staff only.

Mayu: Well done!

: Hehehe!

: Today was my best performance yet!

: I could sing more and more and more! *Yay!

Mayu is nearly bouncing off the walls. Ichi looks frightened of her.

Ichi: M-mayu-san.

Mayu: Look! Look! I've been using karinshu [quince alcohol] for my throat! Want a sip?

Tougo: I'm too young to die.

Tougo attempts to avoid the strange beverage, but Mayu is persistent.

Mayu: *You say no, but I'll make you drink it!* *gu gu* *wrestle*

Tougo: *Cut it out!*

Ichi: By the way, Mayu-san.

pg 133

Ichi: The 'you' in the "Tenshi no Uta" song.... is it your ex?

: Or not? Is it fiction?

Mayu smiles mysteriously and holds a finger to her mouth.

Mayu: No comment. <3

Tougo: ........

Mayu: Speaking of which, it's been a while since we sent the audition tape in,

: but we're still waiting for the results of the selection. Aren't you all a little too calm?

Tougo: You think so?

Mayu: 'You think so'...?

pg 134

Tougo: We made it into the preliminaries, didn't we?

Mayu is momentarily stunned by their smug looks before bursting into laughter.

Mayu: Hah! You guys never change!

Letter: Notification of Passing the Preliminaries
At this time, we would like to thank you for applying to our firm's audition.
The results of the judging tape is that you have been chosen to advance to the second round.
Please be informed that the second round includes an interview and a live performance. You will be contacted with the complete details as to time and place.
Sincerely, etc.