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Tenshi no Uta
Angel's Song
Makimura Kumi

Yuki no Koe
Voice of the Snow
(Tenshi no Uta Prologue)

[] = thoughts
** = handwritten words and FX

pg 5

Mayu: [It was merely one of the world's coincidences that warmed my chest that day. When I see snow, I remember--...]

Kurashiki Yuya: Musician
Actress: Toumori Atsuko
A chance encounter, it's OVER!

At a large venue, a singer has just finished his concert.

Yuya: Thanks for today.

Audience: *Kya! Yuya!*

Announcer: That concludes today's performance. Please don't leave anything behind......

A girl is sitting in her seat. Her hands are clasped together, and she is mesmerized.

*poka~n (blush)*

Mayu: [He was amazing today as well. But, -- maybe because it's the final day of his tour?-- ...he seemed tired.....]

She overhears some people as they walk by on their way out.

Fan: Ne, that thing in the papers doesn't seem to have touched him at all.

Fan: He was right to break it off! That woman only sold because of him! *She was horrible at acting, read her lines without expression, and will definitely disappear!!*

Fan: Eh?! That article wasn't just a rumor?!

Pg 6

Mayu looks over at her companion, and the boy is fast asleep and snoring loudly.

*Guon Guon (snore)*


: A person goes to all this trouble to procure these tickets, and you sleep from the very beginning?! *And they were platinum tickets too!*

Boy: But didn't I tell you from the start? I don't really like his songs.

Mayu: No way! When you listened to that MD I mixed, you must have recognized his qualities!

Boy: Ah, sorry. I deleted it.

: I'm hungry. Want to go back and get something to eat? *It's cold; the snow's come.*

He holds a booklet over his head as protection from the snow.

Mayu: AAH!!

*ba (snatch)*

Mayu grabs the booklet from him. It has Yuya on the cover.

: What're you doing? Yuya's face is going to get messed up!

*fuku fuki (Wipe)*

She wipes it clear with the end of her scarf.

Boy: "Yuya! Yuya!" Shut up already.

: That doll from a different dimension or me? Which is more important?

Mayu: ...What is this, jealousy?

: Don't be stupid!

pg 7

Mayu: I'd choose Yuya, wouldn't I?

Lightening snaps behind the boy, we see that his pride has been crushed.

*pride bishi (crackle)*

Boy: I'm going home.

He heads off into the crowd. The girl stands stunned.

*zawa zawa (crowd noises)*

Mayu: [Wha....?]

: [What? What? Can't he recognize a joke?!]

: *aah!* I left my unbrella back in the folding chair!! *I'm such an idiot!*

: [He really.... did go home...]

She hurries, and trips. Her purse falls and everything spills out over the ground.

*zuru (trip)*

*beta (splat)*

*bara bara (rattle spill roll)*

Mayu: [Kya! How embarrassing!]

Suddenly she is remembering giving the boy the MD and asking him to the concert.

Mem_MD: Kurashiki Yuya's Best MD

Mem_boy: A Kurashiki Yuya concert?

Mem_Mayu: I have tickets! Let's go together!

Mayu: [Just because we'd been talking more about common things....]

pg 8

Mayu: IDIOT!

: If I die from the cold, I'm going to haunt you!

Later... A man bundled in heavy clothes walks into a karaoke place.

sign: karaoke

*saku (step)*

*ga (door opening)*

Employee: Welco- ......Oh?

: Long time no see.

: It's rare to see you alone.

Yuya: ...Guess so.

: Got any bottles warmed up yet?

Employee: Maybe... in a bit?

Note: Karaoke places in Japan are buildings separated into private small and medium sized rooms. You usually go with friends or co-workers. You can ring the front desk for snacks and drinks.

*chari (jangle)*

Yuya is given the VIP key.

Yuya: Fine, add it in.

Employee: And take a peep into the box over here, number 3. It's pretty funny.

Board: Joy Surround (price chart)

Sign: Maracas & Tamberines

pg 9

Mayu is flailing about energetically as she sings alone.

Mayu: [Ah! I still feel awful, so I'll sing every single one of Yuya's songs!]

*jaka jan (ending chords)*

She finishes by stomping her foot on the table.

: [Phew! That's the end.]

*pan pan pan (clapping)*

Yuya is standing in the doorway. He has been watching and listening.

pg 10

Yuya: You sing

: very well.

*bon (thump)*

Mayu drops her microphone.

*pa (song switching over)*

The karaoke machine switches over to the next song.

Angel Eyes, by Kurashiki Yuya

pg 11

Yuya starts singing, and urges Mayu to join him. They sing together.


Yuya: phew! Bravo!

*pon pon pon (clapping)*


Mayu collapses onto the couch and pinches her own cheek to make sure she's awake.

*giu (pinch)*

Mayu: Ow!

pg 12

Mayu: Kurashiki..... Yuya.... the real.... thing.

They finish and go to a game center together. Yuya doesn't seem to be having any luck with one particular game...

Yuya: AAH! Shit! What's with this?

Mayu: Hahaha. You stink.

Yuya smacks the machine

*gan (punch)*

Yuya: But... It must be lonely. Being alone on a snowy day like today.

Mayu: Fu. What's lonely about being in a Game Center with an idol?

pg 13

Mayu: The reason I'm alone is because of you, Yuya.

She looks slightly annoyed. Note that Mayu is very outspoken for a young girl in Japan. Yuya is silent for a moment.

Yuya: Addressing someone by their first name (without -san) right in front of them takes some guts.

Note: In Japan, you usually address someone by their family name with the suffix -san to be properly polite when you've just met them. Mayu, used to talking about him as Yuya, forgets.

Mayu: I didn't use "-san"! How embarrassing! *kya! oh no!*

: It's the privilage of a poor Yuya-girl like me! *Since I bought all of your albums and CDs.*

Yuya: Heh heh. Thanks. *Are you drunk?*

He's a bit non-pulsed by her care-free attitude.

Mayu: Today, on stage...

*piku (shock)*

: you seemed... a little unhappy.

: I notice these things when I see them.

: ....Since I'm a fan.

Yuya hasn't moved or given any reaction.

: [Did I make him mad.....?]

Yuya: BINGO!

pg 14

Yuya has managed to pick up about 4 or 5 different stuffed animals from the claw machine.

*nika (big smile)*

Mayu: NO WAY!

Yuya: wahaha! Did you see it? My true strength.

Person: Hey... Isn't that Kurashiki Yuya...?

Person: Ehh? Would he be in a place like this?

Person: *but...*

Yuya hunches over, stuffed frogs clutched to his chest.

Yuya: Uh-oh. *That was too loud.*

*koso (rustle)*

Mayu: Yuya...?

*...pipipipipi pipipipipi (phone ringing)*

He grabs her wrist.

Yuya: Run!

Mayu: EH? BUT-

*gun (tug)*

Mayu: Your cell! It's ringing, Yuya!

Yuya: Keep up!

pg 15

She looks back, to see a mob following.

*dododododo (stampede)*

crowd: Wait! Kya!

Mayu: [gya!]

Outside, at a silent bus stop, they stop. They're bent over, catching their breath.

*haa haa haa (gasps)*

Mayu: Th... They were very persistent. The power of ordinary people is amazing... *It's cold!*

Only now does she have a chance to pull on her coat.

pg 16

Yuya: ...So it is.

: Usually when people see my face they get all excited, but you sem to be missing that sensation?

Mayu: So sorry. I seem to have left my blind fascination somewhere over there.

Note: I had a bit of trouble sorting out the next couple of lines, because Mayu's speech pattern is slightly masculine (or at least, very casual). It's hard to identify who is speaking without pronouns.

: I'm young, but I have a long history of being your fan.

Yuya: You're more worn out than me. I wouldn't call you "young".

: You're a strange one.

Mayu is annoyed. Yuya pulls out a cigarette and his lighter.


Mayu: Can I ask a favor?

Yuya: Geh! That's cheeky! You're not even 10, are you?

Yuya: Or do you have a cigarette butt obsession? *with mine*

Mayu: No!

pg 17

*poi (snatch)*

She grabs his cigarette and tosses it into the snow.

*juu (sizzle)*

Yuya: What're you doing?!

Mayu: It's not good for you. Shouldn't you quit?

Yuya: What?

Mayu: There's nothing good about smoking.

Yuya: That's just like you.

: Good, hmph.

Mayu offers him a stick of gum.

Mayu: Like one?

: I'm giving it to you.

: So your mouth isn't lonely.

pg 18

Yuya: ....What a kid. I....

Mayu: Ne! Yuya, this looks like a park.

Yuya: So what?

Mayu: Enough, come on for a sec! Look!

pg 19

The entire park is covered in snow, including the swingset nearby. A streetlight is lighting up the area.

Mayu: It's all white! It's the middle of the night, but it's so bright

*bouzen (dumbfounded)*

Yuya: ...A snowscape....


Mayu races off into the snow.

Mayu: kyahaha! How fun!

: This is the first time I've seen snow like this in Tokyo!

She turns around and gets a snowball to the face.


pg 20

Yuya is very proud of himself.

Yuya: SILENCED!! *hahahaha Right on the mouth*

Mayu: That was a sneak-attack, you coward!

She kneels down in the snow.

*gyu (squeeze)*

: Hyaa!! Standing Snow Displacement Attack!

And begins throwing huge armloads of snow up in his direction.

*ba ba ba ba*

Yuya: Uwah! The Scoop Technique!

They're both beaming and having a good time. Later they plop down on a bench protected by a roof.

Mayu: Phew... I'm sweating.

*doka (plop)*

Snow is falling from the trees around them.

Yuya: Me too.

Mayu: I haven't had this much fun... in a long time....

pg 21

*basa basa (snow plopping)*

Mayu: [He has a lovely profile... It seems like he'll disappear if you touch him. An illusion in the snow.....]

: ["Beautitude"... that's the word to use at a time like this.]

Her whole expression is dreamy and far-away.

: ...Somehow, here, right now, I wouldn't mind dying of the cold....

Yuya is startled for a moment.

Yuya: Then, let's die together.

pg 22

Mayu: NO!

She jumps up and starts shouting.

: You have to sing many more songs, and win world recognition!

: Don't snatch away something I look forward to!

Yuya: *pu (muffled laughter)* You... *kukuku* say the most mixed up things!

Mayu blushes in mortification. He reaches up and holds her hand.

Mayu: Your hand... is so hot...

: ...It's a little strange.

: To have an unreachable person right here beside me? It... must be a dream?

: I think

pg 23

: things will continue to get more exciting.

Note: Awkward to translate into English. She means that things will continue along the same path, and they'll have sex or something along those lines....

Yuya: That's not...

: You'll find a better man than me.

*basa basa*

: I actually exist right now. I'm not a dream, or an illusion.

pg 24

: When I'm hungry, I eat. When I need to, I go to the toilet.

Mayu: ...You don't have to be that frank...

Yuya: I fall in love.

He's slumped down, not really looking at her. This is obviously something that has been bothering him for some time.

pg 25

: Because I'm human.

Mayu remembers the article on his break-up with the actress.

Article: Kurashiki Yuya, Toumori Atsuko Collapse
A chance encounter, it's OVER!
Toumori Atsuko has a new lover?

She remembers him at the game center.

Mem_Yuya: Being alone on a snowy day like today.

Mayu: [He really was lonely.]

*zoku (shiver)*

She hugs herself.

: Ugh... Suddenly I've gotten cold.

*yura (sway)*

Yuya sways in his spot, and then tips over to land against her shoulder.

*ton (bop)*

*doki (heartbeat)*

pg 26

: EH?! [What was that? That pulse like an alarm bell?]

*doki doki doki doki*

: Yu- Yuya?!

He's covered in sweat, and breathing hard.

Yuya: I'm cold....

Mayu: [The sweat chilled his body.]

: Hang on, Yuya!

: [What should I do? What should I do?]

: Someone!

: [No one will come at this time of night.]

: Yuya...

She holds him tight against her chest and looks up desperately at the softly falling snow.

pg 27

Later, at a love hotel... Yuya wakes up in a strange bed.

Note: These places are everywhere in Japan and very cheap. Not always as sleazy as you'd think, often couples who live in multi-generational households go to them for a bit of privacy.

Yuya: Huh?

Mayu is sitting on a nearby loveseat. They're both in robes/yukata.

Mayu: Your... clothes were wet, so I took them off. But I didn't look.

Yuya: Liar. You just wanted to get a good peek.

Mayu: I DID NOT!!

pg 28


Yuya shivers and curls back up in the covers. He buries his face in his pillow.

Yuya: This is really bad. I'm dizzy....

Mayu: Yuya? Shall I go buy some medicine? Something warm to drink? Or would it be better for me to call you a taxi?

Yuya: ...How pitiful.

Mayu: Eh?

Yuya: I can't do anything with a young girl....

: What.... am I doing here?

Mayu crawls up to perch on the edge of his bed.

Mayu: I don't know the circumstances, but....

pg 29

: There plenty of women to love, like piles of snow.

: But now you can pick and choose!

: If you try to live more positively....

Yuya snags her arm, shaking her from her soliloquey. He rolls her over underneath him.

Yuya: Are you also... one of those piles of snow...?

pg 30

He leans down until their lips are almost touching. She closes her eyes. After a moment she opens them again, but he's no longer over her.

Yuya: Nope.

: Just kidding.

*dokin dokin dokin (heartbeat)*

She pulls herself together. He's curled up with his back to her again.

Mayu: [My hands... My chest... My body has a will of it's own...]

pg 31

Mayu reaches for him and curls herself around his back and drapes herself over his shoulder.

His eye widens, but his tone is casual.

Yuya: What? You're heavy...

After a moment of silence...

: Warm....

: Hey...

He turns slightly to face her.

Yuya: sing something.

: Anything is fine.

: I... like...

pg 32

: ...your voice.....

She's crying, and still curled over him. He holds her to him tightly. She sings.

Mayu: [It came pouring out. From my lips. From my eyes. Like the white snow.]

pg 33

The next morning, a car is making its way through noisy Tokyo traffic.

*burororo (car engine)*

Yuya sits up in the back seat of the car, a hand to his forehead.

Yuya: Huh?

The driver looks furious.

Guy: Yuya!

: You're awake?

Yuya: ...I had such a long dream...I could feel it...

Guy: *I* had a nightmare!

: I thought I had gotten through to your cell phone at long last, and a girl's voice says, "come pick him up"! A bit disorganized, were you?

Yuya: ...Who?

Guy: When I got to the hotel, you were alone! ...Who was it?

Yuya has a flash of a smiling Mayu.

mem_Mayu: Yuya!

Yuya: ...I don't know.

Guy: WHAT?!

Yuya: I forgot to ask her name.

Guy: You... do you even know where you are right now? More importantly, what are we going to do about this?

Yuya: She's different from Atsuko.

Meanwhile, Mayu is walking home. Her boot splashes in a puddle.

*pasha (splash)*

pg 34

She stares in shock.

Yuya: That girl....

: saved me....

Mayu: What are you doing here?

Boy: I heard that you didn't come home at all last night....

Mayu: [How long has he been here?]

She remembers building a snowman with Yuya. Having fun all night long. She begins to cry.

: [They overflowed]

pg 35

: [ after another...]

?: I said some childish things. I'm sorry...

Mayu: [But it stopped snowing.]

*pa pa borororo (car sounds)*

We see the busy city were Yuya exists. We see Mayu with her boyfriend.

//The end of the long dream.//

Mayu: *Ah! Fresia!*

Boy: *It's already spring in the flower store.*

//Happiness alone warms the inside of my heart.//

pg 36

//Both the snow and the song have vanished.//

She looks up and sees a billboard for Yuya's newest song: Yuki no Koe.

//That voice that no-one knows...//

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