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Tenshi no Uta
Angel's Song
Makimura Kumi

Act. 1

[] = thoughts
** = handwritten words and FX

pg 38

Lyrics: Anata no sonzai ga watashi o michibiku
Anata no hitokoto ga watashi no jishin ni naru...

Your presence guides me
One word from you gives me confidence...

In school, a friend approaches Mayu.

Mimori: Mayu, do you want this ticket I bought for you?

Mayu: ........A live concert?

Mimori: I asked my older brother to get them.

: *It's tough having a younger sister who's band crazy.*

: How about it? You can go with a boyfriend.

Friend: That's no good, Mimori!

Two of Mayu's close friends pop up and surround the girl. They explain how things are.

pg 39

Friend: 'Cause Mayu is Kurashiki Yuya ONLY!


Friend 2: To say nothing of a Live House. She's indifferent to amateurs.

Mimori: ..... Really?

Mimori is surprised.

Mayu: Yeah. Sorry!

Mayu gives her an apologetic smile as they head off. Mimori is left forlornly holding the tickets.

Friend 1: *Where are you dropping by today?*

Friend 2: *I want a manicure!*

store: Mamemiya Drugstore

The three friends are shopping, eating lunch, and playing at the game center, but Mayu seems slightly detached.

Mayu: [Floating.... gently through my unchanging life.]

Friend 2: *This color is nice.*

Friend 1: *The mousse is cheap! I'm gonna buy it!*

pg 40

Mayu: [I enjoy it as it is. But...]

*gyuuuuu* *sound of game car*

: [Nothing makes my heart throb.]

: [Peacefully...]

: [Peacefully...]

: [Peacefully...]

*fuu* *sigh*

: Boring...........

Mayu has her straw hanging from her mouth a few inches over her drink as they sit at the table in their karaoke booth. Another girl is singing.

Friend 1: Aren't you the blissful space-case?

Friend 2: *GAHA* She does look brain-dead!

Singing-Girl: Ooooh! I want a boyfriend too!

Mayu: I'm not really... blissful......

Friend: Ne, what's this?

Sign: WARNING - Lately a disturbance has been happening where men have been intruding into the karaoke booths. If this should occur, please go to the front desk with all speed.

Friend: -Men have been intruding-?

: *I'm jealous!*

Friend: Wouldn't it be great if he were attractive?

Mayu: *What kind of stupid things are you saying?*

pg 41

Friend: Hey, Mayu! Enter a song too!

book: Song List

Mayu: I'm fine! I'll just listen to everyone sing!

Friend: Eeeh?

Friend: We're all paying, right? If you don't sing, you lose out!

Friend: If it's a Yuya song, you'll sing, right? What about that one? "Yuki no Koe"?!! *I love that one!*

Mayu looks rather depressed.

Friend 1: Actually, we've already entered it!

The girls turn into mini-fans, while Mayu looks startled.

*Kyaaa! We've been waiting, Mayu-san!*

*Here's the mic!*


The screen pops over to "Yuki no Koe".

Mayu: *Th-that was quick.*

Meanwhile, a man is entering the karaoke building. But we can only see him in profile.

song: Kanashii hodo yasashii
Sono uta o boku dake ga shitteru

So sorrowful, so tender...
Only I know this song...

Friend 1: *Hoo--- Amazing!*

Friend 2: *She's really into it...*

The girls are sweat-dropping in surprise. The man can be seen looking through the glass window in the door. He has big nerd glasses on.

pg 42

song: Michi ga haiiro ni modotte mo
Mune no naka de yuki wa furitsuzuku
Mou ichido kimi ni deaeru you ni
Somaranai mama de

The streets have turned back to gray,
even as the snow continues to fall in my heart.
I meet you once more as if by chance.
They won't stay dyed this color....

The man is staring at Mayu in surprise, frozen outside the door. Her song finishes.

Mayu: ...That was off-the-cuff! *tee-hee*

Friend 1: Mayu!! That was amazing!

*pachi pachi* *clap clap*

Friend 2: Just what you'd expect from a fan! *Do one more!*

*gacha* *sound of door opening*

The man bursts in.

Man: Th... That song just now!

: Can you sing it for me once more?!

He's blushing and sweating as he stammers out his request. Mayu gives him a look of disgusted puzzlement.

Mayu: Huh.....?

pg 43

Friend: *squeal* Hey, could that be a flirt?

Friend 2: Or maybe the guy from the posted paper? What should we do? His face is sexy!

Friend 3: And is that a T. High school uniform?

*gashi* *grab*

The man latches onto Mayu's wrist, and doesn't seem like he will be letting go any time soon.

Man: What's your name? Are you in a band?!

Mayu: L-let me go!

Friends: Mayu-! Go with it! Do your friends a favor; maybe you can introduce us later-? *whoo whoo*

Mayu: [Idiots!]

Man: Mayu?

: Do you have any experience with auditions!?

Mayu: No! Geez, what's with you? Don't go addressing people so casually!

Man: Songs?

: Do you like singing!?

: Would you like to try singing at a bigger place?

Mayu is starting to look concerned. Suddenly, her pager (which is in her coat pocket) rings.

*piii piii*

pg 44

Mayu walks out of the room, picking up her coat on the way out. The man is still attached to her wrist. As she picks up her coat, something falls out of the pocket.

*pasa* *rustle/plop*

Man: Don't leave!

Mayu is back to looking annoyed. Now her friends are too.

Friend 1: Wait- That's not okay! She isn't happy, is she?

: *He may look good, but he's persistent and harassing her.*

Friend 2: That's not how you act when you're asking someone for a favor!

Man: Shut up! It's not your business!


*gashi* *grab*

The other two friends latch onto the man, while pig-tailed girl and Mayu make a break for it.

Friends: Mayu!! Run home!

Mayu: *O-okay.*

Man: Wait!

: You're necessary!

Mayu looks startled by his vehemence, but her momentum keeps her going.

pg 45

Man: Damnit! Let me go, you-!

Karaoke employees come running, urged on by pig-tailed girl.

Friend 2: *Hurry! Hurry!*

Friends: *kyaa! kyaa!*

*bata bata* *run run*

Mayu: [What a weirdo.] *It must be an effect of spring.*

: [But his last line had my heart pounding.] *That was close!*

Meanwhile, the man has picked up the thing Mayu dropped, which is a small flowered notebook.

Later, at a coffee house, called 'Coffee House', Mayu is talking to the guy she was dating in the prologue.

Mayu: *sigh* Satoru, your page saved me.

Satoru: Wouldn't it have been better not to go to a place with such a sign?

Mayu: ...But...

Mayu looks a bit betrayed, as Satoru calmly dusts down a magazine.

*pata* *pat*

Satoru: Choose your friends more wisely.

pg 46

Mayu: [He's pissing me off a bit....]

She lifts her coffee, and her sleeve falls back, exposing her wrist. Satoru looks startled.

Satoru: What happened to your wrist?

Mayu: Eh....?

There's a dark bruise all around her wrist. She remembers the man grabbing her.

Mayu: [Earlier...]

: [How annoying!]

: Nothing! It's nothing!

*sa sa* *tug*

She pulls her sleeve back down.

Satoru: Hmmm? Well, anyway, I had a favor to ask. Do you know the access number?

Mayu: Wait just a sec....

She rummages in her coat.

Mayu: Hu... huh? *It's gone. My pocketbook is gone.*

*piii pii*

Her pager goes off.

Mayu: Isn't that's strange...?

Satoru is sweat-dropping.

Satoru: You have it ringing "Pachelbel's Canon"?

Pager: "I have charge of your notebook. Tougo."

Mayu: [Tougo.....? Who's that?] *Never heard of him....*

Satoru: Your notebook's there?

Mayu: Sorry... Wait a bit, and I'll call you tonight.

Satoru: ...That's not very organized...

Mayu: Well, it's not like you treat me like your girlfriend, is it?

pg 47

Satoru kisses her, but her eyes stay open, and she doesn't look affected.

Satoru: See you.

Mayu: [That was a dry kiss...]

She waves goodbye.

Mayu: [I didn't feel anything...]

: *Is this what they call being just friends?*

: *Is this what they call boredom?*

: [I'm fine if he's there and if he's not there.]

: [If I told him that]

: [he'd probably be angry.] *But I won't say it.*

Later, in her room...

*pasa pasa* *rustle rustle*

*katan* *whomp*

Mayu has her things strewn across the floor. She's drooping dejectedly.

Mayu: [As I thought, it's GONE.]

*gakuu* *collapse*

She spots her pager and remembers the man at the karaoke parlor.

Man: Songs!? Do you like singing!?

Mayu: [Is he Tougo.....?]

She tosses her pager aside.

*poi* *toss*

Mayu: [Oh well. If it means meeting him again, I'm better off buying a new notebo-]

She catches sight of the Yuya poster on her wall.

pg 48

*saaaa* *dark realization*

Mayu: [...I was forgetting...]

: [Oh no......]

: [If he sees THAT, it would be awful!!]

*dodon* *duh-duh-DUH*

sign: T. Academy Private Senior High School

*baan* *emphasis as boys come out through the gate*

*zoro zoro* *one after another; streaming*

The boys glance curiously at Mayu as she stands, self-consciously, beside the school gate.

Mayu: [I wasn't thinking! This is an all-boys school!]

: [Uwaaah! I want to go home quickly!]

Tougo: My, my!

Tougo has lost the nerdy glasses, and he looks pleasantly surprised.

Tougo: You came in all alone? You've got guts, Tatebayashi Mayu-CHAN.

Mayu looks annoyed and taken-aback.

Mayu: [He's come out!]

pg 49

Tougo: Yesterday I got stuck there and it was such a bother...

: *A mass of female voices...*

Mayu sticks her hand out.

Mayu: Give it back!

Tougo stops his antics to give her a serious look.

Tougo: ......

Then he collapses to his knees.

*gaba* *collapse*

*biku* *startled*

Mayu: Wh-what!?

Tougo: Ooooow.....

Mayu: I can tell you're acting; it's no good!

: You're definitely lying!

Tougo's face is scrunched in serious pain.

Mayu: .....?

: Hey....?

She leans over to get a better look at him.

: Are you all r-

*gun* *pull*

Tougo rises to his feet, with Mayu now tossed over one shoulder.

Tougo: I've secured the Singing Princess.

Mayu: !!

pg 50

He takes off running towards the school, with Mayu securely hanging from his shoulder.


: *Drop me!*

: *You'll get what you deserve!*


Tougo quickly zips past the shoe lockers and into the dark school.

Mayu: Kyaa! Where are you touching me!?

Tougo: It's because you're wearing such a short skirt. When you struggle so much it flies up.

Mayu: Wh-wh-wh-where do you think you're taking me!?

Tougo: A long time ago

: My school used to be called the Mammoth School.

Mayu: !?

Tougo: When the addition was added -- bang bang! -- it was really large.

: On rainy days we'd do endurance runs from the cafeteria to the classrooms for phys. ed.

: But lately the number of students has shrunk considerably. All the extra classrooms are going to rot.

Mayu: SO WHAT!?

pg 51

Tougo: So it's the perfect place to bring a girl.

*gara* *door opening*

Mayu: !!

*saaaa* *dark realization*

Mayu: [Ahhh.....]

: ["Human life is used up in such an ordinary way" is the truth.]

: Give it back!

Tougo has her backed up against a wall, and is preventing her escape with one long arm.

Tougo: Mayu, is that all you can say?

Mayu: Don't talk to me so familiarly. GIVE IT BACK!

Tougo: *sigh* You went to all this trouble for one little purikura?

#Note: purikura are photo booth prints.#

He reaches into his school jacket and pulls out her notebook. She grabs it out of his hand.

*ba* *snatch*

Mayu: You looked inside!?

Tougo: I had to look! When I was looking for your pager number! *Why are you looking at me like that?*

Mayu is eying him distrustfully.

*para* *opening the book/rustling*

Inside the notebook is the purikura that Mayu took with Yuya. He has his 'disguise' on (his sunglasses).

pg 52

She remembers that day with Yuya and clutches the notebook to her chest.

*gyuu* *squeeze*

Tougo: ...Is he your boyfriend?

Mayu: Eh...?

: [Thank goodness! He didn't recognize him because of the sunglasses!]

: It's none of your business, you jerk!

Tougo reaches out and lifts her chin.

Tougo: Natsume Tougo.

: Not "you jerk".

Mayu: ...I'm going to scream.

Tougo: Be my guest.

Mayu: What is with you?

: Ever since yesterday!!

Tougo: No... I'm just trying to win you over by whatever means....

pg 53

She shoves past his arm.

*don* *smack*

Mayu: How stupid!

*gui* *grab*

*do* *wham*

Tougo grabs her wrist and sucker-punches her in the stomach.

Tougo: Weren't...

: you going to yell for help?

Mayu: Ah... uh...

: [It hurts!]

: [It hurts!]

: [I can't make a sound!]

: [I'm such an idiot,]

She thinks of the purikura.

: [but I couldn't just leave it as it was.]

: [Yuya.]

Tougo leans in.... for a kiss?

: [Yuya!]

: .............

pg 54


Her scream echoes through the school and even out into the schoolyard.

*gakun* *drop*

Tougo let her drop to the floor.

*geho geho geho* *cough cough cough*

pg 55

He is amazed by her ability.

Tougo: ....A.....

: .....mazing.....

*ki* *glare*

Mayu glares up at him with tear-filled eyes. Then she kicks him (hard) in the shin.

*ga* *thump*

Tougo: Ah... OOOOOOWWWW!

He hops off on one leg.

*bata bata bata* *rattle rattle rattle*

Teachers are rattling at the door.

Maya: *haa haa*

*gara* *door opening*

Teacher: What happened!?

: Natsume? You again?

Tougo: No, Sensei! ...She was the one who screamed. Could you hear it from the other end of the school?

: What great volume.

*gui* *yank*

Tougo yanks her to her feet and races between the two teachers who are blocking the door.

Teacher: What's that female student doing here!?

Tougo: Sorry to cause you any trouble! Excuse uuuus!

pg 56

Teacher: Hey! NATSUME!!

*paa paa* *honk honk*

*burororo* *engine revving*

Later, at a coffee shop called "Coffee Cake".

Tougo: It was my bad!

*pan* *clap*

Tougo is bowing his head with his hands clasped together.

Tougo: It was truly inexcusable!

Mayu is giving him an incredulous look, and is covered with sweat-drops. The table between them is full of sweats.

Tougo: This is my apology. Eat up!

Mayu: ...But, I'm on a diet.

Tougo looks one step from the grave.

*gyo* *shock*

Mayu: I- I'LL EAT!

: [What... am I... doing here?] *ah, this is delicious.*

Mayu is eating one of the cakes, while Tougo assesses her calmly. She catches sight of him looking, and he gives her a warm smile.

pg 57

*doki* *heart beat*

Mayu: [He's a completely different guy from before....]

Tougo: Have you been paying for voice training?

Mayu: Voi.... What's that?

Tougo: A natural genius, then? If that doesn't beat all... *I'm so LUCKY!*

Mayu looks confused.

Tougo: Hey.

: Haven't you ever thought about being a singer?

#Note: 'singer' is 'kashuu' in Japanese.#

Mayu: ...Huh? *Cashew nuts?*

Tougo: I've... got a band.

: Somehow, we're going to debut and make our way to the top. We're going to leave our mark in this world.

: The whole city is going to be overflowing with our songs.

pg 58

Mayu: ......

Tougo: I've been searching for a vocalist.

: Not just someone who's good.

: Someone who can charm with their voice. Someone who can move me.

: ...And

: I've found her.

He looks directly into Mayu's eyes as he says this. She turns bright red and claps a hand over her mouth.

*pu* *muffled laughter*

Mayu: Me a singer?!


: You've been daydreaming! Are you okay? Umm... Natsume...

Tougo: Tougo is fine.

His attitude changes to passionate appeal.

: Haven't you ever longed for it?

: Seen yourself singing under the lights?

Mayu looks amused.

Mayu: ...You're good.

: How many women have you tried to convince?

Tougo: Never before. Only two people have been able to move me.

Mayu: Ohhh? And who's the other?

pg 59

Tougo: Kurashiki Yuya.

Mayu is shocked.

They continue the conversation as they walk along outside.

Tougo: I first heard Kurashiki's songs in middle school...

: I broke out in goose bumps.

: It was the first time I spent my own money on CDs.

: When I found something to aim for, the dream wasn't a dream anymore.

Mayu: .......

: [He's....]

: [serious!]

: [He's steadily reeling me in...]

Tougo: Hm? What's up? Why are all those people there

: at the radio station......?

pg 60

Mayu: This-! Kurashiki Yuya is coming out!

*da* *runs*

Mayu runs for the crowd.

Tougo: Ah! Hey!

Tougo follows her.

Tougo: Isn't he in the middle of doing a recording overseas?!

Mayu: He's coming home at 1 o'clock! You call yourself a fan and you didn't know?!

Tougo: I'm not a fan. He's my objective.

: Someday I'm definitely going to surpass him!

*zawa* *crowd noise*

Crowd: *Kyaa! Yuya!*

: *Don't push! Move! Move! Kyaa! Look this way! Yuya-SAN!*

: *Hey, that's dangerous! Kyaa! Yuya! Old man, you're in my way! Kyaa!*

Mayu is struck dumb as she watches Yuya moving through the crowd. She remembers their day together.

pg 61

Mayu: ...yu...

: Yuya!

Yuya hears her.

pg 62

He glances back, but all he can see is the crowd of screaming fans. Tall Tougo stands out.

Crowd: *Kyaa! Yuya! Kyaa!*

Body guards: *Move back! Move back! Don't push!*

Yuya: .........

Manager: Yuya? Let's go.

*ban* *car door shutting*

*burororo* *car engine*

Fan girl: *Where next?*

Fan girl 2: *He's booked at Hotel K. All right!*

*bara bara* *crowd noises*

Fan girl 3: *Where's a taxi?*

Tougo stands still in the middle of the rushing crowd. He is surprised.

Tougo: He....?

: For a moment, he glanced this way....

Mayu is standing up, patting dust off her skirt.

Mayu: Ow...

: I couldn't see.

: Did something happen?

Tougo: Eh... No....

He looks worried.

: ...Not really...

Later, at a park.

*basa basa* *birds taking flight*

Tougo: At the karaoke place, you were singing a Kurashiki song.

pg 63

Mayu: I'm a genuine fan.

Tougo is holding a bag of popcorn, and Mayu is taking turns feeding the birds and eating.

Tougo: ...... If you become a professional,

: you'll be able to get together with the high and mighty.

Mayu: ....

: A professional?

: Hey, why me?

: There must be plenty of girls who can sing well; who have sweet voices.

Tougo: There are, but the ones with only talent seem to go bad.


*basa basa*

Tougo has popped the bag, causing the popcorn to rain down and the birds to take flight. He reaches down and picks up an un-popped kernel.

Tougo: There's only a handful of the real thing.

Mayu: Aaah, what a waste! You've spilled all the pigeon feed.

Tougo: The waste is you.

pg 64

He finally has her attention.

Tougo: I've finally found you.

: Can I give up so easily?

Later that night at Mayu's apartment. She's the only one home.

*kii* *door creaking*

*pachi* *soft sound of door shutting*

There's some covered food on the table with a note on top.

Note: There's a salad in the refrigerator.

She goes to a piano that's covered with things and hits a key.


Mayu: The sound is off....

:*The 'mi' is out of tune.*

*patan* *sound of piano being shut*

She's looking at a cassette tape with 'Dessert' written on it.

Remembered voice of Tougo: Won't you listen to our demo tape once?

And she's holding some tickets with 'Live House King Bee' written on them.

Mayu: [He even went so far as to give me tickets to their live show.]

: *How elaborate.*

pg 65

She puts the tape in the player and hits play before starting to change out of her uniform.

*kachi* *tape player closing*

Mayu: [I like to sing]

: [But...]

The song starts and she whirls around in surprise.

Mayu: ...Impossible!

: [A beautiful song.]

: How unexpected......

: This is from a guy like that!?

: [But....]

: [Somewhere....]

: [To be close to Yuya...]

Remembered voice of Tougo: If you become a professional, you'll be able to get together with the high and mighty.

Mayu: [...I want to see him........]

: [The truth is, I want to see him so much it's frightening.]

: [...Once more.]

: [To stand on the same stage as Yuya....]

: [I wonder...]

: [ I have that kind of ability?]

: [Me....?]

Remembered voice of Yuya: Sing something......

pg 66

Yuya: I

: love

: your voice.....

Mayu kisses her Yuya poster.

The next day, Mayu is eating lunch outside the school with Satoru.

Satoru: ...A singer?

*pu pu* *muffled laughter*

: You want to be a... singer? You!?


*bashi bashi* *sound of hand slapping the ground*

Mayu: ....Is it that funny....?

Satoru: When your Kurashiki Disease has progressed this far, you are seriously ill.

: "Perhaps if I enter the entertainment world, I can meet him." That's your impure motive, isn't it?

Satoru has tears in his eyes, he's laughing so hard.

: It's impossible! That kind of familiarity!


Mayu: ....

pg 67

Satoru: .....

: Are you serious?

Mayu: Satoru... don't you have a dream?

Satoru: In high school it's pretty rare to find anyone looking for something they want to do! It's just you, don't you think?!

: Strolling unsteadily around without any purpose,

: And you said you were happy that way!!

: Why all the sudden the entertainment world!?


Mayu: I see. I thought you would be opposed, but....

: [I didn't think you'd turn on me.....]

: [That's a lie. I hoped you would give me some words of encouragement, but.....]

: ...I understand. Have it your way.

She runs away from him.

Satoru: That kind of world

: only keeps people with talent!

pg 68


Mayu: [I only got as far as "I want to be"]

: [and he took it that far....]

: *He always jumps to conclusions.*

: [When I find something to aim for, the dream won't be a dream anymore.]

pg 69

Later, at school.

Mayu: Ne, Mimori.

Mayu looks very sheepish as she shows Mimori the tickets.

: Do you know where this Live House is!?

Mimori: Sure. My brother's been there once or twice.

Mayu: Really!?

Mimori: But what's going on? You've never had an interest in them before.

Mayu: W-well.... forget about that!

: What about this band?

She holds out the Dessert tape. Satoru is watching them from across the room.

Mimori: Dessert? ...Yeah. I heard that whenever they play the live house is full to overflowing.

Mayu: Huh.....

Mimori: They have twin vocals, but they're missing a person. *Here.*

: Didn't I hear that they're looking for someone new now?

Mayu: ...I see.

: As I expected, you know everything!

Mimori: That's just because I keep up on everyone. *No need to praise me.*

Mimori catches sight of an open magazine on Mayu's desk.

Mimori: ...Hm? "Singer Auditions"... Mayu, are you going to do it?!

Mayu: N-no! It was just open to that page.

*pata* *magazine shutting*

pg 70

*kasha* *tape falling top the floor*

Mayu: ...Oops.


She reaches down to pick up the fallen tape, but Satoru gets there first. He hands it to her.

Mayu: ...Thanks... Satoru....


Instead of handing it to her, he slams it down on her desk and walks away.

Mayu: *That bastard.*

Mimori: Did you have a fight?

Mayu: ...Not really.

: He's always like this.

: He's so childish.

: He won't try to think about things from a different perspective......

Later, Mayu and Mimori go to the King Bee.

Sign: Live House King Bee

pg 71

*zawa zawa* *crowd noises*

Mayu: Haaah. There really are a lot of people.

: Am I in your way?

Mimori: Not at all.

: Anyway, was it really all right not to invite Satoru?

Mayu: It's fine.

: He hates concerts, and I don't want his loud snores getting in the way.

Mimori: Th-that's happened before?

Mayu: There are a lot of bands besides Dessert playing.

: This is just like a poultry farm to discover new talent.

: It's full of eggs! *Or something*

Mimori: That's why it's so interesting.

Mayu: Who's this "Hahagokoro" (Mother's Heart)? They seem to have a lot of people here to support them.

Mimori: They've debuted. It's a little sad, actually.

Mayu: I don't like dark and narrow places.

: I feel like I'm suffocating.....

Tougo: But it's bigger than a karaoke box, don't you think?

pg 72

Tougo has joined them.

Tougo: I thought you'd bring your boyfriend.

Mayu: I'm sure you're happy to see a female customer.

Tougo: Well, that's true. *Customers are gods <3.*

Tougo: Come to the music room after.

Mayu: If I see something I like.

Tougo walks off and Mayu waves.

Mimori: ......

Mimori snaps out of her daze and clutches the front of Mayu's coat.

Mimori: Hold it, Mayu!! What was that about!?


#Note: Hmm, Mimori is a bit of a tomboy. She uses 'kimi'.#

Mayu: T....too tight, Mimori.....

Somewhere else...

Sign: Service Entrance

*kii* *creak of door opening*

Tougo: Who are you?

pg 73

Satoru is standing in the back alley.

Satoru: Tatebayashi Mayu......

Tougo is taken aback.

Tougo: Eh....?

: Oh! Are you a friend of Mayu's? *You surprised me.*

: She already went in.

: The entrance is over-

Satoru: Are you the one?

Tougo is startled.

Satoru: Are you the one putting worthless ideas in her head?

See Tougo. See Tougo shocked. Back to the crowd.

pg 74

Mimori: They're late.

Mayu: Wasn't the start time 6 o'clock?

Mimori: Maybe all the members aren't here? That happens a lot.

Announcer: There has been a modification to the program.

: To give Dessert time to prepare, Odyssey has been moved up to the start.

: Please wait for a little while longer.

: And also, Tatebayashi Mayu-san

Mayu: Huh?

Announcer: If you could please go to the main hall and present yourself urgently to the head clerk.

Sign: Music Room Entrance. Staff Only

*kacha* *door opening*

Mayu: ....Excuse me? It's Tatebayashi Mayu.....

pg 75

Three men are in the room and look up. One (the youngest looking) has a first aid kit, one is sitting with his arms crossed, and one is Tougo. He has a large bandage on his face.

Young one: Tougo-kun, this is her?

Tougo: Mm.

Mayu: ...Wha-!

: What happened to your face!?

Tougo is suddenly holding a large pad of paper and a marker.

Pad: I was a little careless.

Young one: The inside of his mouth was cut up. He can't talk.

Mayu: Why!? Nothing was wrong with him a few minutes ago!!

Young one: Well-

*moga moga* *mumble mumble*

Tougo claps a hand over his mouth to cut him off.

Pad: Look!

He opens his mouth, and viscous blood comes pouring out.

*dara* *drip*

Mayu: Gyaa!

: What are you going to do!?

: It's a full house...

Tougo points....

pg 76 Mayu.

Mayu: What's...

: ...that...

*nika* *smile*

Tougo has the bandage back over his mouth, but smiles gamely at her. He's still pointing.

Tougo: ......

Pad: Ichi, bring the music scores.

Ichi (The young one): Okay.

Mayu: Wai-

: Wait a minute!! Stop joking around!

Pad: You listened to the demo tape, didn't you?

Mayu: But....! I haven't decided to join the band yet!

*waaa* *muted crowd noise*

Ichi: Odyssey's gig has started.

Mayu: You expect me to go stand on that stage!?

Pad: If it's you, you can do it!

Voice: I'm against this.

pg 77

The third member is still sitting with his arms folded. Signs behind him posted by the King Bee request the music groups not to touch certain things and not to spill anything on the carpet.

Ichi: Kei-chan.....

Kei: She just appeared

: And furthermore, she's only halfway decided. If she gets on that stage

: the reputation we've worked so hard to build will be damaged.

: I resign!

Kei stands up, while Ichi panics.

Kei: I'm leaving.

Ichi: Kei-chan!

: Tougo-kun, stop him!

Tougo grips Mayu's arm.

Tougo: You've memorized the melody, right?

Mayu: Yes......

Kei: Tougo, you-!

Tougo: I'll take responsibility.

pg 78

Tougo: If we're harmed, I'll make amends.

: Won't you let her get on stage?

Kei: ......

*kuru* *turn*

*gata* *kick*

Kei turns and kicks a folding chair, before sinking into it with a petulant expression. Mayu looks a little apprehensive.

*doka* *plop*

Mayu: .....

: [H-how did things get to this point?]

Ichi: Mayu-san, here. The music scores.

She turns on him.

Mayu: I haven't said a word about singing...!

Ichi: You must be interested, since you came here.

Mayu: Uh-!

Ichi: Tougo told me about the guest earlier.

: I was terribly happy.

pg 79

: I've never heard someone before

: With a natural gift.

Mayu is touched. Odyssey plays on. Mayu reads the lyrics.

*furu furu* *tremble tremble*

Mayu: [....I was moved by his kindness.....]

She's covered in sweat-drops

Tougo: Are you getting ruffled?

Mayu: Of course.

Tougo: As long as you don't run away you'll do great. *Ah, they're finished.*

*waaaa* *crowd noise*

Mayu: I'm putting my future into your hands.

Tougo smiles at her.

*fu* *small laugh*

pg 80

Tougo: Don't go up. We'll do a little initiation charm.

: Just look at the center spotlight.

: The largest white one?

: Someday

: you'll be facing the real sun.

Mayu is stunned.

Tougo: Let's go!

pg 81

The four of them are on stage. Tougo on mic with guitar, Ichi with bass, and Kei and Mayu standing off to the side.

Tougo: Good evening!

: We are Dessert!

Suddenly, Tougo goes slightly super-deformed and amazingly cute.

Tougo: Actually, just as we were on the verge of starting, I had to do a number one and number two....

*do* *surprise*

Mayu: *...*

Ichi: *Tougo-kun... Th-that's dirty.*

Tougo: I'd like to apologize to everyone who came to cheer us on and to all the other bands.

Mimori: ...M-mayu...? *What are you doing up there?*

Tougo: We've made you wait, so I'll put off this girl's introduction. Well then, please listen!

pg 82

Mayu: [This is the first time that I've heard]

: [this flood of sound]

: [from my back.]

: [Facing the lights.]

: [Yuya is here.]

pg 83-85

And Mayu begins to sing. Kei (now at his drum set) and Ichi are shocked, while Tougo smiles smugly.

Song: Rakugaki darake no
chikatetsu no hoomu de
bira no harareta
biru no rojiura de
suigara darake no
basu tei no benchi de
ame no nioi no suru
guraundo de
hashiru kuruma no kurakushon o bakku ni
boku wa kuchizusamu
itsumo kono uta
This is my Song
boku no uta ga koko ni aru
This is my Song
boku no uta ga koko ni aru

At a subway station
full of graffiti
At a back alley wall
pasted with posters
At a bus stop bench
strewn with cigarette butts
At a sports field
which smells of rain
With the claxon of a car as it backs up
I always
hum this song
This is my song (x4)

pg 86

Mimori's Brother: What an amazing girl.

Mimori: Aniki! (older brother)

Brother: Exact pitch and a comfortable voice.....

: It's not just skill.

: Somehow, her singing makes you feel good.

Mayu: [Yuya.]

: [I'm singing]

: [with that voice]

: [that Yuya said]

: [he loved.]

pg 87

: [Burning feelings]

: [The power called 'love']

: [is spilling out.]

: [I want to be closer to him.]

: [I want to sing more.]

: [I want to sing forever.]

: [It's the greatest thing!]

The band concludes triumphantly.

pg 88

Sign: Music Room Entrance

Mayu: Ahhhhhh! I made three mistakes with the lyrics! *I'M SO SORRY!*

She's on her knees, and near-tears.

Tougo: ...You were really different on stage. *You had backbone*

A drink can appears out of nowhere and lands gently on her head. She looks up, at Kei.

*sukon* *thunk*

Mayu: Th.... ank you.........

Kei: ........

*suta suta suta* *walking*

He walks away without saying anything. Tougo approaches her with the first aid kit in one hand and a drink in the other.

Tougo: Mayu.

Mayu: What? Did you get hurt again?

Tougo: If I get hit, I won't be able to play guitar.

*kii* *door opening*

: I'm already walking funny.

Mayu: Huh....?

As he's talking, Tougo opens the back alley door. Satoru is revealed, sitting on a trashcan and glaring.

pg 89

Mayu: *ge* *sound of shocked/horrified/comical/revelation*

: Satoru....!?


She pushes past Tougo and runs to Satoru.

Tougo: It's boring to you, and yet if you stayed here, you could hear everything, right?

Satoru looks up at him grimly.

Satoru: ..........

Mayu: Why...!?

She grabs his shirt, but he turns his head away.

Tougo: You were worried about Mayu, weren't you?

: You knew about your girl's ability. That she had a good chance.

pg 90

Mayu: [Satoru.]

: ...I'm sorry......

: Just now...

: I was so... happy on stage.

: [I can't forget it.]

: I want to test my possibilities.

: [I can't pull back.]

: I want to try and believe in the proof of my own singing.

pg 91

Satoru finally stands and walks away.

Satoru: We're

: finished.

Mayu is shocked and hurt.

Ichi: Mayu-san...

Tougo: You're not going to chase after him?

Mayu: This is your fault.

She turns to face him with angry tears in her eyes.

Mayu: Take responsibility.

pg 92

Tougo(?): From now on, you're an official member.

#Note: or it could be Mayu saying, "From now on, I'm an official member."#

She's on her knees, probably crying, while Ichi is bent over her and the other two boys are standing by.


Sign: Music Rehearsal Studio Studio Mist

Mayu: Lyricist!?

: Me!?

She doesn't look pleased.

Tougo: We need new songs for the auditions. You should give writing a try.

Mayu: *Whaaaa!?* I don't have the feel for that kind of thing!

pg 93

Kei: And what about the experience of just being dumped? *kekeke*

Mayu: You piss me off!! *It's none of your business!*

Mimori: Yoohoo, Mayu!

Mayu: Mimori, what's going on?

Mimori has appeared, saluting and grinning like mad.

Mimori: I'm your number oooone groupie!

She has cups/jellie jars/something, which she begins to hand out.

Mimori: Here, Tougo-kun!

Tougo: *Th..thank you.*

Mimori: Here, Ichi-kun!

Ichi: *Yay!*

Mimori: Here, Mayu!

Mayu: *....*

Mimori: Here, Kei-kun!

Mimori: Good job, everyone!

Kei is studying it as if it might bite (or holds all the secrets in the universe).

Kei: .........

: Thanks......

Mimori: Even when you become major stars, we'll still be friends, right <3!?

*gashi* *clasp*

Mimori clasps Mayu's hands in her own.

Mayu: Yes, yes, yes.

Later, as they walk home....

Mayu: An audition, hmm.... starting for the dream.

: Ah! wait a sec!

pg 94

Mayu comes running out of Tower Records with a bag swinging from her hand.

Mayu: Thanks for waiting!

Mimori: What did you buy?

Mayu pulls Yuya's newest single "Two" out of her bag.

Mayu: [Someday]

: [I'll catch that sun....]

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