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|| Shounen wa Asu o Kurosu ||

The Boys Kill Tomorrow
2 volumes
Publisher: Shy Comics
ISBN: 4886725856, 4813000304
Mangaka: ISHIHARA Satoru

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The tankoubon include the main story (Shounen wa Asu o Kurosu), as well as two shorts in the second volume: Kan no Naka no Watashi no Kedamono (My Monster Inside the Cell) and Indigo Blue.

The main story revolves around two high school boys struggling at rock-bottom, although they don't even realize it. They are exact opposites in more than looks: Sakuraba is an honor student with an icy exterior, and Fujieda is a hot-headed trouble-maker.

They love to hate, as the saying goes, but as we follow the story through Fujieda's mind we see what may be roiling just beneath the surface. They become tied together when their siblings marry, and side by side they protect each other from gangs and the future.

Kan no Naka no Watashi no Kedamono is a psychological story taking place inside the tight security of a yakuza base.

Indigo Blue is more depressing than most of Shakespeare's tragedies combined, but I am a shallow, shallow girl. I read it from start to finish in order to ogle Shiba's Tattoos. However, it also happens to be a beautiful story, and so I translated it. Koga and Shiba don't quite fit into the ordered Japanese system, and so they leave the country. We pick them up again 4 years later in Mexico City. One final dirty job, and they'll have enough to retire to that Caribbean island with the sky of indigo blue. Through the short story, we learn more about what makes these men tick, and about their relationship. If you don't feel something by the end of this story, then there's no hope for you.

What I Thought:
Um, there is a scene in the archery room where Fujieda stares down an armed Sakuraba, then refuses to flinch as the arrows strike around him. And then jumps Sakuraba. Very, very hot. This is a great manga about angry boys.

Indigo Blue
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