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1 volume
BL, Dark-Urban, ANGST
Publisher: Asuka Comics CL-DX
ISBN: 4048526863
Mangaka: TAKAGUCHI Satosumi

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HARUMOTO Akira is a serious student at a very prestigious musical institution. Then one night he sees the charismatic gang leader OTOGURO Yugou at a fight/riot. He is pulled further and further from his studies and more and more into the life of Yugou. Yugou says he will take Akira as a lover, but only if he completely gives up his music and devotes himself to Yugou.

Yuguo goes so far as to completely destroy the pianos at Akira's school. Meanwhile, at school Akira is given into the tuition of a piano genius. The genius, however, sexually abuses him even as he teaches him.

Akira snaps and kidnaps Yuguo, changing the balance of power. Things just get darker from there on.

What I Thought:
Takaguchi has pulled even with Ishihara in my most-loved mangaka list. It is really hard to find a frame of reference to compare Takaguchi to. I have heard her artwork described as "soft" and "lovely". And it is, but it is also so much more. The art has a pencil-sketch feel at some times, and the eyes are unbelievably deep. Every character in every series is unique, unlike some artists who tend to recycle stock character designs.

I've had to create a new classification for her stories: fluffy angst. It is some of the most realistic soul-searching drama you will find out there. But she doesn't (usually) take her characters to the depths of self-destructive despair.

If you are having the best day of your life, this comic will cure you of it. It is dark and depressing and had me crying at the end. And it is wonderful. Really wonderful. Just be sure you're in a good mood to start.