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|| 高口 里純 ||


Takaguchi-sensei's Official Web Site

Her real name is SHITARA Takako. She was born in Kanuma City in Tochigi Prefecture on September 30th. She still resides there.
Blood Type: A
Her debut work was "Akai Chapeau", and her masterpiece is "Hana no Asukagumi!".

Incomplete Bibliography
This only includes the manga and doujinshi I own.

Title: 「KREUZ」 : The Cross *page*
Publisher: Asuka Comics CL-DX
ISBN: 4048526863
Title: 「虹色仮面」 : Nijiiro Kamen : The Rainbow Colored Mask (1~7)
Publisher: Feel Comics Gold
ISBN: 4396761899, 4396761996, 4396762070, 4396762186, 4396762275, 4396762348, 4396762437
Title: 「PINK」 (1~3) *page*
Publisher: Chara Comics
ISBN: 4199601139, 419960149X, 4199601724
Title: 「叫んでやるぜ!」 : Sakende Yaru ze! : I Will Shout! (1~5)
Publisher: Asuka Comics CL-DX
ISBN: 4048526456, 4048527851, 4048529293, 4048530585, 404853159X
Title: 「詩人は一日にして成らず」 : Shijin wa Ichinichi ni Shite Narazu : A Poet is Not Made in a Day
Publisher: Hanaota Comics
ISBN: 4832282727
Title: 「勝負は時の...運だろ? SEVEN」 : Shoubu wa Ji no... Un darou? SEVEN : The... Luck of the Competition? SEVEN *page*
Publisher: Hanaota Comics
ISBN: 4832282573
Title: 「美しい男」 : Utsukushii Otoko : The Beautiful Man (1~6) *page*
Publisher: Chara Comics
ISBN: 4199600310, 4199600477, 4199600663, 4199600825, 4199601104, 4199601325

Title: 「Aqua Rose 悪態」 : Aqua Rose Akutai : Aqua Rose Strong Language (1~16)
Publisher: Takaguchi-gumi
ISBN: --
Date: 2000 -- Present
Collections of original stories and comics, as well as those based on professionally published comics by Takaguchi and her assistants (such as "Pink" or "Sakende Yaru ze!".