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|| Only One ||

100 pgs (Epilogue to Tenshi no Uta SPOILERS)
Mangaka: MAKIMURA Kumi
Publisher: Kodansha
Published In: Desert Special, Summer 2001 and Tenshi no Uta vol. 9
ISBN: 4063411486

KURASHIKI Mio is the daughter of famous singer TATEBAYASHI Mayu. She has inherited her mother's amazing vocal talents, but has absolutely no wish to sing for the public. For her, there is "only one": NATSUME Tougo. Tougo was a guitarist in her mother's old band, and loved Mayu for a long time.

This is the story of how Mio found Tougo and managed to insinuate her way into his life. But Tougo only sees her as a child, forcing away any feelings he might have because of the large age gap.

Backgrounds tend to be over-looked in favor of characters. But the sweet plot makes up for any lack.


Not yet transcribed.