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|| Tenshi no Uta ||

Angel's Song
9 volumes (Vol. 9 includes Only One)
Mangaka: MAKIMURA Kumi
Publisher: Kodansha (KCD)

In the prologue, TATEBAYASHI Mayu meets her idol, KURASHIKI Yuya on a snowy day. Like a dream, they met, and her care-free attitude helped to rescue him from depression. But he forgets to ask her name, and the young girl disappears from his life.

Later, she begins her trip to stardom, propeled by NATSUME Tougo and their band Dessert. She meets Yuya again. But Tougo is determined to fight for his lovely singer as well.

These names may sound familiar. That's because I translated a short story by the same author which is about them far in the future. Thus Only One contains major spoilers for this series. Be careful!

Backgrounds tend to be over-looked in favor of characters. But the sweet plot makes up for any lack.

Vol. 1 :: Prologue/Yuki no Koe | Act 1/Introduction | Act 2/Creation | Act 3/Ensemble
Vol. 2-9