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||   内田 かおる ||


She lives in Kyushu.

All of her published comics so far have been short story collections.

Title: あなたをひとりじめ・Anata o Hitorijime ・Monopolizing You
Publisher: Takeshobo
ISBN: 4-8124-6013-1
Date: 2004/08/27
Title: ちょっとやそっとじゃ止まらない・Chotto ya Sotto ja Tomaranai (Out of Control Desire) ・We're Not Stopping Easily or Quietly *page*
Publisher: Takeshobo
ISBN: 4-8124-5705-X
Date: 2002/08/27
Title: 永遠のため息・Eien no Tameiki ・Eternal Sighs
Publisher: 竹書房・Takeshobo
ISBN: 4-8124-5553-7
Date: 2001/09/07
Title: ハートにご用心・Haato ni Goyoujin (Don't Love Me, Baby?) ・Guarded Heart
Publisher: 竹書房・Takeshobo *page*
ISBN: 4-8124-5344-5
Date: 1999/12/07
Title: ヘイ!ドクター・Hey! Docter
Publisher: 竹書房・Takeshobo
ISBN: 4-8124-5331-5
Date: 2003/07/26
Title: いつもみているものだから・Itsumo Miteiru Mono Da Kara・Why Are You Always Staring at Me? *page*
Publisher: 竹書房・Takeshobo
ISBN: 4-8124-5265-1
Date: 1998/11/27
Title: ここが世界のまんなかだ・Koko ga Sekai no Mannaka da ・This Is the Center of the Earth
Publisher: 竹書房・Takeshobo
ISBN: 4-8124-5171-X
Date: 1997/12/06
Title: たかをくくろうか・Taka o Kukurou ka ・Will You Bind the Hawk?
Publisher: 竹書房 Takeshobo
ISBN: 4-8124-5118-3
Date: 1996/12/16

Book Illustrations
Title: 変態天使に祝福を Hentai Tenshi ni Shukufuku o ・Blessings from the Hentai Angel
Author: 須和雪里
Publisher: 竹書房 Takeshobo
ISBN: ??
Title: 変態天使の純情 ・Hentai Tenshi no Junjou ・The Self-sacrificing Devotion of the Hentai Angel
Author: 須和雪里
Publisher: 竹書房 Takeshobo
ISBN: ??