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|| Itsumo Miteiru Mono Dakara ||

1 volume (short-story collection)
BL, Sport
Publisher: Take Shobou (Bamboo Comics)
ISBN: 4812452651
Mangaka: UCHIDA Kaoru

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In the cover story Why Are You Always Staring at Me?, first year (equivalent to sophomores in the American system) students Fujii and Shimada are attending the same high school. Fujii is curious as to why the wunderkind Shimada (with his amazing volleyball talents) is attending such a run-of-the-mill school. He also passionately hates Shimada because Shimada's middle school team had creamed his middle school team, and then Shimada had laughed at him. Several times.

Fujii finally asks about Shimada's strange choice, but the answer may not have been what he was looking for.....

In the second story Don't Be Embarrassed, Shimada and Fujii are still working out the kinks in their "relationship". Then Shimada's old school-mate Makise shows up, taking his place at Shimada's side and knocking Fujii into the background. Escape for Fujii at last! ... Right?

Other stories include:
Do It More Gently (another school boy story), Tomorrow, Certainly (school boys), The Man Who Won't Lose (school boys), My Girlfriend's Little Brother (Just what it says, folks. heh-heh. The honey.), Where Your Voice is Directed (young salarymen).

What I Thought:
Uchida-sensei is a guilty pleasure. A purely perverted pleasure. Her sex scenes are quite graphic; the glowing cones are quite... detailed. The fluids are plentiful. It would definitely be too much for me if it weren't for the fact that I love her semes. Love. Love. Love. 60% of them have the exagerated doujinshi characteristics of Slam Dunk's Rukawa. Quiet, implacable, adorable. And then there is her strange fascination with large age gaps. I love her older semes. They look older.

Why Are You Always Staring at Me?
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Don't Be Embarrassed
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