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|| Heart ni Goyoujin ||

Guarded Heart
1 volume (short-story collection)
Publisher: Take Shobou (Bamboo Comics)
ISBN: 4-8124-5344-5
Mangaka: UCHIDA Kaoru

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A collection of short stories. In the first story Aisae Areba Mandai Nai ('If you Love Me, There's No Problem'), little Nishimura has just transferred to a new school and is determined not to let his Kyushu accent reveal him as a provincial. He manages to get the girls' adulation for his pretty face, but his new homeroom teacher makes his life hell.

In Taiyou no Shita Dake wa ('Only Under the Sun'), Ryoji is in a baseball slump, ever since his older brother quit the team to focus on high school. Ryoji joined the team so that he could always be with his brother, but things didn't work out that way. Then he comes home one day to see his brother having sex with another guy. He is disturbed to realize his own reaction...

Akiru made Hanasou yo ('We'll talk Till We've Had Enough') and its sequel Hanashita Ato wa ('After We Talked') are my favorites from this book. In them Takeuchi, a cool and remote high schooler, finds himself inexplicably drawn to his bouncy and energetic classmate, Iida. Iida is a ravenous sports player, and Takeuchi soon realizes that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

In Kimi to Deau ('Meeting You'), its sequel Heart ni Goyoujin ('Guarded Heart'), and the hot and funny afterward Yo-Yo Fusai Nakayoshi da ('The Intimate Yo-Yo Husband and Wife') office-worker Iwashita is taking his lunch in the park one day when he sees Teru practicing his yo-yo tricks. Very keen to learn yo-yo, Iwashita begs Teru to teach him, but the boy's price may be too steep... his body!? To see a high schooler in long skater shorts playing seme to a suited officeman is just too funny.

In Sono Mama de Yasashii ('As Kind as This') Shingo is laid off when his company down-sizes. His fiance tells him she won't talk to him again until he gets a new job and gets his life back on line. He finds solice in fishing in a nearby river, and makes an unexpected friend in the younger Ryouhei, who fishes as well. Finally his fiance shows signs of relenting...

What I Thought:
Uchida-sensei is a guilty pleasure. A purely perverted pleasure. Her sex scenes are quite graphic; the glowing cones are quite... detailed. The fluids are plentiful. It would definitely be too much for me if it weren't for the fact that I love her semes. Love. Love. Love. 60% of them have the exagerated doujinshi characteristics of Slam Dunk's Rukawa. Quiet, implacable, adorable. And then there is her strange fascination with large age gaps.

This book adds a few kinks with teacher-student and incest stories. But truly, the adorable couples of Takeuchi and Iida and Teru and Iwashita make this collection. But then, I've already said how much I love the big, dopey semes.

Story 1: If you Love Me, There's No Problem
Story 5: Meeting You