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|| Seifuku no Koibito ||

Beloved Conquest
1 volume
BL, fluff
Publisher: BE x BOY COMICS
Mangaka: KITASATO Ami

The story starts when an elementary school boy (Chiaki) brings his classmate & friend (Masamichi) home. There the irrepressible Masamichi meets Chiaki's older brother, Tomoya. Masamichi then proceeds to call him "cute," and ask him out. There's a five year difference between their ages, so it's understandable when Tomoya freaks. The chase begins.... and continues for years, while Masa works his way through elementary school, middle school, and high school. An amusing romantic comedy with a bit of drama thrown in.

What I Thought:
Cutesy, round lines for the characters. A lack of backgrounds. Generic school-boy story, with the twist of size. I thought it was cute and sweet, which is why I started translating it. Everyone really seems to have loved this one, much to my surprise.

I've checked a lot of online Japanese stores, and haven't been able to find many copies of this comic. However, there are several used copies for sale on Amazon Japan. You may also be able to order it by special order from Sasuga or another Japanese bookstore.

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