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|| Get Chu ||

Get a Kiss
1 vol.
Publisher: Margaret Comics
ISBN: 4088472756
Mangaka: UKYOU Ayane

It starts with Chitose AIKAWA, a first-year girl who sees a fellow classmate being confessed to (ie- "Suki desu!"). She thinks how wonderful it would be to get the same kind of love confession. The teacher catches her in her daydreaming and sends her to stand out in the hall where she catches sight of some second-years playing soccer. Her daydreaming gets her into trouble again when Yamato SHOJI accidently sends the ball flying into her face.

Since he was also heckled by that teacher when he was a first-year, he decides to make it up to Chitose by helping her study in the library. She quickly gets a crush on him. Imagine her surprise then, when she sees him in a restaurant with some friends and other girls-- girls who pay him to get a kiss! (Thus the title of the story, I think.) She thinks kissing someone you don't love is the ultimate horror, and quickly shoves her way in and kisses him instead. This sets up a pattern of her ambushing her sempai with kisses. His two best friends find it amusing, and encourage her.

What I thought:
A shoujo manga without a love triangle! I love it already. Some fairly standard shoujo elements used here, but there is a reason they work so well. The girl chasing the boy around and pressing kisses on him is a first and got a laugh or two out of me, I'll admit. The art is lovely.

Rough text translation: Ch 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Scanlation by Shoujo Magic